Awesomeness Takes the Stage 2019 | Adrienne

Have you ever been walking along with your arms so full you’re about to drop everything AND you have to get a door open? You’re struggling, struggling and then — praise the Lord — someone shows up just as your arms are about to give out and drop it all; and that someone not only opens the door for you but takes the heaviest load out of your arms too. The biggest wave of relief and ginormous amounts of gratitude wash over you and bubble out of you and you get reminded that everything’s going to be okay! Do you know what I’m talking about? That’s Adrienne Brand for me (Cassi)! Let’s welcome her to the Awesomeness Takes the Stage today!

ATS Adrienne Name Card

Adrienne is our camp’s photographer this summer, although she also wears a partial guide hat as well! Have you been seeing some of her pictures on Instagram or Facebook?! She’s capturing the story of camp so so well! Ahh, I’m just so thankful!

ATS Adrienne Camera

Adrienne brings much more to the proverbial table than her camera though! She’s a willing servant, a listening friend, and an encouraging role model to these campers coming through the gates and the staff she’s living with all summer!

ATS Adrienne Laughing

ATS Adrienne and Jessie

She is quiet in her approach to connection but gives the touch of sincerity and kindness that really makes people feel seen and heard. And she likes to laugh! Getting to see God use Adrienne’s gifts and grow her in new ways — it’s a privilege to see!

ATS Adrienne Cart

Thank you, Adrienne, for giving your summer to serve and capture the power of camp with your lens and for being here with us! We are all pretty thankful to have you on the team this year! (But I don’t think anyone appreciates you as much as I do 😉 !)

Author + Photography | Cassi

Awesomeness Takes the [2014] Stage


Awesomeness-Takes-Stage-BannerWelcome to Summer 2014 Edition of Awesomeness Takes the Stage! If you are new here, this is where I introduce you to all the awesome people on our summer staff team here at Whisper Mountain! Not to make everyone else feel bad, but I am most excited about two people being on our team this year! By most excited I mean squealing like a schoolgirl excited! You'll understand this more in a sec!

Jamie-Titherington-at-Whisper-MountainPlease squeal with me as you meet Jamie Titherington! That name is going places, isn't it?!!


Photographer-Jamie-at-Whisper-Mountain-CampAny guesses why I'm super excited?!


Photographing-at-Whisper-Mountain-CampCome on, you gotta know now!!!

Videography-at-Whisper-Mountain-CampJamie is one of our photographer/videographers this summer! Oh my goodness! He is not only talented, easy to be around, and carries a contagious laugh as easily as he carries his camera bag,  Jamie also has a very gracious spirit making anyone feel safe around him. He loves Jesus, is quick to lend a hand or teach others, and has a heart willing to go wherever God may lead him.

Greetings-from-Whisper-MountainHis talent will be seen a lot on the WM Facebook Page, the WM Instagram Feed, and even here on the blog! He took great leadership in heading up this summer's rules video. (I'll share the video on the WM YouTube feed at summer's end when all the groups have come through!) There are new twists with live and video interaction playing together! Having fresh ideas and talent and vision is just what I have been praying for for years! 

Balancing my other roles at camp and my family has just drastically improved! Thank you Jesus! And thank you, Jamie, for your willingness to serve with us this summer! Hey, have I told you how excited I am you are here?!!!

Follow Jamie on Instagram @jamieson13 (His star trail pics are pretty awesome!)


a ninja has been hanging around camp

Coggins Tricia
Coggins Lydia
Coggins Gracie2(last two photos taken by Tricia!)
All this week Whisper Mountain has been enjoying the presence of the three beauties you see above! And we get them for another week! You may recognize them from their recent trip or the video they were in! Aside from their general awesomeness, this is why I'm excited Tricia is here:

Coggins Ninja TriciaShe's a PHOTO NINJA!!! Armed with her two cameras and a whole lotta spunk, Tricia has been helping to capture the camp week for campers and future marketing of WM. How awesome when someone's talent becomes a blessing because it was offered as help to others. Just how it's supposed to be done. (That whole pulling together thing we were chatting about the other day!) I personally have been blessed because it's a whole lotta work keeping up with the clicking, editing, sharing for ten weeks each summer! Second man on the job makes a world of difference!

Coggins Gracie
Coggins Lydia2
(two pics above were taken by Tricia!)

Gracie and Lydia have been enjoying long days of roaming the hills, tasting some of the adventure and stealing tootsie rolls from the awesome jar!

Coggins camperIf it weren't for a very generous couple donating their pop-up camper to Whisper Mountain, Tricia and the girls might be sleeping in the clubhouse!! Whoa…did you see that? The whole team thing just kicked in again. We are all thankful they have a place to rest their weary heads for the two weeks they are serving with us! The quarters are tight, but that's all part of the adventure, right?! (their dad will have to sleep in the clubhouse when he comes next week!)

Tricia, thank you doesn't cut it, but there's no other words to say. We appreciate your willingness to give up two of your weeks to serve with us and offer your talent to bless us and the work we are on mission with. You are a gift! True story.

Intern Needed this Summer!

2013-HP-Need-Intern-BlockWhisper Mountain is in search of an intern(s) this summer to help me with my load, but also to move us forward into better! Better workers, better flow, better results. Always strive to do better, you know?

All the pictures/videos taken throughout the summer are used in many promotional ways the rest of the year! Booths, brochures, promotional videos, website, displays, etc. All these avenues help us spread the word about Whisper Mountain Youth Camp! If you know someone, or are someone, who's interested in videography/photography, click the above image to learn more, let me know or send them our way!

For all of us, may we strive to be moving forward in all we do today!