from the peanut gallery [summer staff randomness]

A fun part of capturing the weeks of summer with my camera is catching our goofball staff in their randomness! Enjoy a few from the week with some peanut gallery commentary!

Wm summer staff cuddle>>>Cuddle moments: a sure sign the staff get along really well!

WM summer staff

WM summer staff selfie>>>Photo bombing the camera card means I get to post them, right?

WM summer staff piano>>>I really enjoy listening to the band!

Wm summer staff tegan>>>Tip: when bored, stuff weeds in your ear! [dirty + weird=my boy]

Wm summer staff uniform>>>Working on facilities crew=dress & stand the same at all times!

Wm summer staff high ropes>>>Tip: when hot at high ropes, open up the pits and let the breeze in!

Wm summer staff belay>>>Did he see the lens pointed his direction or is something wrong?

Wm summer staff carabined>>>……..idk

Wm summer staff platform>>>Ever ridden the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World? The boat drifts under a bridge with a hairy pirate leg dangling down and the cave resounds with the stuck-in-the-head song, Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirates life for me!

That wraps up our first peanut gallery column! Tune in some other time whenever my mood strikes! Until then, go make somebody smile! It’s contagious!

Summer Staff, I love you! 😉