success was caught while fishing

CastingForKids Florida SunsetMost of the Whisper Mountain Staff enjoyed a quick weekend in Florida for an annual fundraiser put on by some board members. The Casting For Kids Fishing Tournament turned out to be quite a success, in large part due to the spearheading by this guy.

CFK3James, with the help of many wonderful people, led the event with integrity and finesse! (Though they may not have felt the finesse part!) Those of us spectating or participating felt it!

Anglers had hours on the water to catch their big fish before weigh in.






CFK9With boats tied down at the Port Sanibel Marina, anglers enjoyed Lighthouse Restaurant's a/c and good food throughout the rest of the evening's silent auction, raffles, and announcement of the winners.

CFK Lighthouse Restaurant




As with anything, the people are what make things great!CFK1

CFK14(tons of people not pictured!)

Lots of work, fun and connecting…a team pulled together to support the work of Whisper Mountain. We are grateful to all who touched this event in some way. We praise God for the success He provided to keep us working away for Him! May He be proclaimed!

I had to

I know I said yesterday that I may not share in this space because we are at the 3CA conference, but I had to!SnowyThe day has been quite blustery, but where the day lacked in warmth, the speakers and people gathered here made up for it!  After I slid into my first morning class, breathless and late, then got over the "Oh, stink, Tegan's clothes are here with us, not there with him" bit I was able to fully embrace all that God is doing through the teaching and worship and connection. The thing about a conference like this is that there is so much deep, good, intriguing information being poured out, it takes some settling in our brains before we can really get what we heard!  After some settling takes place, know that there will be some sharing in this place because I don't want to hoard the blessings all to myself!

Then there was the opening session last night:Stage

Lights  My heart engaged in the worship in ways it has been craving and I didn't even realize! The band led us in sincere and engaging worship that was refreshing and powerful, God's church joining together in song!

Then, our speaker was introduced!  None other than Jeff Foxworthy!Jeff 1

Jeff 2After giving us the gift of laughter (and we were rollin'!), he got serious for a few minutes and shared what God was doing in and around him.Jeff 3    I couldn't help but be impressed by his humility and down-to-earthness! His willingness to use his platform to bring God glory is refreshing, as his tenderness toward God! We also enjoyed hearing from his wife Gregg who shared her experience of finding God as a teenager at a camp.GreggWhat's beautiful about this whole gig is that God's purposes are accomplished through such a vast assortment of people, in such a vast assortment of places but with a single unity of faith in Him! It blows my mind! But delights my heart!  Yeah…we are having a kickin' time at conference!  Group

Shaun’s Top 5 List :: #1

I know, I know…you haven't gotten any sleep all weekend because you were just dying to know what Shaun's #1 favorite thing about working at camp is! (hee-hee!) Plan to sleep tonight! (Drumroll please)

Without further delay, Shaun's #1 reason why working at Whisper Mountain is living the dream:

#1: pay day is big on the last night of campFire On the last night of camp everyone gathers around the campfire one last time. In the light of the flickering flames, hearts are opened in a way that isn't done in everyday life. Teenagers take the time to offer verbal encouragements to one another. They pray for each other. They pray for their youth pastor. Teenagers, and at times their leaders, become raw, spilling from their hearts all God is doing in them, all He is calling them to, all they hope to apply to their walking through life with Him.  Shaun's payday, as he calls it, is knowing that all the energy, lack of sleep, time and heart that is poured out throughout the week is worth it when the evidence of God whispering into lives is seen. This is the heartbeat of camp, the very life of the ministry…God encountering His people so they will know Him, they will know peace, new life, restoration and hope.  Now, that's a beautiful thing!


**Note: If you are just joining today, you can go here, here, here, and here to learn about the other items on Shaun's Top 5 Countdown on why working at Whisper Mountain is living the dream!

Team Ten


Team 10 is a new little groupy we are starting here at Whisper Mountain!  I gotta tell you about it!

When you think about it, a whole ministry is a lot to carry for just a few people…financially speaking.  So, one of our amazing guys was brainstorming to try to find a simple way to spread the carrying among many so that the carrying didn't seem so impossible.  He came up with the idea to try to get 1,000 people to give just $10 a month to our camp!  Ten dollars…that's less than a movie and snacks; less than taking the family out to Chik-fil-A for dinner; less than a new pair of jeans at Wal-mart for my girls (yeah, we shop Walmart!!!); less than a date at Starbucks with a love!  Shaun and I are pretty financially poor:), but we could give ten dollars each month!!

It's just finding the 1,000 people with a willingness to give! We know that letting go of money is a big deal, especially in these economic times.  I would just like to throw out to you this chance to become part of a groupy of Whisper Mountain!  A part of Team 10! We need the likes of you to keep up the work of camp!  Think about it. Pray about it. Go here to join! Oh, and tell somebody else about it too!  I don't think I know 1,000 people!

By the way, there's a lot of new changes over on our website, so while you are joining up with Team 10 (did you like that positivity!!!!) surf around our site!  GO TEAM 10!

whatcha see?

See-hole Sometimes all we can see is the board in front of us.  Every single grain of its detail stands out…uglies and all!

See-plantThen there are other times when we can see past the board to what lies beyond…to the beauty.

But it’s all a matter of perspective! And the right perspective is crucial.

I was reminded of this just recently when I met someone that just rubbed me the wrong way.  After getting past the “ugh, if I never see you again I’m good with that” feeling I tried to interact again with an open mind. What a surprise to find that this person wasn’t really as miserable as I first thought (still not my favorite person, but better than the start!) I could appreciate who they were, I could see the good in them rather than the gnarlies that came out first!

I wonder what life would be like if I met everyone with the right perspective, looking for the good first, rather than noticing the uglies right away; receiving everyone with an eye toward their amazing God-form, even if it is completely bent out of shape!

I do believe that living with such perspective would cause the world to be a much lovelier place! The world could really use that, don’t ya think?!