One lie we tell ourselves

Togetherness Paintball Girls

We are stronger when we are together. We tell ourselves that’s not the truth, we fight hard to make that not true, but it is. When we finally give in to the reality that we aren’t fully our best without others, we finally start becoming all we were meant to be!

Togetherness Low Ropes

Needing others doesn’t mean we are weak, it means we are operating as God intended — in community! Community is just what the Whisper Mountain Summer Staff have been building!

Togetherness Table TalkLearning to trust and being trustworthy, braving below the surface level, connecting with others where they are, leading and being willing to be lead — this is the stuff of community!

Togetherness Jump

Whether the leap into community feels like the scariest thing on earth or the easiest, don’t stop building into others and allowing others to build into you.

Togetherness RockThe rewards are worth the effort. You’ll be the best you yet!


don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Whisper mountain campers
Whisper mountain hub service
Whisper mountain teams
Whisper mountain camper game

Whisper mountain summer staffLots of excitement filling the grounds as we welcomed our first group yesterday! With any first group, we've got a few kinks to work out of our programming, but I'd say all in all things are going quite smoothly! The campers are having a great time, the weather is beautiful, our staff is pumped, our goal is in focus! Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

As I was bouncing down the road in one of the carts yesterday, I looked over at my mom and saw the weariness I felt reflected in her face. I said, "Everything we work our tails off for all year is underway today." We both took a long sigh and laughed a weary chuckle because all we wanted to do was crawl back in our beds and sleep! Alas, sleep shall wait a good ten weeks…there's more work to be done! We are just thankful to share the work with such a strong summer staff team!

Thanks to those of you praying for us! We await evidence of God's great work this week! 

a remedy stroll

January deadlines are feeling heavy. What's the remedy? Go for a stroll! Here's a peek at Whisper Mountain right now.

WhisperMountain-mud// ground awaiting its lake transformation

WhisperMountain-Sticks// playful propps (were the guys playing cowboys and Indians?)

// splashes of color growing on the barn

WhisperMountain-falling-forest// fallen (dying) forest everywhere

WhisperMountain-mud-puddles// jus' my shoes get little wet, mom (draw out the "o" in a whine here!)

Lots of mud. Lots of messes. But just the remedy I was in need of!

Make it a point to get outside today! Always a day-changer!

our now

Our now 4// Enjoying the bends in the road and piles of goodness dropping in on us, both as individuals and as a camp.

Our now 3// Finding the splashes of color along the way to mean God is working rather than a mess is making!

Our now

Our now2// Being startled by the unexpected creatures previous guests have planted here and there! (and imagining them giggling while planting them!)

Our now 5
// Soaking in the beautiful weather and landscape that changes by the day.

Each of us staffers are enjoying, growing, stretching and walking our path along the trail in camp ministry! While different spots are more fun than others, the whole trail has us walking nearer to our Jesus, each other, and those in our world. That is what the walking is about after all!

pulling away

Selah-hammockingA main goal of Whisper Mountain is to offer a place to pull away from the noise in order to help people hear God's whisper. What happens when Whisper Mountain is our noise? Our staff struggles to pull away often enough, but it feels nearly impossible in the summer camp season! Yesterday I had to smile when I caught Selah pulling away! She gets it…the alone and quiet are needed to survive the chaos life can bring! I walked away from this picture inspired!

May you find the same inspiration to get a moment of quiet and alone!

Happy Friday, friends!

getting giddy

DrivingSometimes you just gotta do things yourself.Pushing tree overWith the uninsured locals unable/willing to help us out, and because of a generous feller, we have cranked up his piece of machinery and are beginning to get the job done! And it's so exciting!

Fallen treeWhile going out to snap these pictures I was positively giddy! We've waited and dreamed and waited! What was feeling impossible was starting to be! Woohoo!

Thumbs up
Roots up

Back vie
Whisper Mountain's Lake Project has begun! Are you as giddy as us?!


Foggy cabin
Foggy cabin 2  As quiet as the fog above the river in the morning, so is Whisper Mountain after the days of summer camp have ended! As a staff we are breathing a big sigh: of relief that we made it through; of satisfaction that we accomplished the work God had for us to do; of completion (for a window of time) as we allow our bodies, minds and souls to have a little rest.

I will meet you here again next week! Until then, blessings on your days!