Reflections from the Pond


When we aren’t planning for summer, seeing to the endless details of a non-profit, hosting retreats or carrying out the plans of summer then there are projects going on around the property! Some of you were at camp this summer when this was going on:Pond-Reno-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp

Remember when the tractor got stuck and then rescued?! Yeah, if you were a camper that week you got a front row seat to a great show!  Since there was already a mess, it felt timely to allow a service group to reno the fire pit area as well!


Now nobody will fall back into the pond while eating s’mores! All in all a good thing! The cluster of people from Gateway Grace‘s service team did an amazing job (read worked their tails off ) on the retaining wall! What made the job sweeter was all their work was done with smiles on! I mean, pretty stellar, right?


The guys worked out the piping this fall and the pond has now  filled up to full now! Isn’t it beautiful? Great plans for solo time benches and quiet spots all along the (two) ponds (one not pictured here!) and creek are in the works! There’s nothing quite like resting in the glory of Creator God and hearing His whisper!

Sunny Tractor at Whisper Mountain Camp.jpg

We hope you’ll get the pleasure of such an experience at Whisper Mountain in 2016, but make time to sit with Him today, wherever you are!

still have camp envy?

Septic.sceneSomething we hear all the time when people visit Whisper Mountain is "Oh, man, it would be amazing to live up here and do this. What a life!" True, when visiting for the weekend or the week, we certainly do appear to be *living the dream*! But behind the scenes you would face situations like this on a regular basis!


Septic.thinkerNope. He's not digging for gold. The man pictured above is a man confounded by the second mysterious, unmarked, refusing to be found, probably filled to the max, needs to be emptied before summer, ewww gross septic tank. Where are you Mr. Septic Tank?

Septic.greenfieldLet me just say, I enjoyed walking barefoot in that plush grass back there when I didn't know why it was so plush back there! (nice mow lines RP!)

While you may think we live the dream, on days like these (which are more often than not) we are trying to maintain focus! While financial supporters give money imagining we are living supernatural lives, we are in the muck up to our elbows. While the outward appearances seem heavenly, we are weary from the inward battles and onslaught of nitty gritty detail problems trying to keep us from the main goal. The goal of Proclaiming Jesus to each person coming through the gates!Septic.boyhill

The big plus for Tegan in this whole scene is that it made for an incredible hill for his tractors!

In case you are tempted by the greener looking grass over yon, keep in mind all green grass comes with its own septic problems!

looking gor-geous

Wm planting3
Wm planting6
Fertilizing, fixing up, digging out, and transplanting the camp property has been some of our work these past warm days! There's no twisting my arm to get me to ignore the mounds of office work for a little bit of dirt work! God certainly has the place looking gor-geous, but how fun to add in our own splash of preference here or there!Wm planting1

:: hedge of forsythia's

Wm planting2

:: Janet Magnolia and poplars

:: burning bush hedge

:: blue spruce

:: maplesWm planting4

Wm planting5
Most of these transplants we've made started out as free little *sticks* from the Arbor Day Foundation. They don't look like anything more than sticks when they arrive in the mail, but once planted it's only a matter of time before the *tree* in them comes out! 

I wonder if you are waiting for the *tree* to come out in something in your life. If so, don't give up on the waiting. Life will bloom there. The quiet beauty will astound.

goofy workers

Put a bunch of guys together and there will be tons of laughing & goofing off…Alumni


…and tons of work accomplished (even with rain!).Hedge trimming

Fire pile
Ground work
Thank you, Drew and Chris, for your time spent playing and working with us! We loved having you! Always remember, we have an "open door policy" at WM! (Hee-Hee!!) Hope to see you again soon!

WM guys, let me just say, I think you guys are top notch! So glad you are a part of my life and the life of this ministry! Anybody else think so?!