Captured Moment // Get in the Boat

Whisper Mountain Canoe GirlsOur staff training week has been full of training, filming, photographing, skit planning, worship practicing, program strategizing — always something going on! Next week, I'm introducing you to a couple people I am the absolute most excited about it! They will kick off our 2014 Awesomeness Takes the Stage series! Are you excited?! (you should be!)

The above picture was from a photo shoot we did featuring some of the new products that will be in our online store! More will be seen next week, but this picture reminded me how we really are better when we are together. Going life alone never makes us stronger! May we both make room for a little togetherness this weekend!


at the water’s edge









Water's-Edge-12Lakeside for an evening was fun and relaxing! Isn't there something about the water that is just renewing? If you're able, dip your toes in a creek, walk a beach, sit by the pool, take a bath. Whatever you have accessible, give yourself the gift of refreshment! 


we are flipping out!

Flips 1
Flips 2
Flips 3We've pressed on through the exhaustion, the fun, the struggles, the God-workings and we've crossed the finish line! Celebrate with us as Summer 2013 has been completed! I look forward to sharing more about the summer and a couple more staff in the days ahead. For today, we hug the last of our staff goodbye and begin to exhale.

Flying highWe thank our Daddy for caring us through and allowing the adventure in the first place!

Have a great Monday!

The Power of Camp :: Immersion

POC immersionCamp gets teens outside. Being outside helps teens be better people! Makes sense if you think of the last time you spent a few minutes out of doors. If you weren't eaten alive by the bugs first, chances are you walked back inside feeling lighter, breathing deeper. I know something as simple as hiding out in my backyard alone a few minutes helps me return to my chaos more caring and generous to those most taxing on my nerves. (not as if that ever happens in real life, of course. Just a hypothetical example!)

Lake piznicLast night we piz-nicked (pizza + picnic) by the lake. Which of course brings the staff some water fun! Quite a bit of immersion going on there!

Lake shore

Lake silhouette

Lake rope swing

Lake trio

Lake canoe

Lake immersion

The Power of Camp :: Take It Outside

POC outsideDid you read that poster above? Four minutes a day outside? That's it?! Whether coming to our camp or to one of the many others throughout the country, if you know some teens who have the chance to go to camp but can't afford it, help them go! Getting teens immersed in God's creation is just one reason to help them go! (my teen is heading to her first non-Whisper Mountain camp week today! Exciting!)

{If you want to help a teen come to Whisper Mountain, visit our give page and designate "camper scholarships" in the dropdown menu!}

Butterfly on handWhile we're on the subject, go enjoy a little outside time yourself today! We were meant for engaging in the out of doors!

March says hello

March-6March says hello on the springy-est of days. Warmth, sunshine, and birdsong greet us today! And it is with such cheer that I greet you! The start of a new month brings to me a deep breath and the motivation of a fresh start! The start of many things and the faithfulness to many more! May you find the same refreshing deep breath this day! And may you find the motivation to start something fresh!

Happy March to you friends!

tweens & cool people

Oh, our weekend…was a "camp weekend" as our family calls it! Which for you translates, our time and energy was spent at Whisper Mountain! And truly, what a good time it was! Included a sleepover with some giddy tween girls playing working on a school video project, as well as cool people, AKA the Workman Family, coming from Hilton Head to find a little rest and to serve us via work projects! Here's a few snapshots to bring you into the fun!Workman weekend 1

Workman weekend 3//tweens shooting their rendition of Holes (dun-dun-dun)//

Workman weekend 2 //Shaun's idea of a perfect marriage//

Workman weekend 4//a fort for the big boys/girls (paintball course) in the works//

Workman weekend 6Workman weekend 5//new outdoor seating was assembled (and enjoyed indoors)//

Workman weekend 7//beautiful (but cold) days and time with friends in the out of doors//

How much better can it get? Well, take away sleep deprivation from the giddy tweens! Then, how much better can it get?

Happy Monday to you, friends. Excited about what the week holds! And you, what are you looking forward to this week?