October in Pictures


October-in-Pics-3[nearly all pictures are phone pics]

October was a busy month for Whisper Mountain! Retreats, board meetings, maintenance projects, gift projects, marketing, and all manner of end of the year work in the office! Racing, slowing, rediscovering, quieting. Never a dull moment, but we are thankful for the work we've been given, the purpose of serving each day, and the beauty of growing in Christ and walking each season with Him! Happy [belated!] November!

priorities get organized

Do you ever feel like you have piles of life that you want/need to do deal with, but the piles seem completely scattered about in one honkin', mind-swirling mess?  yeah…story of my life.  Well, at camp we have all sorts of things that need doing.  some folks that want to help do. pennies to get to the doin' (mind you, only pennies…to add to these check this out!!).  But what is most important to do? Heavens to Betsy, where should we begin?!PP-Button
We decided that a little time for some organizing was in order and the result of this is what we are calling the Priority Project!  We are selecting one project a month that you have the chance to help out in, with a variety of ways to help!

If you go to this page of our website you will get the full description of what October's project is. (I know, we are already halfway through October…again, I'm currently in a mind-swirling mess and slow in getting the word out!!)  Even when a new project is posted we will leave the link for the previous months so you can keep up with the progress of each! 

As we are always saying, this camp ministry gig is a complete team effort. All with the heart of helping others in their walk with Jesus! 

So go check out the Priority Project!  I hope you'll find a place to join in!

Swarms of Fun!

Amidst all the work we do at camp, we do tend to squeeze in some fun!  But it's probably not the fun you are used to (remember, we're in smalltown USA!!) Yellow-jackets-1Part of an ongoing battle (and hazard) around the camp are yellow jacket nests in the ground…everywhere.  The boys are always in the danger zone as they mow and weedwack because they don't know until it's too late that the lovely little evils have started a new nest and are pretty possessive and protective of it! (pretty funny to watch them screaming up the road as they are chased by angry yellow jackets!) Well, a new nest was discovered.  Somehow, it was decided that I needed to get a picture of the swarm of yellow jackets after the mower passed over the nest!  I thought it would be amazing to have the sun gleaming with the swarm swarming.  So…we planned and prepared! Yellow-jackets-4

Yellow-jackets-5One brave Ramsey would be hoodied up, would floor the mower over the top of the nest, and I would be in place to catch the swarm with my camera.  Just picture all of us staff outside, most at a smart & safe distance, watching this "taunt the yellow jackets" fun taking place!Yellow-jackets-6

Yellow-jackets-2Well, Ramsey floored it, as planned. The yellow jackets were spitting angry as planned.  But the photographer (ahem, that'd be me!) was found running and screaming up the road as unplanned. Sounded something like this, "Shaaauuuunnnn, get 'em off me! Ouch! Get 'em off me! Hurry!" Three little zings later, I was frustrated that I missed the shot I imagined capturing, but laughing because it was a kickin' good time!

Hey, I faired better than my man a couple months back…half his face was swollen for a couple days!Swollen face Yeah, it's okay that you think we're crazy!!

Team Ten


Team 10 is a new little groupy we are starting here at Whisper Mountain!  I gotta tell you about it!

When you think about it, a whole ministry is a lot to carry for just a few people…financially speaking.  So, one of our amazing guys was brainstorming to try to find a simple way to spread the carrying among many so that the carrying didn't seem so impossible.  He came up with the idea to try to get 1,000 people to give just $10 a month to our camp!  Ten dollars…that's less than a movie and snacks; less than taking the family out to Chik-fil-A for dinner; less than a new pair of jeans at Wal-mart for my girls (yeah, we shop Walmart!!!); less than a date at Starbucks with a love!  Shaun and I are pretty financially poor:), but we could give ten dollars each month!!

It's just finding the 1,000 people with a willingness to give! We know that letting go of money is a big deal, especially in these economic times.  I would just like to throw out to you this chance to become part of a groupy of Whisper Mountain!  A part of Team 10! We need the likes of you to keep up the work of camp!  Think about it. Pray about it. Go here to join! Oh, and tell somebody else about it too!  I don't think I know 1,000 people!

By the way, there's a lot of new changes over on our website, so while you are joining up with Team 10 (did you like that positivity!!!!) surf around our site!  GO TEAM 10!