Build it and they will come!

Volunteer Cabin Build 1For the past several weeks we've had a little construction work going on at camp! We are most excited about this project because this tiny, little cabin will house volunteers during their time of service with us! Which translates this summer (Lord willing) to a cook! (You should see Ms. Patti happy dancing!)

Volunteer Cabin Build 10While I will be putting together a short video to document the construction in its entirety, today I am here to share with you those with us right now helping to put the walls up!

Volunteer Cabin Build 3

Volunteer Cabin Build 4
Volunteer Cabin Build 7
Volunteer Cabin Build 8
Volunteer Cabin Build 9
Volunteer Cabin Build 11
Volunteer Cabin Build 12A bunch of men from Florida came up for several days. Men who pass around a bottle of motrin before holstering their tool belts. Men whose backs don't bounce up as quickly as they used to. Men whose knees have them limping up ladders, or bending slowly, or moving carefully. What I love about these men is their willingness to laugh about all that and still get out there and lend a hand. The jesting and comradery is not only entertaining but also uplifting, I'm guessing for each of them, but most surely for Marty! He misses these ole pals!
Volunteer Cabin Build 5These men giving up time, energy, and painless sleep are making a difference in the tangible way they know how! And we are ever so grateful to have them joining us! Thank you James Propp, Richard Ellis, Mitchell Lee, Wayne Russell and Mickey Franklin!

Volunteer Cabin Build 6


November in Pictures




I'm still struggling to believe we are in December already. Looking back through November's pictures, they seemed so long ago. Time is funny like that! Work filled our days as usual, but with a little more freedom and the beginnings of what we are calling Field Trip Friday. Little adventures hiking our 130 acres! With all the leaves gone, the views are bigger and the hiking easier…and a little more stress free for me. I don't worry about happening upon any venomous snakes. The bears, eh…they don't worry me!!

As the first week of December closes, I hope you're finding the hope of Christmas already moving your hearts! Happy Weekending, friends!

don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Whisper mountain campers
Whisper mountain hub service
Whisper mountain teams
Whisper mountain camper game

Whisper mountain summer staffLots of excitement filling the grounds as we welcomed our first group yesterday! With any first group, we've got a few kinks to work out of our programming, but I'd say all in all things are going quite smoothly! The campers are having a great time, the weather is beautiful, our staff is pumped, our goal is in focus! Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

As I was bouncing down the road in one of the carts yesterday, I looked over at my mom and saw the weariness I felt reflected in her face. I said, "Everything we work our tails off for all year is underway today." We both took a long sigh and laughed a weary chuckle because all we wanted to do was crawl back in our beds and sleep! Alas, sleep shall wait a good ten weeks…there's more work to be done! We are just thankful to share the work with such a strong summer staff team!

Thanks to those of you praying for us! We await evidence of God's great work this week! 

WM + MP = right now


I know it's technically spring, BUT it feels a little more like winter at the moment!

We've been enjoying the warmth of a few families spending their spring breaks serving at Whisper Mountain! Yeah…pretty awesome!
Along with that awesomeness comes a coupla visiting summer staffers! You may recognize Hope and Emily! They have had some firsts on this visit with us!
Hope emily
So fun! Along with that awesomeness comes sledding–backwoods style!

Such good times! There has been a little work getting done, but I must say the snow has been an enjoyable distraction for everyone! Something magical about that white stuff!
Snowday11And something warming about people sharing in such magic!
Also Noteworthy: TODAY IS MARTY's 5? th BIRTHDAY!!
I think he's pretty worth celebrating! Give him a shout out if you wanna!!
With a wink and smile, Happy Hump Day!

week in review // locals & cornerstone

Our Robbinsville teens joined with the group coming in from Georgia for camp last week! All had a great time, but more importantly, life change took place! Here's a glimpse from their time with us (Check out our group page for convo and a few more pics!) :

Corner-locals-1{photo by Charley // meet her here tomorrow!}

Corner-locals-2{photo by Charley}

Corner-locals-3{photo by Charley}

Corner-locals-4{photo by Hope}

Corner-locals-7{photo by Kaleigh}


Corner-locals-8In whatever we're into today, may we be intentional to connect with others and shine the light of Jesus! There's a lasting impact waiting to be made!

Blessings on your Monday!