The Tale of the Concrete Pour

Early and still dark, my eyes opened to the realization of the rain pounding on the roof. Concrete day at camp and it was absolutely pouring rain. Noooo. God, you knew. Why today? Up the road, Marty was having the exact same experience from his own bed. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like God isn’t hearing us or might not care as much as we think He should? Boy, how wrong we are to think like that. He’s all about getting the most glory, so He keeps us on the edge of our seats, desperately needing Him so we can be in awe of Him.

We all went through our morning routines, getting ready, grabbing work gear and shuttling out the door. It might be raining, but we were still showing up. We drove up to the pad where the work was supposed to be taking place and found work crews huddled in their trucks, watching their weather apps predict rain all day. We sent texts asking people to pray, we sent out a call on social media to pray; please, God, stop the rain and allow the work to be done.

Do you see the light shining down on the concrete pad? Didn’t know it when the picture was taken!

What might have seemed forever was only a handful of minutes. With workers standing by, the pump truck arriving, multiple concrete trucks en route, and an audience on social media and text praying hard, we saw the glory of God. The rain not only stopped, but as if by some divine wind, the clouds cleared out and the sun was out ALL DAY LONG!!

Because of the sun, the temperature warmed just enough to move the process along rather swiftly. The hard work of the crew, the orchestration and timing of God allowed our slab to be poured before CWE arrives to build!

Every day before and after the day of the concrete pour we had rain upon rain upon rain. But for one important day God showed us He controls the weather, He provides all we need, He listens, is personal and more than cares. I’m so thankful we get to see Him working up close and personal. I’m so thankful for all of you who care enough to pray and share this journey with us.

Watch the video of the process up to this point! To God be the glory!

Author & Photographer | Cassi

The CWE Provision

If there’s ever been anything good to come from C0V1D, it’s been our partnership with a ministry called CWE — Christians for Worldwide Evangelism. “CWE’s desire is to see people from the U.S. have their lives ‘transformed’ on the foreign mission field.” Typically, CWE sends volunteers overseas to help build churches, etc for missionaries. With travel being restricted in these times, they turned inward to the states to serve! Whisper Mountain Camp became a place they wanted to partner with! PRAISE THE LORD FOR SUCH A PARTNERSHIP!

As you may know, we’ve been collecting funds for new camper lodging for a couple years now. Going into debt and turning away larger groups who want the Whisper Mountain experience are not options we can live with. So when CWE came along, we felt God’s provision as a welcome relief! Per the usual, His provision always involves bringing more people into the community to accomplish the goal! God’s economy.

Though it’s not our original plan — they make these things happen by being very concise and organized — we are thrilled to be having them build a 28-person lodge with bathrooms directly in the lodge. Here’s the miracle part: they cover 75% of the costs, we pay 25%. Because of people giving to the building fund, we have our 25%. I don’t know if you realize how much a building costs but THIS IS HUGE!!!!! And we keep pinching ourselves — God is GREATLY providing!

We’ve had representatives from CWE here a couple times now to see the build site, to meet with suppliers and make orders and plans so when they begin to show up with volunteers the third week of March we will be ready for go time!

Here’s how it will work: they find volunteers for four different work weeks, so it’s only a week long commitment for people. Those volunteers will have specific jobs to have completed by the end of their week. So after four weeks, if all goes as planned (pray it does!), the cabin will be move-in ready by mid-April. WHICH MEANS: more room for campers THIS summer!!!

There will be skilled people who lead the unskilled workers each week! IF YOU WANT TO COME WITH CWE FOR A WEEK TO HELP US BUILD: fill out their volunteer form here. We would love to have your footprints on our ministry: Please don’t hesitate to get involved in this project! Let us know if you have any questions! At the very least, praise God with us as He has provided yet again for the vision He’s given us here at Whisper Mountain Camp.

We look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Author | Cassi Photography | CWE Website

The Adrian’s Pack Us In!

Pack Shack Enclosure Project at Whisper Mountain CampPack Shack Rennovation at Whisper Mountain Camp Inside View

If you’ve been keeping up with our (sporadic) updates on our Pack Shack Enclosure Project, then you know we are hustling to get this done for summer! Life has set us back way more than we planned, so the hustle is real. (By we, I actually mean Marty!)

Adriannes and Marty

Last week we were super excited to have Adrian and Adrian of European Craftsmen of Southwest Florida come to insulate our building. They brought a new technique to the table (or the walls actually!). Rather than the puffy, itchy insulation that is usually in the walls (and not so fun to install), they sprayed this cool foam insulation that set in 30 seconds and cured in 2 minutes. WHAT?!!!!!

Adrian One (as Tegan called him!) is the same awesome guy who came to tile our bathrooms way back here! We couldn’t be more thankful for his heart to bless Whisper Mountain in such generous and practical ways! Well beyond his giving of time, talent and materials, Adrian carries a heart of generosity with him in all things! Our guys especially enjoyed connecting with him and the other Adrian during their time with us!

We still have much to do to get this ready for summer camp in a few short weeks, but man are we thankful to have this part done in such a top of the line way and in partnership with such great people!

Thank you Adrian’s for coming, serving and giving of yourselves in ways we are still thinking about! May God bless you tenfold!

(If you’re in southwest Florida, these are the guys to renovate your kitchen or bath! Check out some of their work! They are amazing!)

Author and Photos | Cassi

The Nosh

Ramsey Propp is a Dork![the above picture is irrelevant!]

You may not remember we ever asked for your help, it was so very long ago! BUT, we did ask way back in April. Our concessions building. Remember? We had a contest to name the building! While great suggestions were given, our staff did not agree on any names offered. Even after all our random visitors and all the summer staff came through, we still did not find a name we all liked.

The NoshThen, just a couple weeks ago, someone quietly threw up a few options. Someone known as our Chaos Coordinator and Paper Shuffler! She'd done a little homework and found a Yiddish word meaning "to nibble." The word was "Nosh". The Nosh. That was it–we all loved it! So, our not-so-new-now concessions building is from this moment forward to be referred to as The Nosh. Makes one feel rather cool. Give it a try. Out loud. Right now! See?! It's great! We like it! We knew you would too! Just had to tie that loose end up–or as Marty says, "button it up!" Now, to decide if she still gets a free shirt. That's pretty much our wardrobe as it is! Seems she needs something else awesome…any ideas?

Enjoy all your nibbles of goodness today, and say a prayer for Whisper Mountain while you're at it!

A Booma-Chicka-Rocka Truck Came to Camp

<<< Did you follow our instagram feed yesterday to catch a glimpse at all the action?! (if you're on instagram, follow us @whispermtn !!) >>>

Field-storage1Last week, (all) the guys surveyed a spot on our camp field, very carefully preparing for a big move to take place!

Field-storage-boom-truck2When the big day arrived, Mr. Big Boom Truck was set in place. The Hub felt like a hive of activity from excited (and slightly nervous) little bees!

Field-storage3The prepping, waiting, praying, watching went on for some time until finally all was in place and the move began!

Clearing the roof of the Hub and Hub porch were the critical points in this event! We thought all was going perfectly…Field-storage4…until the little building turned out to be heavier than expected!


Field-storage-boom-truck3After some nail-biting struggle to figure out a solution ("who says you
don't need high school math when you're older?"  says Marty!)
, the
building finally made it over to the "moving truck" without any catastrophes!

Field-storage6The guys strapped her down onto the trailer, double-checked to make sure it would hold (eek!), then said a prayer for God's favor to fall on this little trek to the field!

Field-storage7Down the road, and round the bend, onto the field it goes!!

Field-storage8Favor was had all around! Barry did a fabulous job driving/steering the boom and ensuring our buildings weren't damaged! We are grateful for his hard work and patience on the job! We are pretty excited to finally have a decent storage building down on the field!

Field-storage-empty-spaceWe continue to prepare and raise funds for the new building to be built behind the Hub! This is our current priority project that must be done by summer! We are thankful to all those who've been giving to help us raise these funds! If you like carpentry and wanna come visit Western North Carolina, I know a place that could use a volunteer or two!!