When Monday Isn’t a Fresh Start

Woodland Pathway

If only a new week always meant a fresh start. How many Mondays show up still holding all the same pressures and deadlines, work loads and baggage? Nothing fresh about that! So what should we do when another long week stretches out before us, the hard only feeling harder as we go?

When tempted to quit hard things, we can help ourselves out by fixing our minds on higher things. We may not get out of our hard, but our mind can be preoccupied with hope to help us through the burdensome. Because it won’t be like this forever, it’s just for right now. So press on, keep going, don’t quit!

Glorious Moth

Practice looking for good, fix your mind on higher things rather than the weighty things and believe God is with you. You might find a little extra pep in your step this Monday!

His Glorious Reminders



Whisper-Mountain-Camp-Office-in-FallI recently read somewhere the idea of fall being God’s glorious assurance of His presence before the coming winter, when all seems dead and cold. I loved that imagery because the life moments that feel dark and cold can challenge our belief in God’s goodness and faithfulness to us.

Whether you’re in a climate that has seasonal changes or not, let me encourage you to soak in God’s glory today. Keep feeding your heart with the truth and hope of the life found in Christ. Allow Him to remind you of His “with-us” presence no matter what life’s circumstances may be.

He makes life beautiful!
Let’s soak Him in today,

(iphone pics of Whisper Mountain’s rainy, fall day)

success was caught while fishing

CastingForKids Florida SunsetMost of the Whisper Mountain Staff enjoyed a quick weekend in Florida for an annual fundraiser put on by some board members. The Casting For Kids Fishing Tournament turned out to be quite a success, in large part due to the spearheading by this guy.

CFK3James, with the help of many wonderful people, led the event with integrity and finesse! (Though they may not have felt the finesse part!) Those of us spectating or participating felt it!

Anglers had hours on the water to catch their big fish before weigh in.






CFK9With boats tied down at the Port Sanibel Marina, anglers enjoyed Lighthouse Restaurant's a/c and good food throughout the rest of the evening's silent auction, raffles, and announcement of the winners.

CFK Lighthouse Restaurant




As with anything, the people are what make things great!CFK1

CFK14(tons of people not pictured!)

Lots of work, fun and connecting…a team pulled together to support the work of Whisper Mountain. We are grateful to all who touched this event in some way. We praise God for the success He provided to keep us working away for Him! May He be proclaimed!

a remedy stroll

January deadlines are feeling heavy. What's the remedy? Go for a stroll! Here's a peek at Whisper Mountain right now.

WhisperMountain-mud// ground awaiting its lake transformation

WhisperMountain-Sticks// playful propps (were the guys playing cowboys and Indians?)

// splashes of color growing on the barn

WhisperMountain-falling-forest// fallen (dying) forest everywhere

WhisperMountain-mud-puddles// jus' my shoes get little wet, mom (draw out the "o" in a whine here!)

Lots of mud. Lots of messes. But just the remedy I was in need of!

Make it a point to get outside today! Always a day-changer!

The Painted Bean Cafe



:: sipping of coffee, tea or cocoa in the cozy cafe
:: connecting, fellowshipping, sharing for days
:: walking, playing, working in an autumnal forest
:: painting, creating, reflecting in the studio
:: enjoying, picnicking, filling of good food
:: viewing a late night movie on lawn
:: worshipping indy style
:: chatting, laughing, warming by the fireside
:: discovering, reminding, encouraging
Though our weekend looked different than we thought or planned, a message of grace and love from a personal God was shared. The details of the heart are His alone!
Thank you to those who were a part, who prayed through the process, or who shared in some way to help make this weekend what God wanted it to be!

colorful & consuming

ConsumedFor a little more than a month now, I've we've been consumed with a retreat taking place this weekend! The planning, praying over, preparing, promoting, programming…what other p word is there that relates?! Any-who, we've had our heads down in it. (More so than with our other fall retreats…this one is specialized!)

Consumed colorful trailWhile the trail leading up to this weekend has been quite colorful…

Consuming overcast…and sometimes overcast, I am believing the mountains of prayer are leading the way to an even more colorful encounter with a personal God for each person showing up (and even those involved!)!

Consumed beautyWhile skeptics and cynics would say it's just life, I would like to add that the many *curious* difficulties in recent days have me thinking there's more to this retreat than a gathering of people! More mountains of prayers from those rich in faith would be greatly welcomed! (This weary warrior is about to crumble!) 

Consumed side noteOn the side, while we're talking color…how do you like the new pop on our directional signs? I think they are pretty happy with their upgrade, don't you?! (thanks RP and helpers!)

Friends, cynics, skeptics and faith-filled…go be awesome today!

full(er) house

Bird-in-nest{He looks kind of how I feel!}

We've a nest outside our camp kitchen door that sees multiple mommies and babies each in their turn throughout the season. While resident mommy was out grocery shopping, I snuck up to say hello and get a few shots!
Baby-birds-in-nestThe birds seem to prove the thought that a small but full house can indeed be a happy house!

And speaking of a full (and happy) house! Our camp family has grown a little more!

Full house1Not just in numbers but in the bonding department too! (who doesn't feel loved by poppers?!)

Full house2

Full house 3Thankful for each person involved in this minstry! Truly a family growing together!

May you find your Monday to be less grouchy than you may expect!

tweens & cool people

Oh, our weekend…was a "camp weekend" as our family calls it! Which for you translates, our time and energy was spent at Whisper Mountain! And truly, what a good time it was! Included a sleepover with some giddy tween girls playing working on a school video project, as well as cool people, AKA the Workman Family, coming from Hilton Head to find a little rest and to serve us via work projects! Here's a few snapshots to bring you into the fun!Workman weekend 1

Workman weekend 3//tweens shooting their rendition of Holes (dun-dun-dun)//

Workman weekend 2 //Shaun's idea of a perfect marriage//

Workman weekend 4//a fort for the big boys/girls (paintball course) in the works//

Workman weekend 6Workman weekend 5//new outdoor seating was assembled (and enjoyed indoors)//

Workman weekend 7//beautiful (but cold) days and time with friends in the out of doors//

How much better can it get? Well, take away sleep deprivation from the giddy tweens! Then, how much better can it get?

Happy Monday to you, friends. Excited about what the week holds! And you, what are you looking forward to this week?


Foggy cabin
Foggy cabin 2  As quiet as the fog above the river in the morning, so is Whisper Mountain after the days of summer camp have ended! As a staff we are breathing a big sigh: of relief that we made it through; of satisfaction that we accomplished the work God had for us to do; of completion (for a window of time) as we allow our bodies, minds and souls to have a little rest.

I will meet you here again next week! Until then, blessings on your days!