When Monday Isn’t a Fresh Start

Woodland Pathway

If only a new week always meant a fresh start. How many Mondays show up still holding all the same pressures and deadlines, work loads and baggage? Nothing fresh about that! So what should we do when another long week stretches out before us, the hard only feeling harder as we go?

When tempted to quit hard things, we can help ourselves out by fixing our minds on higher things. We may not get out of our hard, but our mind can be preoccupied with hope to help us through the burdensome. Because it won’t be like this forever, it’s just for right now. So press on, keep going, don’t quit!

Glorious Moth

Practice looking for good, fix your mind on higher things rather than the weighty things and believe God is with you. You might find a little extra pep in your step this Monday!

full(er) house

Bird-in-nest{He looks kind of how I feel!}

We've a nest outside our camp kitchen door that sees multiple mommies and babies each in their turn throughout the season. While resident mommy was out grocery shopping, I snuck up to say hello and get a few shots!
Baby-birds-in-nestThe birds seem to prove the thought that a small but full house can indeed be a happy house!

And speaking of a full (and happy) house! Our camp family has grown a little more!

Full house1Not just in numbers but in the bonding department too! (who doesn't feel loved by poppers?!)

Full house2

Full house 3Thankful for each person involved in this minstry! Truly a family growing together!

May you find your Monday to be less grouchy than you may expect!