Luettich Lodge

Our little family had the fun priviledge of staying with the Luettich Family while in Florida for the missions conference! Set back in the woods, near a quiet river, surrounded by Florida beauty, the Luettich Lodge was a perfect getaway for us! We had to undergo cabin checks daily! Cabin 2 (my and Shaun's room!) ROCKS! I must say we had a favorable judge (smiling up there in the yellow!). The laughter from the kiddos, the connecting with the adults, the times of prayer for each other…man, it felt like camp for the camp people!Luettich-home

Wayne and April are the humblest, most sincere and fun people to be around! And they are on an exciting journey with God right now. We are thrilled for them and blessed to have spent this week at their home!

Thank you Luettich family for loving us! We will be missing you!

{We enjoyed each of those we were able to spend any amount of time with. Our only regret is that we could not see everyone we care about down there!}

We return feeling refreshed and encouraged! More on that to come this week!

(p.s. in case you didn't realize…colored text above are links, some to the Florida Postcards I posted throughout the week!)

Happy Monday, friends!

Florida Postcards 005

04 February 2012

hello to you,

Had a little stormy weather yesterday. Outwardly and inwardly. But alas, today is a new day! Last night as a staff, we enjoyed sharing about God's story as unfolded at, in and through Whisper Mountain! Praying His name was well represented!

In other news…the Key Lime Pie was amazing!

We ladies are looking forward to a day out with all the other lady missionaries (and our men likewise!)

As I was reminded yesterday, if you are in a storm…the wind will move it out. Stay the course!

happy day to you,


Florida Postcards 002 and 003


02 February 2012


Last night, each missionary at the conference was given a lively, lights flashing, name announcing, aisle walking introduction to the church family! Encouraging, this walk, as they were supported by the hearts of all those who gathered for worship last night. Yes, we walk carrying the jugs of water because we believe God turns the water to wine! May we get out of our safe harbors and risk it all for Jesus! His power moves when we surrender all!

Well, we are enjoying a little bit of a free day today! Resting and a little playing is on some of the agendas!

The WM Crew



02 February 2012

Also wanted to share this moment with you! Laughter is such good medicine! Our family is enjoying the togetherness in this trip! 

Soaking it in,


Florida Postcards 001

01 February 2012

Dear Friends,

Happy February! Being welcomed at the end of a long day driving by the same loving friends as last year was such a delight! Hugs, food, laughter and a little *after dinner frozen delight* blessed us tremendously! When I say frozen delight, I'm speaking of the chilly swimming pool fun! Since when did cold water ever stop kids from swimming?!

Today we are busy with setting up the booth and beginning orientation for this week's events! Grateful to be here! We'll be in touch!

May you find delight in your day!


From the land of sunshine and palm trees,

The Whisper Mountain crew

Florida Postcard 01

Florida 01
                                                                                                   2 Feb 2011

Dear Friends,

We have safely arrived to our destination and have successfully crossed from winter into summer in a single day! Being welcomed by friends at the end of the long drive was like finding a pool of water while roaming in the desert! Quite refreshing!  And quite the perfect end to the day and start to our stay!


Hope you are well!  We’ll be in touch!

WM Crew