Shoot Straight 2019

Shoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Camp 2019

A month ago now, we hosted a crowd of men for our annual Shoot Straight Retreat! Kids 8+ came to our woods to relax, throw knives (mhm, that’s right!), shoot some arrows, eat good food and be encouraged!

Shoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Camp Mountain RangeShoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Hatchet ThrowShoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Boys Club

The worship and encouragement throughout the weekend (from Rich!) helped center the time on Christ and uplift in those most personal spaces of the heart. The older men praying over the younger men was a highlight to see and a powerful time for both the younger and wiser among us!

Shoot Straight at Whisper Mountain WorshipShoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Prayer 1Shoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Prayer 2.jpg

All of Saturday was spent outdoors, first practicing with the bows and arrows and then the actual 3D tournament in the afternoon! The time shooting arrows ends with a long shot, which is a fun challenge for all! (No worries, guys, we did find most of the stray arrows 😉 !)

Shoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Archery PracticeShoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Archery Groups 1Shoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Archery Groups 2Shoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Camp Group

Of course, one of the favorite parts of the weekend is getting to draw for allllllll the raffle prizes! This year, we even had a fancy spinning machine to select the ticket from! They say it’s all in the details, right?!

Shoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Camp Door PrizesShoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Big Raffle Winners

After all the tournament scores are collected and counted, of course we have a trophy ceremony, because if you didn’t get a trophy, did you really win?!!

Shoot Straight at Whisper Mountain Winners

We hear such good things about this time away in the woods! The encouragement, the fun, the refreshment! Thank you to all who came this year! We hope you’ll gather again with us next year! Keep October 2-4, 2020 blocked out on your calendar!

Shoot Straight Retreat at Whisper Mountain Camp 2019

Now, go be those men God’s called you to be! And help raise up some younger men to follow behind! To God be the glory!

Author & Photography | Cassi

Shoot Straight 2018

2018 Shoot Straight Retreat Header

Our annual Shoot Straight Men’s Retreat was the best it’s been so far! Experience, they say, is the best teacher, and when it comes to improving this retreat every year, we couldn’t agree more!

2018 Shoot Straight Retreat Group

Thirty-nine men and young men (8+) came for a weekend of bows and arrows, walking the woods and being encouraged by those fabulous Benham Brothers. Whether experienced or not, shooting the bows was an experience the men enjoyed, even if some of them admitted to having sore muscles by the end!

2018 Shoot Straight Hatchet Throw

The event started with some dart throwing for the young men and hatchet throwing for the grown men! Hitting the target can be harder than you think, but they enjoyed their turn at trying!

2018 Shoot Straight Drawing22018 Shoot Straight Drawing12018 Shoot Straight Drawing3

Later in the evening, the guys were given a bunch of tickets to enter the giveaways, which were held all throughout the weekend! There’s nothing quite like the suspense of hearing those numbers called out, watching them match up across the ticket, and your heartbeat quickening when you realize your number has been called! YESSSSS!

2018 Shoot Straight Benhams

The Benham Brothers shared encouragement throughout the weekend, offering the young and grown alike the challenge of walking in godly manhood through the sharing of their own experiences and walk with the Lord.

2018 Shoot Straight Practice2018 Shoot Straight Practice2

Saturday morning, after a hearty and delicious breakfast, the guys headed to the field to practice shooting their bows! We had guys who were at a hunting level, which means they hit the bulls eye a bunch! We had guys who haven’t shot since last year’s retreat, and still others who hadn’t shot a bow before ever! The competition was friendly and I don’t think anyone felt out of place because of their experience level!

2018 Shoot Straight Tourney

After lunch, the guys were broken into teams and the tournament began. Most of the 3D targets get sprinkled throughout the woods of our paintball course, with a few out in the open just outside the woods. Hiking around the property to shoot at the 20 target locations is about as fun as trying to hit the animals striking a pose!

2018 Shoot Straight connect12018 Shoot Straight connect2

We heard the guys mention how they enjoyed the intimate atmosphere and being able to get to know the other guys at the retreat. Not feeling overwhelmed with a crowd helped them each relax just a bit more, which is the point of such a weekend!

If you like what you’ve seen here and want to be in on next year’s retreat, block off the weekend of October 4-6, 2019 and plan to join us! We’d love to have you be a part of escaping the noise and encountering God’s whisper in the woods of Whisper Mountain Camp.

Shoot Straight 2016

The weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous a couple weekends ago as we welcomed a small group of men to our Shoot Straight Retreat. Men came to Whisper Mountain to get away from their responsibilities for a while and to breathe slower and deeper with a little man time in the woods! Fathers and sons came together which made for an even more memorable time.


100 yard shoot was challenging and fun!

Pros and amateurs alike enjoyed the challenge of the 3D Archery Tourney!  Bears, turkey, deer, boar and a few other 3D animal targets could be found scattered throughout our woods awaiting the rounds of arrows heading for their kill zone! Some arrows met their mark, and well, some never did! But in the end, the getting away, the connecting and the encouragement made the weekend a success!


Here’s what one person said about the men’s weekend:

We are already looking forward to next year! Mark your calendars for October 6-8, 2017! We hope to see you then, if not sooner!


Fall 2015 >> Shoot Straight Men’s Retreat


Thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, raincoats became a big part of our first men’s retreat here at Whisper Mountain! But, what’s a little weather when guys get out in the woods, away from their normal pressures, enjoying good conversation and laughter, and indulging in home-cooked meals?


We saw everyone have a good time, even if they’d never shot a bow before! Some kids shot as good as some of the guys, but it was never really about skill. It was about the refreshment and connection a weekend like this offers.



After some target shooting, the guys broke into teams to begin the 3D shoot in our woodsball paintball course!

Whisper Mountain Men's 3D Archery Retreat 2015


We are thankful for Jason Dellinger (he’s the guy on the right in the photo above!) offering the guys short but powerful challenges, encouraging them to be men of diligence!


All throughout the weekend, prizes were raffled off randomly (how did some of those kids get so lucky!?!). For the tourney, one winner from the adults and one from the youth were recognized. Junior and Issac (pictured above) won those trophies! And the giveaway of all giveaways (the crossbow!) went to Joe! He’s looking pretty pumped, right?!


To those of you who came: we really enjoyed having you join us for our first men’s weekend! Thanks for having fun even in the rain. We hope you’ll join us again next year!

To all the others: plan on coming next year! We’ve worked out all the kinks now!! Dates will come out in January, but plan on October for sure!

(GUYS: if you want the weekend’s pics — lots more than seen here — sent to you, please email and I’ll get them to you!)

A Barnett Jackal Crossbow is up for grabs!


We are giving away a brand-spankin’ new Barnett Jackal Crossbow! All men who register for the Shoot Straight Retreat by Friday, September 11 will be entered to win!

Here’s the skinny on the crossbow:
  • Complete crossbow package, includes quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight
  • Sleek, military-style stock; high energy wheels; synthetic string and cable system
  • Shoots at 315 feet per second with 150-pound draw weight
  • Picatinny rail provides a mounting platform; 3.5-pound trigger pull
Oh yeah, boys! Who doesn’t want this?! 

Clear your calendar, your friend’s/son’s/dad’s/compadre’s calendars too, and head to our website to register! You could be strutting out of the woods (after an amazing, man-time weekend) with this crossbow in hand!

If you don’t know what we are talking about, see the retreat details here! If you are well aware of all that, GO GET REGISTERED HERE!

May the luckiest man win!

Upcoming Men’s Retreat >> Shoot Straight 2015


Men need a place to get into the woods, to grunt together, understand each other, and do manly things together. Right?

Whisper Mountain understands this need and has been preparing and planning for such an event to take place this October! In exactly one month, men will come together for camaraderie, fire side conversations, an archery tournament with 3D targets (prizes will be awarded), relevant encouragement from a special guest and overall simple, backwoods fun!

 This is an all-men event, boys 10+ being invited to join. So while this is a great opportunity for dads/sons/grandpas to bond, we look forward to the individuals, small groups or friends who think this sounds like just what they need about now!


Women, encourage your men to come (a great chance for you to get some girl time in while they’re gone?!)! Men, plan to come on October 2-4! Enjoy the fall beauty of Whisper Mountain, enjoy getting away from your regular demands, enjoy building relationships with other men and being encouraged in the process!

Go to the Men’s Retreat Page on our website to learn more and get registered!

If you know someone(s) who you think would enjoy a weekend like this, let them know — Help us spread the word!