the skinny on togetherness!

Shaun GIC LogoWhen people pull together for a common purpose amazing things happen. I'm sure you can think of examples of this in your life. As those in ministry, we are often given realities of this through the many who choose to get involved at WM. Most recently, Whisper Mountain has experienced this through the generous hearts of those who hosted us at the GIC Conference down in Florida. 

Rp booth shot<photo by RP>

GIC connecting<photo by Shaun>

The connections with people always tend to refresh and encourage us as staff. The platform to share the WM story brings the vision to life for the listener but again in our hearts. Seeing hearts stirred by God's presence with us through the work HE does at WM stirs our excitement to keep walking forward in our service! 

Hope instafire{photo by hope}

The excitement and vision meets the road when these same people want to do all they can (together) to help meet the practical needs of the ministry or decide to come leave their footprints on the soil of the mountain in the days ahead. 

Sfca mintowin{photo by Shaun}

A Christian school raised thousands of dollars in one week to benefit Whisper Mountain. A community of 30 adults was able to pool funds to purchase "big tag" items to better equip us in our work, also thousands of dollars! (More on these after they've arrived in Robbinsville!)

Only through the coming together of many were we able to receive blessing upon blessing upon blessing. God's economy always pulls us together. We feel humbled. We feel blessed. We feel encouraged. And that's an understatement.

Sunshine & Palm Trees

Rp sunshine palm trees[photo by ramsey. see more here!]

If you've followed this blog for at least a year (God bless you!), you may know that the WM Staff travels each year to participate in a mission's conference at a church down in Florida. Their GIC (Global Impact Celebration) event brings missionaries together to love on and encourage. But bigger than that is their heart of having their church body get involved in some way with the ministries represented. You know, get off the couch and do something type of deal!

Sadly, me and the kiddos were left in the dust this year (our decision– That algebra, you know!). Which means I don't have the usual postcards to share with you all. But I do have a few scenes Shaun sent my way!

Sunshine and palmtrees
Boats in waterHis Colorado roots soak in the sunshine and palm trees of Florida's perfect winter weather!

The trip is usually packed full of meeting together with people, catching up with old friends, and speaking to different groups of people. Adding to the full this year is the elementary school hosting WM as their missionaries. Which means speaking in their chapel service each day!

Sfca chapelThere's been lots of minute to win it games, classroom checks (to resemble camp cabin checks!), and Hope (a last year's summer staff) sharing her experience! The classes are in competition to raise money for WM! Such an awesome way to involve kids. And help WM! (Our WM FB Group page has more pics and a couple video classroom checks if you're interested!)

Well, I'm off to get my man from the airport and hug his neck!

See you back here tomorrow for the Big Picture Game!!

Holiday Extravaganza 2012

Youth-Camp-FundraiserEach year, a church down in Florida hosts what's called a Holiday Extravaganza! Different crafters or small business owners set up booths for shoppers to support those in the church and to get a jump on the gift-giving season! For the second year now, friends of Whisper Mountain have created a fundraiser for the camp by setting up a booth here! For months Debbie has prepared, rallied others, organized to set up the stunning booth you see above!


[Her husband sent me a picture of her weary self. I kindly refuse to post it:) but I wish you could see just how much she poured out to make this event take place. She's a gem!]

Do you see all those handcrafted items and baked goods? There were dozens of people who spent time, talent and resources to provide the booth with such quality items for the shoppers to choose from. And the door prizes offered…I wish I could have won the Disney World Tickets! Sunday school classes came together for a baking day, the men built and crafted the wood pieces, women quietly, and as time allowed, crafted or knit or sewed. I'm blown away by how many people desired to be a part of this booth and ultimately this ministry. I love how in God's economy success comes from a pulling together of many simple-hearted people who just want to bring Him glory! Community is built in serving together toward a common goal!

Extravaganza-booth-ladiesDebbie, Peg, and Traci (and husbands who put up with it all!) spearheaded the effort: the work, promoting, organizing. Don't they look tired? shine!

Ladies and all those who contributed or helped,

Thank you for not only encouraging our hearts and raising thousands for the ministry, but thank you for your tireless and humble efforts to proclaim God through your serving. Thank you for seeing the vision of reaching people with God's love through camp ministry. Thank you for inspiring us with your passion in all you do.

May God richly bless you for all the unseen energy and heart spent!

Whisper Mountain loves you!

**all the money raised will go toward our current priority project that needs to be completed before next summer!