The Adrian’s Pack Us In!

Pack Shack Enclosure Project at Whisper Mountain CampPack Shack Rennovation at Whisper Mountain Camp Inside View

If you’ve been keeping up with our (sporadic) updates on our Pack Shack Enclosure Project, then you know we are hustling to get this done for summer! Life has set us back way more than we planned, so the hustle is real. (By we, I actually mean Marty!)

Adriannes and Marty

Last week we were super excited to have Adrian and Adrian of European Craftsmen of Southwest Florida come to insulate our building. They brought a new technique to the table (or the walls actually!). Rather than the puffy, itchy insulation that is usually in the walls (and not so fun to install), they sprayed this cool foam insulation that set in 30 seconds and cured in 2 minutes. WHAT?!!!!!

Adrian One (as Tegan called him!) is the same awesome guy who came to tile our bathrooms way back here! We couldn’t be more thankful for his heart to bless Whisper Mountain in such generous and practical ways! Well beyond his giving of time, talent and materials, Adrian carries a heart of generosity with him in all things! Our guys especially enjoyed connecting with him and the other Adrian during their time with us!

We still have much to do to get this ready for summer camp in a few short weeks, but man are we thankful to have this part done in such a top of the line way and in partnership with such great people!

Thank you Adrian’s for coming, serving and giving of yourselves in ways we are still thinking about! May God bless you tenfold!

(If you’re in southwest Florida, these are the guys to renovate your kitchen or bath! Check out some of their work! They are amazing!)

Author and Photos | Cassi

Trivia Giveaway | A1: the name

Thank you to all those who entered our Trivia Giveaway over the weekend by answering the trivia question! I’ll tell you the winner in a minute! First, the answer!


In the camp’s formative years, I Kings 19:12 was impressed on Marty’s heart as he was seeking God for the ministry ahead. Elijah, waiting for God on the  mountain, experienced fire and earthquake, but he didn’t hear God until there came a quiet whisper.

Whisper Mountain Camp had found its heartbeat and mission: to provide a refuge from the everyday noise so individuals can hear the whisper of God.

A1 Mountain Scene.jpg


The randomly raffled, correct answer winner is

NIC, who answered: “1 kings 19:11-14”

Your mug ships today!

Thank you again for all those who joined in! We shall do this again!

Make some time today to hear God’s life-changing, personal whisper to you!

Celebrating Father Martin


Our morning here in the WM office began with some donut celebrations for Father Martin’s birthday! Is there a better way to begin a Friday?! We don’t think so! Here’s a few reasons we think Marty is worth celebrating:


He is the first to go out on a ledge to help anyone who needs it. His self-sacrificing heart has led us (and touched many of you, we know!)


His heart to humbly seek the Lord in all things causes him to be effective in every day life and especially in this gig of camp ministry!

Marty-with-Boys-at-Paintball Marty-and-Nic Marty-4Wheeler

Whether at work, within family life or at play, his exemplary walk of godly manhood strengthens the men in his circle of influence.



His life teaches us that no job is too small for the servant leader. Do what needs to get done and do it with cheer!


His life is lived with faithfulness in marriage, work, friendship, family, and walking with Jesus. (And we all know behind every great man is an amazing woman!! jk. no, but really.)

Lest you’re beginning to believe him to be a saint, let’s behold the true state of Father Martin…

Hillbilly-Marty Marty-and-Patti-3

…a total goofball!

Celebrate Marty with us by letting him know (in the comments works!) why you celebrate him!

Thanks, friends!

summer staff are here

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 8We've officially kicked off the summer camp season with the arrival of (most of) our staff! Some returning, some new — we are excited about who God has brought to serve with us at Whisper Mountain!

Whisper Mountain Camp Commander

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 1

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 5

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 9Throughout staff training this next week, we are having a little fun, Duck Dynasty style! The Camp Commander Headquarters will be filled with work, play, connecting and preparing to greet those campers with excitement, love and Jesus!

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 4

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 6

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 7

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 10Aren't they beautiful?! I think I say this every year, but this group of people is awesome! Such variety in personality, skills and backgrounds! I look forward to introducing you to each one throughout the summer weeks!

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 3Hey, have a happy happy happy day, won't ya?!

can we say CRUNCH?

Marty Building Whisper Mountain CabinOn many levels, we are in crunch time here at Whisper Mountain. While we all feel it, I'm pretty sure Marty is bearing the greatest pressure just now. In a week's time this volunteer cabin needs to be ready to welcome our summer cook! Let's just stop there for a second–we have a summer cook! Can you rejoice with Patti please?! (We are down some helpers in the kitchen, so if you'd like to volunteer, contact us!)

Whisper Mountain Camp Cabin BuildMarty has been giving his all during the day, and paying for it during the night. Pure exhaustion these days and summer hasn't begun! Do pray for him! 

Whisper Mountain Volunteer Cabin Build 1Standing on the front porch, the creek can be heard, as can the chorus of birds and countless other creatures of the woods. Quite peaceful and restoring! I'm already making plans for a personal retreat here this fall!

Shaun and Tegan at Whisper Mountain Cabin BuildThere will be much to share as time allows! Thank you for understanding the quiet of this space lately! Though you can't tell from where you're sitting, much is going on here and still much more to come! We hope you'll journey with us along the trail!

here’s to a guy who’s all in

Heart. Soul. Mind. Body. Fully in, fully given up.

Marty spelunkingI wish you all could see the blood, sweat and tears this man (and his woman) give toward Whisper Mountain and with life in general. He would never allow me to document him, first of all, but there's plenty that stays unmentioned or unnoticed or silently dealt with. But that Audience of One knows it all. Knows every pain, every struggle, every intention, every string of the heart, every dream and every hope. While this may bring discomfort to some, I believe this brings a measure of peace for Marty. To have someone fully understand him, know him and support him better than any of us could. There's peace in this.

Marty grillingI am most encouraged by his faithfulness. His willingness to show up day in and day out, even when he should be having a day off, even when his body is pleading with him to take it easy for once.

Marty faithfulDad's faithfulness is what has allowed him to touch lives over the years. Often people just need someone to show up for them, in the big and small ways. 

Marty laughingToday we celebrate Dad, Marty, Father Martin, Coach, and whatever else you know him as! He turns the big 5-8! If you have the chance, send him birthday wishes, give him a call or text! Let him know how he's touched your life! I know it'll brighten his day!

January in Pictures [2014]

[the following pictures are a combo of iphone + camera to highlight our month for you!]

JanuaryinPictures-1Ringing in the New Year | Celebrating Snow | Hearing God's whisper
Hiring New Staff Member Manny | "Seeing" Kyle

JanuaryinPictures-2Marketing WM | Welcoming First Campers of 2014
Sunshine + Palm Trees for 2 Staffers | Staying Warm

JanuaryinPictures-3Togetherness | Unending Work | Slippery Driveways
Winter Crazies | Pecking Crows Problem | Sharing Work with Friends

January has already brought some hiccups, frustrations and stress, but strewn throughout all of that are the moments of delight, togetherness, and purposeful living. Whisper Mountain is in full gear prepping for our summer program, expanding and improving our facilities, and filling the calendar with many people coming to escape their noise and encounter God's whisper! We are thrilled!

Have you planned a getaway to Whisper Mountain yet? Now's a great time to gather some people and make some plans! We would delight in serving you!

how I was dumb today–two times in a row!

Backstory 1He drove over to my home studio (aka: my backyard!!) to record tomorrow's scheduled Trail Mix Episode. Being the kind of guy who has sweat glands unleash a river on his brow when in front of a camera, he was just ready to have it done. We set up the camera, positioned him just so in the dappling shade. He worked out his nerves in laughter and fidgeting. I pressed record. His smile into the glass eye of the camera didn't show his worries of the audience mocking him. He spoke with clarity and eloquence. Did the shoot really go so well on the first run? No redos, no bloopers? Awesome.

Backstory5We run inside to download the clip and make sure everything went as smoothly as we thought. Turning the computer volume all the way up, we await his voice. His mouth was moving, but we heard nothing. What is going on? This was the first time using the mounted microphone so I check everything over, making sure everything was plugged in correctly. It was. But, wait? Oh no. It can't be. I never turned the microphone on. No, no, no. I could only laugh at my stupidity. He, on the other hand, dreaded starting over. It was perfect and he was sure it would never come off the same again.

Backstory3He was right. His words tumbled over each other, he misspoke, his thoughts were disconnected. Nothing like the first time. Deciding to take a break, he replaced a broken light fixture in my kitchen. In hind site, probably not the best idea, but Mr. Productivity can't sit still. Having to contort his already achy body in uncomfortable ways to reach the ceiling, he fought to make modern things work in old places. So much for a break.

Backstory2The time came to try again. All went surprisingly well. We go to watch it, thankful to have gotten the video just right. Mouth is moving, no sound. NOOOOOOO. I did it again. I forgot to switch the mic on. UN.BE.LIEV.ABLE. How could I be so dumb He's disgusted with the whole thing at this point, and though trying to make light of it, is disheartened and completely over it! Enough for today!

As I sit here now in the quiet, I wish so badly I could push the undo button on this day as easily as I push it on my computer every day. But I can't. No amount of wanting will offer me such a luxury. So what am I to do? What are we to do when mistakes or life happens?

I don't really have a sound answer other than to say, we gotta let it go rather than harp on it. We must take strides forward. We must receive grace. If we walk in Christ, His grace extends to us continually. Take it!

Backstory4We made plans to try again tomorrow. But today, I am reminded of my great need for His grace. Thankful for such grace. And thankful I am Marty's daughter. He has to still love me, right?!! Who else will be kind enough to help build his character?

Go be smarter than me today!!


Post Publishing Update:

[Note: in case I accidentally made you believe the entire thing was misery, we did have quite a few laughs & chuckles through it all! I'm thankful for the encouragement given! It was nice to know I'm not alone in my mess ups!!]

WM + MP = right now


I know it's technically spring, BUT it feels a little more like winter at the moment!

We've been enjoying the warmth of a few families spending their spring breaks serving at Whisper Mountain! Yeah…pretty awesome!
Along with that awesomeness comes a coupla visiting summer staffers! You may recognize Hope and Emily! They have had some firsts on this visit with us!
Hope emily
So fun! Along with that awesomeness comes sledding–backwoods style!

Such good times! There has been a little work getting done, but I must say the snow has been an enjoyable distraction for everyone! Something magical about that white stuff!
Snowday11And something warming about people sharing in such magic!
Also Noteworthy: TODAY IS MARTY's 5? th BIRTHDAY!!
I think he's pretty worth celebrating! Give him a shout out if you wanna!!
With a wink and smile, Happy Hump Day!