and they all came tumbling down

Fall is bustling at camp. Between retreats, prep for retreats, building the tent platform, and doing necessary work around the property to ready it for winter, we each have our days full! But is there anything like a good ole tree drop? We have been dropping dead hemlocks like there's no tomorrow! This guy (the professional we call friend!) has been lending his skills and we couldn't be more grateful!

He's such an efficient worker that the guys helping to haul out what he was chopping down were hoping he'd decide to be done a lot sooner than he was! Things are safer and looking so much nicer with all the trees down. One tree that was sort of dreaded, but very necessary to come down is one that stood tall by cabins 1 and 2. With the winds we get throughout winter, there was fear of it coming down on one of these buildings. With Frank and his chainsaw (and his know-how!), they decided it was a good time to bring her down!

To ensure it fell the right way, the guys had a bright idea to help pull it with a rope! I wish I could have captured them running as the tree came down. Pulled muscles and escalated heart rates reminded them they made it out alive! (these are no spring chicks!) 


Though it's quite a bit of work after the drop, there's nothing quite like watching a tree fall, hearing the cracks, feeling the thump as years of growth tips over and shakes the earth. Quite an experience! There's plenty more where this came from! You want to experience it? We welcome any lumberjack wanna-bes! Come help us out sometime soon! (The food's good!)