Captured Moment // Get in the Boat

Whisper Mountain Canoe GirlsOur staff training week has been full of training, filming, photographing, skit planning, worship practicing, program strategizing — always something going on! Next week, I'm introducing you to a couple people I am the absolute most excited about it! They will kick off our 2014 Awesomeness Takes the Stage series! Are you excited?! (you should be!)

The above picture was from a photo shoot we did featuring some of the new products that will be in our online store! More will be seen next week, but this picture reminded me how we really are better when we are together. Going life alone never makes us stronger! May we both make room for a little togetherness this weekend!


getting giddy

DrivingSometimes you just gotta do things yourself.Pushing tree overWith the uninsured locals unable/willing to help us out, and because of a generous feller, we have cranked up his piece of machinery and are beginning to get the job done! And it's so exciting!

Fallen treeWhile going out to snap these pictures I was positively giddy! We've waited and dreamed and waited! What was feeling impossible was starting to be! Woohoo!

Thumbs up
Roots up

Back vie
Whisper Mountain's Lake Project has begun! Are you as giddy as us?!

Walking on Water

We have some college guys with us this week that have given up their spring break to come and work. Yeah…they wanted to do this! Pretty unusual, but that's just how great they are! To start our day off, we hiked to our hopeful lake spot! Marty shared the vision, scoped out the layout and then we circled up and prayed that God would do it!

Lake-prayer-3  At the end of the prayer, one guy said, "Hey guys, we are walking on water right now!"

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16