Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Kyle

We are wrapping up the 2013 Awesome Stage with Kyle!

Whisper mountain staff kyle 1Kyle, the camper who found Jesus at a week of camp with us a few years back and has returned as staff since, left us a week before summer camp was over to start boot camp with the US Army. As much as we hated to say goodbye we are thrilled for him as he begins this next chapter of his life!

Whisper mountain staff kyle 2I can see how his years of growing as a leader and his strong love for the Lord will serve him well in this new world he's entering. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 3I really appreciate Kyle's work ethic. He is a guy who's willing to give it all until the job is done. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 4His gifts and talents were a blessing as he helped lead campers in worship throughout the summer. Watching Kyle give his life to be a blessing and encouragement to those around him helped to make our team a stronger unit and has uplifted me in many ways! I am blessed to call Kyle friend. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 5Before he left to go to boot camp, Kyle was kind enough to shoot a trail mix, encouraging us and sharing his heart for joining the Army. Check it out!


{if unable to view above video, click here}

He's probably not able to keep up with it much now, but to see snippets of Kyle's life, check him out on instagram @iam2nd.

Blessings on your day!

Awesomeness Takes the Stage // Kyle

Throwing a little more awesomeness your way again this week! I'm trying to make sure to cover everyone! The summer is just ticking by so fast!

Kyle first came as a camper and returned this summer for his second year as a GIT with us!

Kyle-2// welcomed with big hugs as all returning staff are //

Kyle-4// personal friend of Sasquatch //

Kyle-6// member of (the fun and silly) Bros on Ice Band //

Kyle-1// works hard to earn the respect of superiors (namely Tegan!) //

Kyle-5// willingly slides into action whenever called upon //

Kyle-7// general goofball //

Peek inside
Cassi: Why did you want to be a GIT (GuideInTraining)?

Kyle: last year was great, my relationship with the camp is good, and I felt like God brought me back. (you are going to choose only the best pictures right?)

Cassi: What's your favorite verse?

Kyle: Well it'd probably have to be Romans 8:28-30 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified."

Cassi: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kyle: I really want to work with underprivileged youth in an inner city environment. Maybe be a head chef in my own restaurant to help fund that. No don't really put that part. And you know photography…Or I might be a gypsy. (only stellar pictures of me, right?!)

Cassi: Of course Kyle (with fingers crossed behind my back!), only the best pictures of you! So what do you want friends of WM to pray for you about this summer?

Kyle: that I would find God's place for me. I'll be graduating in January and I just want to know what He wants me to do next. (make sure to mention "Kyle is awesome, which in the Greek translates dangerously amazing.")

The effects of strong mentors in Kyle's life have proven to shape him into the hardworking, creative, service oriented man he is today! We are blessed by each of those aspects every day at camp! Through struggle, Kyle keeps on keeping on and I admire him for it! Do pray for him, friends!

Glimpsing awesomeness can be inspiring, don't you think? 

a captured moment of silliness!

{in case you had trouble viewing the Trail Mix video from yesterday, I fixed one of my links. I guess putting things together in the late night hours isn't always the best!}

And because sometimes it's good to be silly and/or laugh at another's silliness, here's a moment from our week that needed to be shared!

Sasquatch-and-kyleLove can be found in the most unlikely places! (Who knew Sasquatch had it in him?)

Happy Weekending!

idk (i don’t know)

Idk1// idk why Aaron popped out from the armpit with a thumbs up //

Idk2// idk why Kyle looks creepy upside down //

Idk3// idk why Charley enjoys catching gnats in the woods //

Idk4// idk why they pose like this //

Idk6// idk why they are throwing my daughter in the pond //

Idk7// idk what's going on here //

Idk5// idk how many pictures Kaleigh has photo-bombed //

What I do know is our staff is meshing super well, laughter surrounds us quite a lot, and each person here is ama-ZING! I will start making introductions here on the blog next week! I'm excited to share them with you because I do believe you will find yourself encouraged by their hearts for God and just general awesomeness!

Enjoy today. Laugh a little more. Now is what we've got.