Awesomeness Takes the Stage 2017 | Kinsley

We thought it might be appropriate to greet today with another spotlight on our Awesomeness Takes the Stage! Kinsley is all smiles around Whisper Mountain Camp so let’s start this Tuesday with a smile, shall we?!


Kinsley is also one of our Guides in Training (GIT) this summer. Before you go romanticizing about how amazing it must be for a person to come to Whisper Mountain Camp and be a GIT, it should be known that the GITs do all the grunt work for the team! And they all have done a great job keeping a positive attitude in the midst of the grunt! Kinsley included!

Kinsley.GIT 2

Kinsley laughs about nothing, laughs when it’s awkward, laughs when there’s jokes — she just generally laughs a lot! Which as you can imagine is pretty fun to be around.

Kinsley.GIT 1

Beyond all the laughing, however, is a girl with a heart to make Jesus famous! She has been brave in facing uncomfortable things and pushed herself to grow through challenging circumstances. Having her for this second year on our summer staff team has only made us stronger!

Kinsley.GIT 3

When we talk about having a caring staff, it’s people like Kinsley who help make that claim true! We have loved seeing her grow as a person and a disciple of Christ! We can’t wait to see how He continues to lead her as she heads to college!

Kinsley, thank you for spending your summer doing hard things like serving with us at camp! Your light and love are changing the world!


[Author: Cassi | Photo Creds: Cassi, Chloe]

Awesomeness Takes the Stage | Kinsley

Kinsley Title Pic

Kinsley shared with us in her testimony that she has not always been happy about being a camp kid. Having to be at camp for every school break, all summer long, and a lot of weekends is tough! While her friends were off vacationing or doing nothing at home, she was often at camp serving or watching us serve! She continued to share in her story that God really grabbed her heart two years ago and last fall she felt the urge to apply to be a GIT (Guide In Training)! She wasn’t sure she wanted to do that, but wanting to follow God meant more to her, so she applied! We put her through the ringer, but she made the cut!

Kinsley Hugging

The community of love and friendship she has been swallowed by (among the summer staff) has been life changing for her over the past couple years! It’s a beautiful thing to behold!

Kinsley Clumsy

Kinsley makes people feel welcome because she doesn’t have a problem being real! And she’ll likely find everything you say to be pretty hilarious!! Clumsy, goofy, filled with laughter — she’s a trip to hang with!

Kinsley Archery

But she’s also on point when it comes to aiming to follow Jesus and live a life reflective of him. Her humility, desire to grow, willingness to do hard things and remain teachable are some of the qualities helping her to be shapable as a leader!

Kinsley Beauty.jpg

When life has been hard, Kinsley has chosen to hide herself in Christ. When people haven’t understood her or have misunderstood her, she has shown great humility in continuing to be Christlike. When she falls from where she’s striving to be, she is tenderhearted and yearns for God to have His way.

Kinsley Rock

Kinsley has a heart for people and her willingness to get outside her comfort zone to reach them has been a gift to witness. We are pumped to have her part of our summer team!!

Thanks for serving with us Kinsley!

DISCLAIMER: This is all from a mother’s point of view, but you would find all this to be true of her too if you know her even a little!


summer staff are here

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 8We've officially kicked off the summer camp season with the arrival of (most of) our staff! Some returning, some new — we are excited about who God has brought to serve with us at Whisper Mountain!

Whisper Mountain Camp Commander

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 1

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 5

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 9Throughout staff training this next week, we are having a little fun, Duck Dynasty style! The Camp Commander Headquarters will be filled with work, play, connecting and preparing to greet those campers with excitement, love and Jesus!

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 4

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 6

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 7

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 10Aren't they beautiful?! I think I say this every year, but this group of people is awesome! Such variety in personality, skills and backgrounds! I look forward to introducing you to each one throughout the summer weeks!

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 3Hey, have a happy happy happy day, won't ya?!

A Teen’s Point of View

Teens-Point-of-View[teen Kinsley (yep, she’s my girl!) shares with us today!]

Going from summer to waking up at six o’clock every morning to go somewhere I’d rather never go again is a hard transition. I mean, when I hear my alarm blaring in the morning, interrupting the best part of my dream, I’m not the happiest person on earth. Then getting home and spending around three and a half hours doing Algebra II homework and praying for the rapture to happen–this is not my ideal day!

Stacks-of-booksBut when all I think about is how tired I am, how much homework I have, how boring this teacher is, how I wish it was still summer life feels very overwhelming. Even though it’s really hard sometimes, I try to make my main focus on God. Some ways I try to do this is spending time in my Bible and talking with God every morning. This helps me try to live out the Bible. When I get to school I feel more ready to show God’s love to someone different every day, whether it’s encouraging them or just talking to them.

Smile-SpoonToday I want to encourage you to try to put your main focus on God because, let me tell you, it helps a lot!

Where’s My Rocker?

Jake and RamseyEven the foggy lense can't hide the excitement of folks returning to Whisper Mountain for the summer! Reinforcements have arrived for Ramsey and his all out battle to keep on top of the grounds work around camp. Hectic and exhausting work, in spring especially! 

Front porch sittingWe find ourselves dreaming of a little more front porch sitting these days. But alas, summer for the folks at Whisper Mountain means full throttle. While you do some front porch sitting this weekend–and you should!–would you pray for us to accomplish the final details and to find a spec of rest before the nonstop begins? We appreciate your gift of prayer! (you've no idea!!)

Happy Weekending to you!

while Bossman was away

<<< on a completely irrelevant note — it's 12/12/12! What?! >>>

Bossman is back from his trek down. Though we felt lost without him (!) we were able to carry on in his absence!

Rain puddleA rainy day allowed for attention to be turned inside for the guys! Ramsey cleaned his office and kept up with our Ebay selling (we are decluttering around camp! awesomeness!). Shaun caught up on his camper/youth pastor connections and worked on things for summer 2013. (Also worth noting: Our morning meetings were shorter without BossMan around! He can be such a hoolagin sometimes!) Of course, this same rainy day caused some frustration for the normal office folks (the ladies!). smalltown woods + rain = blotchy & slow internet service. We survived though!

Teen flip movie
Teen movie scriptKinsley & Company (aka: screaming, giggling teen girls) were found all over the camp property filming scenes for their third full length (for English class) feature. Oh yeah. Getting serious now. Even wrote a script this time! 

Cookie partySelah was able to host her annual cookie party during the above mentioned filming day (yeah, I killed two birds with one stone here!). She was (mostly) delighted. Being pulled away from the kitchen to be "an extra" in the film is a tough life, you know?! And it was sort of a bummer to have to share the yumminess with a bunch of screaming, giggling teen girls Kinsley & Company (who has completely outgrown the traditional party! sniff.)

Hobo boyBoss Jr. gives us a thumbs up for surviving the week successfully! He's pretty glad to have the pressure off his shoulders and things back to normal! *Normal* meaning running around in his underwear, a replenished stash of candy and sneak gulps of Mt. Dew. Oiy. What's a mom to do?

Happy Hump Day, friends.

packing some TRAIL MIX for the day

I'm excited about today's episode of the Trail Mix because of the girl in front of the camera! I asked Kinsley (she's my oldest girl for those who may not know!) a few months back if she'd ever be interested in doing a Trail Mix Episode and she said she was too embarrassed. I don't know why she would be. People can only watch you over and over and over and over, critiquing your speech and body language, making you stop in awkward positions just to laugh at you…no pressure! Much to my surprise, when I asked again last week she had a message all planned out (and was a little less squeamish about the whole you tube thing!) She encouraged me! Check it out!


{if unable to view, click here}

 May we have the wisdom to choose the things that matter today!

Blessings, friends!