2020 | Creekside Basketball Retreat

Right after Estero Study Retreat, we welcomed a middle school girls basketball team from Georgia to Whisper Mountain for a weekend retreat!

Creekside Basketball Girls Title at Whisper Mountain 2020

Kaleigh has a heart to help her team get away together so they can work on their team unity and experience reflection and encouragement from God’s Word and each other!

We were thankful for Maggie and Brinley (some local friends) who were willing to come lead worship one night and loved when the team themselves led worship! Such talent! Their leaders challenged and encouraged them throughout the weekend! These girls have some amazing people leading them!

Creekside Basketball Fire Pit Chats at Whisper Mountain Camp 2020Creekside Basketball Opening Letters at Whisper Mountain 2020Creekside Basketball open Letters 2 at Whisper Mountain Camp 2020

They fought rain most of the weekend, but on the last day the sun came out and the group ended with shoutouts and letters Kaleigh asked parents or caregivers to write for their girls! Coupled with a gift basket, they received love, affirmation and encouragement in just the way they needed most! The special touches are everything!

Creekside Basketball Group at Whisper Mountain

We so much enjoyed getting to be part of your season this year! Thanks for spending the weekend with us — may you remember all God whispered to your hearts while you were with us!

PS: They ended their season as Champs!!!

Creekside Champs 2020

Author | Cassi     Photography | Cassi + Shaun + Kaleigh

A Basketball Team Escapes the Noise

2019 kaleigh team laughing

Last weekend we had a middle school basketball team come to camp for a retreat! Kaleigh, who was first a camper and then a summer staffer, is now a teacher and coach! She wants more for her team than just a winning record on the court! She is after their hearts knowing and loving Jesus! Which of course we think is amazing and we want to support in any way we can!

2019 kaleigh team worship

The team giggled their way through the weekend, having moments alone with Jesus, moments of worship with former staff Hayden and challenges by Kaleigh and Shaun.

2019 kaleigh team gym

They worked on their team unity and strength with our Low Ropes Elements. They were even able to catch a local game in town while they were here!

2019 kaleigh team group

We don’t know if this was the most life-changing weekend of their entire lives, but we do know their group left stronger and more sure of God’s love for them. Do you find the same true in your own life as we do in ours: that those small things in our walks with the Lord are really the big things? A little more surrender, a little more trusting, a little more growing! When it comes to the things of the heart, those things take time! So keep investing in your walk with the Lord. He is always working!

We are thankful to have had the time to invest in these girls along with Kaleigh (and Brent who drove the bus and hung out all weekend!). These times away really matter!

(want to have your own retreat with us? visit our retreat page for more information!)

Author | Cassi  >>  Photography | Cassi & Brent


The Giver

Hello, wonderful people! This month I’m going to share with you a beauty secret that no one can resist.  It’s one that not everyone possesses, yet some may have in greater capacities than others.  My beauty tip for you this Christmas starts with analyzing your heart.  Are you a giver? I’m not asking if you give the best gifts, or if you always empty your wallet.  Do you give LOVE? Do you give HOPE? Do you give to those who don’t deserve it? Are you a TRUE giver?

What if I told you? You have the power to give someone hope far beyond their wildest dreams. What if I told you it’s right there in your hands? It’s hard to imagine how something so small can make all the difference tear down the tallest wall.  It’s feeding the hungry, serving the poor, it’s telling the orphan you’re not forgotten anymore.  It’s doing what love does when no one’s watching you. What if December looked different this year? What if we all just gave Christmas away? If there’s love in your heart, then don’t let it stay there.  Give this Christmas away and your life will be changed by the gift you receive when you give Christmas away. ~ Mathew West

I stumbled across this song in the car, at the exact moment my fiancé was giving away his last few dollar bills to a homeless man.  Giving is not always one that deals with a monetary value. The generous heart of a giver is always looking for ways to bless others through words, prayers or actions.  Let me tell you about just a few of the MANY people in my life who are givers.

Giver.friendsMeet my friend Chelsea Starr. She shines as a bright as her last name! She has the beautiful gift of giving. She is one who goes out of her way to make sure you aren’t the only silly person.  You are never alone with Chelsea. She is giving of her TIME. Her passion is discipling–she LOVES it! Even when it hurts, and it’s messy, she gives her time and energy to infectiously lead others closer to the Lord.

Giver.Dorks(she even helps you win the dance-off at dork balls!)

Giver.fianceThe next person I would like you to meet is my fiancé Brent Stickles. He has a heart of compassion (which I’m completely thankful for). His giving in my life is seen in multiple ways. That precious moment in the car as he gave his last few dollars to a homeless man melted my heart. He is giving of his money, his time and his heart. When I am grouchy and mean he still LOVES me. He goes out of his way to make sure I know how much he loves me.

Giver.parentsLet me introduce you to my parents, Chris and Debbie Adkins. These two have been the best examples (besides my Savior!!) of the giving of unconditional LOVE and forgiveness. I am reminded of the time I called my dad crying to ask for forgiveness, to which he responded “I forgave you before you even asked for it.”  Or the countless times my mom has used her Christmas or birthday money on me (now that’s love ;).  They have sacrificed money to put me through school, they gave up their schedules to watch me play sports, and have supported me through every decision in life.


Giver.momAre you getting the theme here? Every one of us is capable of GIVING LOVE. This Christmas practice the gift of giving. In return your heart will feel tremendously blessed, and you will radiate joy that shines brightly.  It is a rare and beautiful quality to be a giver.  Will you be a giver this Christmas?

|Author + Photographer >> Kaleigh|


Hello beautiful people! Welcome to the first modesty/fashion post! I’m here simply to give you some tips and encouragement. As a girl, I understand the importance of wanting to look your best. Lately though, I have been completely disappointed by the amount of Christian girls who seem to care less about the way they present themselves around their brothers in Christ. We are to be DIFFERENT than the world. Jesus says, “Do not conform but be transformed.”  Remember that you represent the King, so dress like a princess.

BeYOUnique-ArtEach month I will challenge you with a different theme. This month’s challenge is “BE ‘YOU’nique.”  Why be somebody else when you have been blessed with the privilege of being YOU?  In fact, did you know that nobody else in the world can be a better you than you can? I’m serious, look it up. 😉

I would like to introduce you to this month’s models: Jen + Shaina Faieta.  They are sisters with contagious smiles.  Being sisters, they are close and often times swap clothes. Even though they make the perfect team, they are individually unique in their choice of “style.”

BEyouNIQUE 1Shaina is modeling the high wasted maxi, while Jen shows off her flower power. (Flowers are always a good choice J)


BEyouNIQUE-2bJen loves the striped “business” look.  Shaina is rocking her glasses instead of contacts. Ladies, don’t be afraid to be YOU. If you have glasses, own them!

BEyouNIQUE-3Shaina, the aspiring model. Jen, captured at her best (always smiling!)

Express yourself, maybe it’s a pair of sky high heels like Shaina or a pretty pattern like Jen.

BEyouNIQUE-4Paint your nails or grab a purse. Don’t forget to accessorize 😉

BEyouNIQUE-5Sometimes, you just have to tell a sister when she’s being immodest…(literally).

Ladies, there are so many options out there.  Shine Jesus and go get your style on.

For a chance to be featured on this SUPER AWESOME COOL blog in the future take a picture of your style, put it on instagram and use the hashtag #transformed. Show me how you rock it!  

< —- —- —- —- >

BEyouNIQUE-6Stay tuned for next month’s feature: BE BOLD.

|Author >> Kaleigh| ^^ |Photography >> Kaleigh| ^^ |Models >> Jen + Shaina Faieta|

a relevant voice | an interview

Bicflawless-Interview-BarAs teens and adults, we each struggle with insecurity on some level. Those of us who are Christ-followers have likely understood the truth that we are created wonderfully. But how many of us spend time wondering if this is really true. When circumstances, relationships, or every other outside influence seems to be screaming something different, it’s hard to cling to the truth of being of value. The voices we ultimately choose to listen to greatly impact our lives. Being a voice of encouragement and truth becomes vital.

Today I wanted to introduce you to three ladies who have found a relevant, Christ-centered way of being such a voice on the social media realms of Facebook and Instagram. Maybe you can be inspired to find your own way of reaching the world with some loving truth. Maybe you know someone who would benefit from hearing a voice of encouragement like this–hook them up!





#bicflawless | aka: BeYOUtiful in Christ

an interview 
with (the awesome) Kaleigh 


For those who may not be familiar with you, what exactly is #bicflawless?
#bicflawless is a ministry meant to encourage girls to embrace their beauty. It gives them the opportunity to recognize the way they were created: flawless.

Share with us a little peek into the people behind the scenes of #bicflawless.

Charley was the one who suggested we use Instagram and it has been a very good idea! She has been very helpful in keeping up with the Instagram posts. Since I know Charley has struggled with self image before, as she would tell you in her testimony, I thought she would be a very good role model for girls who struggle with this as well!


Chelsea-we all love her-She used to help a ton with Facebook, but I think she has been more involved lately with helping Charley keep up Instagram! I knew I could trust her to help and give wise advice as well. She has such a sweet spirit, I think it’s easy for girls to open up and share their struggles with her.


Where did the inspiration come from to reach girls with the countercultural truth of inner beauty?

As a girl, I understand the desire to feel beautiful. It’s hard when the world and media are constantly shoving lies in our faces about what the perfect body size or the perfect image should look like. When I was younger, I thought part of growing up meant my insecurities would go away, but they didn’t/don’t. While working at camp over the past two summers I got to read several prayers by young girls. I realized that the struggles they were going through stemmed from their insecurities. I wanted these girls to know, more than anything, that they weren’t alone. We all struggle with it, but there’s hope. There’s always hope. I wanted Beyoutiful in Christ to encourage girls to find their true beauty in the One who embraces them for all that they are.


Share some ways you’ve seen people impacted by what you’re doing.


I think because right now it’s just social media, I probably won’t ever see results, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it still. Megan sent us girls a package with t-shirts–that was SUPER
encouraging and I don’t really even know her.

What are some of your goals as you continue to share encouaragement through your social media outlets?
My biggest goal is that it doesn’t just stop at social media. My hope is that girls who view the page will be able to share with their friends how beautifully they were created. 🙂 I also have been given the opportunity to share this ministry with girls in a chaplain position at school. College girls struggle with self-image too 😉

Do you have any tips to offer others who may have a quiet desire to reach out to others in some way?
Do it. Do it. Do it. It’s not just enough to talk about it. Actions really do speak louder than words.

/////// \\\\\\\ ///////

Bicflawless-TrioWhere to find #bicflawless | Instagram | Facebook | Buy a Shirt
(Just a few shirts remain if you are interested in spreading the message of beauty! I’ve heard a rumor they are wanting to offer hoodies next!)

Bicflawless-Be-the-Reason{Note: All images used in today’s post were taken from the #bicflawless fb | ig pages!}

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage >>> Kaleigh

The summer 2013 edition of <<< Awesomeness Takes the Stage >>> will begin today with the lovely named Kaleigh! (see Kaleigh in 2012!)

Whisper-mountain-staff-kaleigh1We were pretty impressed with her last summer! (Seriously, go read about her!) We are equally grateful she wanted to spend more of her time giving, loving and serving with us at whisper mountain this summer!

Whisper-mountain-staff-kaleigh2One thing that stands out to me about Kaleigh, aside from her tender heart…and willingness to reach out to anyone who is in need of being reached…and her inner beauty that permeates into her outer beauty, is her ability to see the best in people and keep others focused on that as well! That's hard to do, you know?!

ATSkaleigh1She's pretty much loved by all (and patient with my boy…bless her!). I'm excited to see how God continues to use her and guide her steps beyond her summer with us!

She's no longer #instagramless…follow her @kaleigh_adkins for a peek into her days…when she's not with campers, that is!

(If you know Kaleigh, feel free to leave some love in the comments!)

Awesomeness Takes the Stage // Kaleigh

Kaleigh came with a work team last year and we were thrilled she wanted to come as a Guide this summer! Kaleigh drips with sweetness and fun! She:Kaleigh-2// has the perfect balance of beautiful and sweet… //

Kaleigh-1// …dorky and fun //

Kaleigh-3// is quite humble which means her gifts and talents are constantly being discovered! //

Kaleigh-4// is a member of the bros on ice band //

Kaleigh-8// is a professional photo bomber //

Kaleigh-7// is big hearted and compassionate //

Kaleigh-6// makes a stranger into a friend //

Kaleigh-5// pursues peace in all things //

Cassi: What is your favorite verse?

Kaleigh: Acts 20:22-24 "And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there. I only know that in every city the Holy Spirit warns me that prison and hardships are facing me. However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me–the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace."

Cassi: Why did you want to be a Guide this summer?

Kaleigh: I was looking to do a couple things this summer, but God seemed to close the door. I was part of a prayer group at school and there were several people that night sharing how they wished they could be a camp counselor but they couldn't find a position available. When I got home that night, Shaun called to see if I'd be interested in being a Guide at Whisper Mountain. The door seemed open to come here.

Cassi: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kaleigh: My main goal is to work with orphans or cancer kids.

Cassi: Do you have have anything you'd like the WM friends to pray for?

Kaleigh: Just knowing what to do with my life and all the college decisions I need to make

Dot-bannerKaleigh can be quiet and observing or right there in the midst of the craziness. I have been blessed by her sweet and gentle spirit, her desire to please God in all things, her constant smile, and her silliness! I'm thankful God opened the door for her to serve with us this summer. Her connection with the teens is consistently strong. I have gotten to see God use her in many ways as she continually and patiently submits to Him! Beautiful and inspiring…Kaleigh in a nutshell!

May you find ways to be a blessing to someone today!

idk (i don’t know)

Idk1// idk why Aaron popped out from the armpit with a thumbs up //

Idk2// idk why Kyle looks creepy upside down //

Idk3// idk why Charley enjoys catching gnats in the woods //

Idk4// idk why they pose like this //

Idk6// idk why they are throwing my daughter in the pond //

Idk7// idk what's going on here //

Idk5// idk how many pictures Kaleigh has photo-bombed //

What I do know is our staff is meshing super well, laughter surrounds us quite a lot, and each person here is ama-ZING! I will start making introductions here on the blog next week! I'm excited to share them with you because I do believe you will find yourself encouraged by their hearts for God and just general awesomeness!

Enjoy today. Laugh a little more. Now is what we've got.

Week in Review // Breakaway Outreach

Breakaway 1

Breakaway 2

Breakaway 3

Breakaway 4

Breakaway 5{above pics kindly taken by Kinsley!}

Our first week of camp was clearly covered in prayer, the gust of wind straigthening our backs and pushing us forward. (Or maybe it was just me feeling that! Lord knows I needed it this week!) Two kids from Breakaway began their journey with Jesus and several more are choosing to know Him more personally! Each child was lavished with the love of our staff and the volunteers they brought with them. 

Of course they did their share to love on us!

Breakaway 6(Tegan and his boys!)

Breakaway 10

Breakaway 11

Breakaway 7Because love is what we all need, isn't it?

Breakaway 9The words I read from one of our staff gives a glimpse into the effects of serving in camp ministry: "First week of camp was amazing, already seeing God challenge and change me in so many ways! its never an easy thing to say goodbye to kids who need Gods love :/ "

We take a quick break then get ready to greet a little more of our staff today! Thankful for you and the prayers you offer up on our behalf! May you blessed in this day!