Shaun’s Top 5 List :: #3

We are back to Shaun's countdown of why working at Whisper Mountain is living the dream…

#3: summer staff relationships

Developing leaders for the future is an exciting aspect of ministry for Shaun!Ss 1With the coming of summer camp is the coming of summer staff! Helping to train and then oversee summer staff is one of Shaun's roles at camp!  For a man who loves to invest in others so that they will invest in others (multiplication pyramid!), this is a beautiful work to be a part of! Sure he loves the goofing off, the dramas and rules videos.  Ss 2

Ss 4 But walking with the staff through their spiritual discovery, helping to equip them for ministry, observing them spiritually invest in others and keep up that investment even after the campers have gone home…that's where the energy, the joy, the reward of ministry is found! 

Two things campers remember from camp: the food and the staff!  Building into the upcoming leaders is a beautiful investment.  Ss 3Oh, and while we are on the subject…if you know anyone (or you yourself!) that would like to be on our summer staff, have them contact us. (Our information will soon be on the web!)  Our hunt for quality people with a love for God and people is about to begin! 


Goofballs There's a whole lot going on at camp, one of which is new peeps to hang with!  We greeted some of our summer staff today…and we are pumped about each of them!  This is going to be an exceptional summer, we can already tell!  They are an energetic, on fire for Jesus, mesh well together crowd and we couldn't be happier about them! We still have more to greet later on, but things are starting up at Whisper Mountain!

One lady I am completely grateful for is this beauty right here:CookNot only does Ms. Corrie Ann (as I call her!!) have a love for Jesus that exudes from her, not only does she have a heart to give her time to different ministries throughout the summer months each year, she loves to cook too!  Why does this excite me so much?  More of Corrie Ann means less of Cassi Hope (in the kitchen I'm talkin' now!!!)  Woot-woot!

Man, can you feel the excitement as you read this today?  We are all just perty pumped!  The work of training, ministering, growing with each of these and those yet to come has begun…it's summer time folks!