flying cars and other pursuits + [video]

For those who haven't been around here before, the folks at Whisper Mountain (and some awesome people walking Along the Trail with us) offer short video encouragements meant to spur you on in your own walk with Jesus! We all can use a little spurring on, right? The Trail Mix videos run about once a month, unless it's summer camp season; then you're lucky to hear from us at all as we run dog tired Proclaiming Jesus to a bunch of teenagers! Just wanted to fill you in!

I must admit, I was expecting to be flying in cars by now. Anyone else with that childhood thought? Obviously things don't happen like we hope, but life does happen. Boy does it! My turn came on the Trail Mix so today I'm sharing a little encouragement as we remain on the front-end of 2014! (from insecurity–it's out of focus and I was interrupted a bunch of times! so see Jesus!)


[if unable to view video, click here!]

Even as life happens, may we be found pursuing Jesus!

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage >>> Kaleigh

The summer 2013 edition of <<< Awesomeness Takes the Stage >>> will begin today with the lovely named Kaleigh! (see Kaleigh in 2012!)

Whisper-mountain-staff-kaleigh1We were pretty impressed with her last summer! (Seriously, go read about her!) We are equally grateful she wanted to spend more of her time giving, loving and serving with us at whisper mountain this summer!

Whisper-mountain-staff-kaleigh2One thing that stands out to me about Kaleigh, aside from her tender heart…and willingness to reach out to anyone who is in need of being reached…and her inner beauty that permeates into her outer beauty, is her ability to see the best in people and keep others focused on that as well! That's hard to do, you know?!

ATSkaleigh1She's pretty much loved by all (and patient with my boy…bless her!). I'm excited to see how God continues to use her and guide her steps beyond her summer with us!

She's no longer #instagramless…follow her @kaleigh_adkins for a peek into her days…when she's not with campers, that is!

(If you know Kaleigh, feel free to leave some love in the comments!)