April in Pictures [2014]

April-in-PicturesThe few photos above offer a quick recap of our month at Whisper Mountain! The month was full which means it flew by fast. I love going back through my phone to see the moments of the month. The pictures help me remember and appreciate the beautiful in my life. Wouldn't you agree there are times life doesn't feel so beautiful?! The visual diary of my photos tells me a different story!

If you have a camera or a smart phone, make it a goal to take at least one picture a day. I'm convinced you'll appreciate your life more when you scroll through them!

Happy Weekending, friends!

January in Pictures [2014]

[the following pictures are a combo of iphone + camera to highlight our month for you!]

JanuaryinPictures-1Ringing in the New Year | Celebrating Snow | Hearing God's whisper
Hiring New Staff Member Manny | "Seeing" Kyle

JanuaryinPictures-2Marketing WM | Welcoming First Campers of 2014
Sunshine + Palm Trees for 2 Staffers | Staying Warm

JanuaryinPictures-3Togetherness | Unending Work | Slippery Driveways
Winter Crazies | Pecking Crows Problem | Sharing Work with Friends

January has already brought some hiccups, frustrations and stress, but strewn throughout all of that are the moments of delight, togetherness, and purposeful living. Whisper Mountain is in full gear prepping for our summer program, expanding and improving our facilities, and filling the calendar with many people coming to escape their noise and encounter God's whisper! We are thrilled!

Have you planned a getaway to Whisper Mountain yet? Now's a great time to gather some people and make some plans! We would delight in serving you!

November in Pictures




I'm still struggling to believe we are in December already. Looking back through November's pictures, they seemed so long ago. Time is funny like that! Work filled our days as usual, but with a little more freedom and the beginnings of what we are calling Field Trip Friday. Little adventures hiking our 130 acres! With all the leaves gone, the views are bigger and the hiking easier…and a little more stress free for me. I don't worry about happening upon any venomous snakes. The bears, eh…they don't worry me!!

As the first week of December closes, I hope you're finding the hope of Christmas already moving your hearts! Happy Weekending, friends!

October in Pictures


October-in-Pics-3[nearly all pictures are phone pics]

October was a busy month for Whisper Mountain! Retreats, board meetings, maintenance projects, gift projects, marketing, and all manner of end of the year work in the office! Racing, slowing, rediscovering, quieting. Never a dull moment, but we are thankful for the work we've been given, the purpose of serving each day, and the beauty of growing in Christ and walking each season with Him! Happy [belated!] November!

colorful & consuming

ConsumedFor a little more than a month now, I've we've been consumed with a retreat taking place this weekend! The planning, praying over, preparing, promoting, programming…what other p word is there that relates?! Any-who, we've had our heads down in it. (More so than with our other fall retreats…this one is specialized!)

Consumed colorful trailWhile the trail leading up to this weekend has been quite colorful…

Consuming overcast…and sometimes overcast, I am believing the mountains of prayer are leading the way to an even more colorful encounter with a personal God for each person showing up (and even those involved!)!

Consumed beautyWhile skeptics and cynics would say it's just life, I would like to add that the many *curious* difficulties in recent days have me thinking there's more to this retreat than a gathering of people! More mountains of prayers from those rich in faith would be greatly welcomed! (This weary warrior is about to crumble!) 

Consumed side noteOn the side, while we're talking color…how do you like the new pop on our directional signs? I think they are pretty happy with their upgrade, don't you?! (thanks RP and helpers!)

Friends, cynics, skeptics and faith-filled…go be awesome today!