Summer 2015 >> Hilton Head

We said farewell to Hilton Head a couple weeks ago, but neglected to share them with you here on the blog! So meet the (mostly girl) crowd of the Hilton Head teens:Hilton-Head-Came-to-Whisper-Mountain-Camp

Hilton-Head-Teens-at-Whisper-Mountain-CampThey were crazy and fun and completely enjoyable to be with! But really it was pretty awesome to end our summer with people as sincere and in pursuit of Jesus as they are! Teens came to know the Lord for the first time, grew in their current walk with the Him and found encouragement for the next step in their journey whether it is college, high school or whatever!





Hilton Head, we are thankful for how God worked out your coming to us this summer and we are excited for the things He is doing in and through you! Keep letting Him color your world with His presence! Whisper Mountain loves you!

More pictures from their week can be found on our Facebook page or using their hashtag on instagram!

Author >> Cassi || Photo Creds: Tom, Kinsley, Cassi

campers! winter! weekend!

Winter retreat at whisper mountain
Winter workers at whisper mountain
Winter retreat whisper mountain campers
Winter campers at whisper mountain campIf you're from Hilton Head Island traveling to the mountains of NC in the winter, you pray for snow. And then rejoice when it comes! Even with a little outside service project thrown in, the teens with us through the weekend enjoyed their dose of winter, Jesus and each other! 

And now we rest (sort of!). Happy Tuesday!

what made the trip

A camp group from this past summer invited the Whisper Mountain family to join them at their home church for a weekend retreat they were putting on. A few summer staff and the full time staff were able to drive down to Hilton Head to spend the weekend with the teens and their leaders!


HH Reflections

HH band
HH girls   :: It wasn't the beauty of the church, rocking youth band or fun-loving teens.

HH path
HH splash

HH SandArt
HH Cat   :: It wasn't time spent playing in sand and water.

HH beach
HH Walk   ::  It wasn't the sound of the water spilling upon the expansive beachfront.

HH Sunset
HH SRW   :: It wasn't the quieting such beauty brings.

HH home
HH croc   :: It wasn't the comfortable home and its intriguing wildlife.

What made our trip to Hilton Head memorable was the love & friendship from the hearts of God's people. Each of us were blessed by the open arms of the Workman family and their church body. It's the stuff life is made of!WM hearts HHWhisper Mountain loves you Hilton Head!