Would You Cast a Line?

Casting for kids homeIn less than a month's time, anglers in Southwest Florida will be boarding their boats in the early morning hours, gliding to their favorite (and ever so secret) fishing holes of the Gulf in hopes of landing the best catch of the day! Anglers young and old, experienced and newbies, male and female. Anglers with a desire to help the teens of today and a few just wanting another reason to get out on the water and maybe win a little cash. Whatever the reason, whoever the angler, Casting for Kids Fishing Tournament is in the making!

Casting for kids James{photo by Debbie Propp}
At the helm of this Fundraising Event (for Whisper Mountain) is a man named James. An avid fisherman himself, but with his line cast in hopes of hooking others on the vision of partnering with Whisper Mountain to Proclaim Jesus through camp ministry!

Casting for kids billboard{there's even a billboard!! Photo by James Propp!}

3 reasons why I share this with you:

1. If you are a Fort Myers, Florida fisherman/woman/family, you have the awesome opportunity to be a part of this fundraising tournament! Visit the CastingForKids website to sign up! (Our staff looks forward to seeing you down there!)

Casting for kids winners

2. If you are a small business owner or generous individual, James is looking for themed gift items to be donated for the silent auction held at the event. (Anything related to your products/services or a group of items with a theme such as Dinner & Movie, Mother's Day, Family Fun, Backyard BBQ, etc) Contact James or let me know if you're interested in helping out in this way!

3. For everyone else, would you mind praying for James as he gives every ounce of his energy and spare time to this endeavor? A great amount of work (stress, headache…) goes into an event like this! Thanks for helping out in this way!

Casting for kids fishAfter spending all their energy, doing what they knew to do but lacking success, fishermen friends only found a catch when they trusted the God of the ocean standing on the beach! May we be so bold today!

priorities get organized

Do you ever feel like you have piles of life that you want/need to do deal with, but the piles seem completely scattered about in one honkin', mind-swirling mess?  yeah…story of my life.  Well, at camp we have all sorts of things that need doing.  some folks that want to help do. pennies to get to the doin' (mind you, only pennies…to add to these check this out!!).  But what is most important to do? Heavens to Betsy, where should we begin?!PP-Button
We decided that a little time for some organizing was in order and the result of this is what we are calling the Priority Project!  We are selecting one project a month that you have the chance to help out in, with a variety of ways to help!

If you go to this page of our website you will get the full description of what October's project is. (I know, we are already halfway through October…again, I'm currently in a mind-swirling mess and slow in getting the word out!!)  Even when a new project is posted we will leave the link for the previous months so you can keep up with the progress of each! 

As we are always saying, this camp ministry gig is a complete team effort. All with the heart of helping others in their walk with Jesus! 

So go check out the Priority Project!  I hope you'll find a place to join in!