here’s to a guy who’s all in

Heart. Soul. Mind. Body. Fully in, fully given up.

Marty spelunkingI wish you all could see the blood, sweat and tears this man (and his woman) give toward Whisper Mountain and with life in general. He would never allow me to document him, first of all, but there's plenty that stays unmentioned or unnoticed or silently dealt with. But that Audience of One knows it all. Knows every pain, every struggle, every intention, every string of the heart, every dream and every hope. While this may bring discomfort to some, I believe this brings a measure of peace for Marty. To have someone fully understand him, know him and support him better than any of us could. There's peace in this.

Marty grillingI am most encouraged by his faithfulness. His willingness to show up day in and day out, even when he should be having a day off, even when his body is pleading with him to take it easy for once.

Marty faithfulDad's faithfulness is what has allowed him to touch lives over the years. Often people just need someone to show up for them, in the big and small ways. 

Marty laughingToday we celebrate Dad, Marty, Father Martin, Coach, and whatever else you know him as! He turns the big 5-8! If you have the chance, send him birthday wishes, give him a call or text! Let him know how he's touched your life! I know it'll brighten his day!

RP + Helium = A Celebration

RP-Bday1The ole RP turns 31 tomorrow. Read it people…THIRTY-ONE! Yikes! Yah, he doesn't really act it as you can see from this post! But that's what makes him fun to be around! Always lightening the mood, offering craziness, randomness and all around color to life! We are thankful to have him in our days–working alongside us, through the thick and thin of life within Whisper Mountain!

RP Bday2
RP-Bday3We had a little par-tay with him this week, Mr. Alex joining us too! Always a good time when you put crazy people, cake and helium together!!


[if unable to view the short video, click here!]

Enjoy your weekend friends!