so we practiced + video postcard

Escape the Noise at Whisper MountainWhisper Mountain Staff is amazing at telling and helping others get away to hear God’s whisper. It’s our motto for Pete’s sake! Escape the Noise. Encounter the Whisper. The thing we struggle with is practicing this ourselves. Kinda feels like when Mom tells Kid to do something she’s not doing herself. Yah. Love that conviction…eep!

Well, the other weekend we were given the privilege and gift of practicing! We had some amazing folks fly in from Iowa to invest in us. Our time was wonderful. They are wonderful! They simply shine Jesus!

Be Still 1A couple filled with the grace and tenderness of God, they are both inspiring, real and the perfect match to bring our staff much needed reminding, refocusing and refreshing–both physically and spiritually. 

Be Still 2We are quite good at the business of serving, even sacrificially. What is harder for us is stopping. Quieting ourselves in God’s presence–listening, inquiring, leading from His presence. All.The.Time. Our weekend was spent practicing the stopping.

Be Still 4Stopping to consider His deep love. Not for the camper, not for the summer staff, not for the donor, not for the other guy–for us individually. Stopping to consider His longing for us to just be with Him. Stopping to consider the great adventure of allowing Him the opportunity to speak and lead us specifically.

Be Still 3We slept in cabins, the Werner kiddos were home with one of our faves, we enjoyed an Appalachian outing, and we simply immersed ourselves in the quiet. Get a glimpse into our weekend with this short video postcard:



{if unable to view the above video, click here}

Pulling out of life to get away takes great effort and a million excuses will arise to keep you from going through with it, but if we are serious about deepening our walks with Christ, getting away can be the perfect jump-start we need. Make the effort. He’s waiting for you! 

Week in Review // Breakaway Outreach

Breakaway 1

Breakaway 2

Breakaway 3

Breakaway 4

Breakaway 5{above pics kindly taken by Kinsley!}

Our first week of camp was clearly covered in prayer, the gust of wind straigthening our backs and pushing us forward. (Or maybe it was just me feeling that! Lord knows I needed it this week!) Two kids from Breakaway began their journey with Jesus and several more are choosing to know Him more personally! Each child was lavished with the love of our staff and the volunteers they brought with them. 

Of course they did their share to love on us!

Breakaway 6(Tegan and his boys!)

Breakaway 10

Breakaway 11

Breakaway 7Because love is what we all need, isn't it?

Breakaway 9The words I read from one of our staff gives a glimpse into the effects of serving in camp ministry: "First week of camp was amazing, already seeing God challenge and change me in so many ways! its never an easy thing to say goodbye to kids who need Gods love :/ "

We take a quick break then get ready to greet a little more of our staff today! Thankful for you and the prayers you offer up on our behalf! May you blessed in this day!

Shaun’s Top 5 List :: #2

Why working at Whisper Mountain is living the dream for Shaun: #2 investment in campers!Campers

Along with investment in summer staff as I mentioned yesterday, is his love of relationship building with campers. May seem obvious…we are in camp ministry!! But really!  Shaun lives for the moments that can be teachable, that can make spiritual truths make more sense.  I've been married to the man for over 12 years now and the times that I have seen him most joyful, most full of life, is when he is with teens, loving them with God's love. He may not be the best at what he wants to be the best at, but he sure knows how to love teens!  Isn't that what it's all about?

Campers 2

Unique Boutique

Last Year:


Camp-fireWhisper Mountain held a weekend just for teen girl's. Our days were filled with girly fun laced with the truth that God loves them and finds them beautiful! Their peace and joy will rest in His opinions rather than the world's! The weekend was a lots of fun, but more importantly, effective! 

Well, that time of year is coming upon us quickly…Boutique
LadyWe've been busy with the details of this year's girl's weekend! It's been oh so fun! The theme is a vintage boutique and the message is that each of the girls is unlike any other dress in the shop!

We are thrilled as we prepare and anticipate how God is going to use this event!  We wanted to give you the chance to be involved too!Scholarships
You can be sure we'll keep you up to date on all things Boutique!!  If you'd like to give a whole or partial scholarship (the girls and us would be so appreciative!) you can go here to give (mark TrueID in the notes section) or mail checks to Whisper Mountain at 2240 Long Creek Road/Robbinsville, NC/28771!!

Would you pray with us, too, that God reaches the hearts of all who come?!

I better get back at it! Oh, and hey, you're pretty great too!