Christmas in May

After being at the GIC Conference in February, one special group of people had a heart to help WM in whatever way they could. With the list of our household and pantry needs in hand, this group of people filled a car full (and then some) of practical needs (like TP!) and sent Driver Bob to bless us. Feels like Christmas in May!Christmas in may

Christmas in may 2Being missionary staff means we don't always know how we will be provided for, though we are confident God does provide! We've seen Him, on countless occasions, give toward our needs often using complete strangers. From tennis shoes and flip flops (in just the right sizes!) to Wendy's or Ingles gift cards to the bigger things like vehicles, we get taken care of…in His timeline! He does it through both the oblivious and the intentional people alike.

 If you are awaiting God's provision, don't lose heart. He sees your need and is in process! If you are stressing about a need, stop twirling in anxious circles, lay your burden down in the hands of a trustworthy God, and rest! He's going to rock your socks off!

a mart of blessing

Imagine a large space, shelves and tables filling the room. Household, personal, food and office items fill those shelves and tables. Now imagine you are told to walk through this large space and fill as many boxes as needed with any amount of the items found in the room. Welcome to the Blessing Mart! 



Mart3Each missionary, while at the GIC conference, was given the opportunity to *shop* in the Blessing Mart. If you've ever experienced living on extremely limited funds, then you share our excitement over things like shampoo, soap, toilet paper, canned foods, mac and cheese being given to us!! We feel grateful and humbled to receive these goods from those in the church that helped stock up the Blessing Mart!

(Side Note: the pictures above show some of what Whisper Mountain was given through the Blessing Mart. We then bring the goods home and divide among our staff!)

Never doubt the importance of giving a little! We will be clean and fed a while longer(!), thanks to those who gave. If you are one of those givers reading this, we thank you for your generosity. It matters! 

Flying Away

Marty-Fly-Away Marty has wings…which means the hair is still growing…which means we are still in process of raising money for the tent platform!! But I wanted to let you know that we have been receiving money for the completion and only are in need of $2,000 more!  Mighty pricey haircut, however in the whole scheme of things it's just pennies in God's pocket! I'm rather enjoying Marty's new look and laughing at him when he thinks a bug's getting his ear, but it's just a lock of his hair!!

Good Day to you!

Team Ten


Team 10 is a new little groupy we are starting here at Whisper Mountain!  I gotta tell you about it!

When you think about it, a whole ministry is a lot to carry for just a few people…financially speaking.  So, one of our amazing guys was brainstorming to try to find a simple way to spread the carrying among many so that the carrying didn't seem so impossible.  He came up with the idea to try to get 1,000 people to give just $10 a month to our camp!  Ten dollars…that's less than a movie and snacks; less than taking the family out to Chik-fil-A for dinner; less than a new pair of jeans at Wal-mart for my girls (yeah, we shop Walmart!!!); less than a date at Starbucks with a love!  Shaun and I are pretty financially poor:), but we could give ten dollars each month!!

It's just finding the 1,000 people with a willingness to give! We know that letting go of money is a big deal, especially in these economic times.  I would just like to throw out to you this chance to become part of a groupy of Whisper Mountain!  A part of Team 10! We need the likes of you to keep up the work of camp!  Think about it. Pray about it. Go here to join! Oh, and tell somebody else about it too!  I don't think I know 1,000 people!

By the way, there's a lot of new changes over on our website, so while you are joining up with Team 10 (did you like that positivity!!!!) surf around our site!  GO TEAM 10!


Bald Balding is a part of life, just ask…well, I won't mention any names!  Though it may hurt the pride, a balding head doesn't really damage too much! However, balding tires become a hazard that shouldn't be ignored!  You know it's bad when you leave a trail of rubber behind as you are driving! When the funds seem short and winter is quickly approaching, you just gotta talk to the best God ever, who will then help you in asking for help, so that others can be part of your blessing as well!  That's just what happened here at camp!Stacked One amazing guy called up another amazing guy who then called up other amazing guys for a quick, impromptu Sponsor a Tire Program!  Eight tires later we are tearin' up some road with this amazing thing called tread!

TogetherThank you for REtiring us here at camp!  Our tires are squealin' in gratitude!