Shiny Blessings

Thanks to all who stopped by the blog yesterday!  The numbers never cease to amaze me! (though the guessers are few!!)

We're feelin' grateful at Whisper Mountain!  One of our biggest needs before summer camps begin was delivered to the camp last week…all 450 pounds of it!  Bundled-frg

Movers-2  Last summer our refrigerator died…big bummer seein' how feedin' people is a small part of what we do at camp!  When the truck came bringing on it's back a shiny, new (and completely gifted) stainless steel refrigerator those of us who work in the kitchen became a little ecstatic! Woot-Woot!!

The picture on the blog game yesterday was this:May-fridge

I think the spring greens in the reflection of the fridge was a little tricky:) That wasn't on purpose, I promise!!! Thank you to all who played!

Our winner is: Selah…though she's been disqualified for being family and camp kid! (I really should put a rule out there…they just love to guess too!)

Ahhh, maybe I'll let her pick something out in the camp store…speaking of which…did you see the quick little mention at the bottom of this post that announced Good Stuf Online Store is now open?

And I want to give a shout out to Mr. Generosity: Thank you for your heart to help Whisper Mountain through this gift!  You are helping to move this ministry forward and ultimately making Jesus famous!

Glad Tidings to you all today!

Willing & Generous

Barring the details…God hugged us the other day when we got an email asking if we could use a specific kind of equipment that was listed on our Projects & Needs List. Brand new, in the box, with the accessories included!  (This piece of equipment is a much needed item as it will enhance all our programming at camp.)  Can we use it?  Ummmm……YES!

These out-of-the-blue gifts really put a skip in our step as we go about our ministry here. We really felt the need for this by summer, especially, though spring would be perfect, but the money was the kicker (as usual!). And then God…put us on the heart of a willing man!

The most generous people are often full of humility and no desire for recognition (thus the secrecy here!).  They feel they have hardly anything to give, and what they do give really isn't a big deal.  Let me just this…to the receiver…it's a big deal, no matter what it is! 

When everyone does just a little, God's plan is being accomplished. He likes the idea of TEAM. He likes to pull in as many as possible, each doing their small part.  I have found God to be quite economical in all He does!

So we go about our day today grateful, encouraged, excited, and hopeful!

God cares for the details in our lives.  I love that about Him!