Awesomeness Takes the Stage // Chris

Chris-3// is an approachable and likeable guy //

Chris-2// displays great leadership and connects well with the campers //

Chris-1// helps to lead campers in worship each week //

Chris-4// is a beast in the outdoor adventure department //

Chris-6// tends to be a goofball //

Chris-7// is soaring to new heights in his walk with Christ //

Chris-8// is a founder of the bros on ice band //

Chris-9// smiles in the rain //

A-peek-insideCassi: What's your favorite verse?

Chris: I gotta look it up. (two weeks later…)

Cassi: Why did you want to be a Guide this summer?

Chris: I really want to pour into younger people. I don't know. For me, investing in people and building relationships is really a big deal.

Cassi: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Chris: (With a grin, yet in all seriousness) not homeless

Cassi: Do you have anything you want WM friends to pray for?

Chris: I had a rough last semester so as I go back to school I hope to have a better year. And that I'll be able to build relationships at App (Appalachian State University in Boone, NC) and stuff like that.


Chris is a fairly new believer, but is growing stronger in His walk and helping others to do the same! He definitely wears "good guy" comfortably. Though he can be quiet, he is pretty open to getting to know anyone who'll take the time for it and is willing to put forth such an effort regularly! He brings great humor to the mix of things and is willing to do what needs doing! I have enjoyed his fun, easy going personality this summer! He definitely adds strength to the team!

Let's bring our best to this day, shall we? People could use it! And we'll be cheerier for it!

week in review // new covenant

New-cove-tubing// the fun //

New-cove-hanging// the adventure //

New-cove-quiet// the point //

Teens of New Covenant in Georgia had a great week of fun and adventure, but many found the quiet in nature, the time away from their noise and the opportunity to hear God whisper to be both refreshing and life changing! A couple more were added to God's family, others were spurred on in their walk with him, still others left desiring more of God! Of course our awesome staff left their mark as well! Check out Whisper Mountain's fb group page…lots of convo going on there from this group!!

New-cove-crazy-shotHappy Monday to you, friends!

Swarms of Fun!

Amidst all the work we do at camp, we do tend to squeeze in some fun!  But it's probably not the fun you are used to (remember, we're in smalltown USA!!) Yellow-jackets-1Part of an ongoing battle (and hazard) around the camp are yellow jacket nests in the ground…everywhere.  The boys are always in the danger zone as they mow and weedwack because they don't know until it's too late that the lovely little evils have started a new nest and are pretty possessive and protective of it! (pretty funny to watch them screaming up the road as they are chased by angry yellow jackets!) Well, a new nest was discovered.  Somehow, it was decided that I needed to get a picture of the swarm of yellow jackets after the mower passed over the nest!  I thought it would be amazing to have the sun gleaming with the swarm swarming.  So…we planned and prepared! Yellow-jackets-4

Yellow-jackets-5One brave Ramsey would be hoodied up, would floor the mower over the top of the nest, and I would be in place to catch the swarm with my camera.  Just picture all of us staff outside, most at a smart & safe distance, watching this "taunt the yellow jackets" fun taking place!Yellow-jackets-6

Yellow-jackets-2Well, Ramsey floored it, as planned. The yellow jackets were spitting angry as planned.  But the photographer (ahem, that'd be me!) was found running and screaming up the road as unplanned. Sounded something like this, "Shaaauuuunnnn, get 'em off me! Ouch! Get 'em off me! Hurry!" Three little zings later, I was frustrated that I missed the shot I imagined capturing, but laughing because it was a kickin' good time!

Hey, I faired better than my man a couple months back…half his face was swollen for a couple days!Swollen face Yeah, it's okay that you think we're crazy!!


This morning I sat with Joe in my cup

(It's his favorite place to be!)

"Wash me down," he said, "I'll perk you up"

(I just love when Joe sits with me!)

As I down my cup o' joe this morning, I look forward to some fun to be had this weekend! (I sure could use the fun…been a long week!)

I hope you enjoy your weekending!