a little action outside the office

The sun was calling me out, I had some "wait for the uploading" time to burn, and there was a little action outside the office. So I grabbed my camera and went skipping out the door. Yes. skipping. and smiling. and carrying a camera. totally talented!

Whispermountain-men1I caught my man being manly with a chainsaw and some sticks! (look at those muscles. no, don't. nevermind.)

Whispermountain-men2(And then he saw the camera and pulled out the typical Shaun pose. oiy.) He's cleaning up some dead stuff along the road that makes things look really…dead. Something I never realized before coming to Whisper Mountain is that a forest takes a lot of work to keep up! There are always fallen trees and branches and such. Full time work to keep this property looking smashing! Which brings me to Maintenance Chief!

Whisper-mountain-men3Chief Ramsinator was driving his rig around…donuts in the dirt…I think that's all he was doing! No. Just kidding. He was doing something with engines and stuff that goes in the gas for winter or something. (clearly I'm not with the maintenance department!) This guy has much to keep up with! I just leave it to him!

Whispermountain-men4(When he sees the camera come out it's either duck lips or coolness poise! I picked the cool pose! He'd kill me otherwise. jk.lol.hi –hop in. That's what he'd say if you could be here. in the moment. anyways…) I'm glad he's smart enough to know that working at Whisper Mountain is where it's at! Smart little lad is he! Or maybe Whisper Mountain is smart for keeping him around! hmn. You decide!

Whispermountain-fridge-epidemicBoss Man wasn't around. Something about a board meeting to prep for or the fridge epidemic that's hit camp…no really. Our big freezer and our little fridge in the office went down. What? Hope it's not contagious. We can't stand to lose the pop machine too! (yes. I say pop. lay off!)

I'm super glad you popped in today! It gives me the chance to offer well wishes that all in your life stacks up real nice for you today! Seriously though, life can be tough so hang in there. Light is always around the bend of the shadow!

May His light shine upon you!

The Painted Bean Cafe



:: sipping of coffee, tea or cocoa in the cozy cafe
:: connecting, fellowshipping, sharing for days
:: walking, playing, working in an autumnal forest
:: painting, creating, reflecting in the studio
:: enjoying, picnicking, filling of good food
:: viewing a late night movie on lawn
:: worshipping indy style
:: chatting, laughing, warming by the fireside
:: discovering, reminding, encouraging
Though our weekend looked different than we thought or planned, a message of grace and love from a personal God was shared. The details of the heart are His alone!
Thank you to those who were a part, who prayed through the process, or who shared in some way to help make this weekend what God wanted it to be!

getting giddy

DrivingSometimes you just gotta do things yourself.Pushing tree overWith the uninsured locals unable/willing to help us out, and because of a generous feller, we have cranked up his piece of machinery and are beginning to get the job done! And it's so exciting!

Fallen treeWhile going out to snap these pictures I was positively giddy! We've waited and dreamed and waited! What was feeling impossible was starting to be! Woohoo!

Thumbs up
Roots up

Back vie
Whisper Mountain's Lake Project has begun! Are you as giddy as us?!

down a forest hallway

Deep in the forest wood, down a forest hallwayForest hallway

where the footsteps of travelers can be heardGuys on path

there is a clearing where great men do great workT sawing

Tree falling

4 wheeler load

Log splitting
and find great fun;Forest sword fighting

Doggie love
where great women also do great workShe womanand find great fun!The girls

The noise will soon quiet. Other visitors will soon travel the forest hallway. Great work of the heart will soon take place. Great fun will soon be had! Summer Camp is on its way! The Prayer Garden is nearly ready!

Group pic Two families from Florida, spending a piece of their spring break serving together! 

Thank you Gentry and Young Families for all your work, all your investment, all your heart given this week! We have enjoyed having you and are grateful for the fingerprints you left on Whisper Mountain!

Piece of Quiet

Last night, I found myself pulling away from the camp noise (and setting my camera aside for a moment!) to find a little piece of quiet!  

I sat looking out over the tree covered land at dusk, the halfmoon just starting to shine brightly, the forest air filling with the song of the frogs. How peaceful and beautiful to watch the day slip into night!

How refreshing to gather up a little piece of quiet!