Florida Postcards 005

04 February 2012

hello to you,

Had a little stormy weather yesterday. Outwardly and inwardly. But alas, today is a new day! Last night as a staff, we enjoyed sharing about God's story as unfolded at, in and through Whisper Mountain! Praying His name was well represented!

In other news…the Key Lime Pie was amazing!

We ladies are looking forward to a day out with all the other lady missionaries (and our men likewise!)

As I was reminded yesterday, if you are in a storm…the wind will move it out. Stay the course!

happy day to you,


Florida Postcards 004

03 February 2012


While Marty and Patti have been running to and fro, Ramsey has enjoyed catching up with a few of his favorite people, and my little crew has been catching up with each other, sleep, and having coffee with a friend. We've especially enjoyed the fellowship of some of our favorite people (follow that link…they are amazing people!). We are staying at the Luettich Lodge, as they have called it, for the week. And Shaun and I are staying in Cabin 2! How fun, don't you think?!

I took the above picture looking out into their backyard. Something in this forest calls to me. I'm not sure if it's the moss drooping from trees, or the green carpet at their feet. Maybe a mystery of what I would find should I venture out among them. Whatever it is, I'm captivated.

On the docket today…interviews with some interested GIT's for this upcoming summer and preparing for our evening presentation. We'd love prayer for all this!

Yes, there is lovely in these days. Hoping you're finding the same. If you aren't, hold on. The lovely is working its way to you!


Cassi (on behalf of the whole gang!)

P.S. Postcard deliveries continue through the weekend! Be looking for them!

Florida Postcards 002 and 003


02 February 2012


Last night, each missionary at the conference was given a lively, lights flashing, name announcing, aisle walking introduction to the church family! Encouraging, this walk, as they were supported by the hearts of all those who gathered for worship last night. Yes, we walk carrying the jugs of water because we believe God turns the water to wine! May we get out of our safe harbors and risk it all for Jesus! His power moves when we surrender all!

Well, we are enjoying a little bit of a free day today! Resting and a little playing is on some of the agendas!

The WM Crew



02 February 2012

Also wanted to share this moment with you! Laughter is such good medicine! Our family is enjoying the togetherness in this trip! 

Soaking it in,


Florida Postcard 05

Florida 05
                                                                                9 February 2011


As the sun sets on our time away, we return to camp ready to jump into the work at hand! New perspective and excitement ignites our hearts as we think of the coming seasons of camp ministry!

Looking forward to sharing with you regularly in this space again starting tomorrow!

Sunny day to you!

Cassi and the clan

Florida Postcard 04

Florida 04                                                                         6 February 2011

Dear friends,

Our family has enjoyed some time together on the beach this week! Having grown up in Florida where the beach was part of life, it now feels a little strange being the “tourist”!  We are eating up all the green and blue zones I’ve talked about! And it’s doing our hearts and bodies good!

If you are currently freezing where you are, know that I send my sympathies as I sit with the sand between my toes, the sun shining warmly on my face, the water rushing on shore ever so peacefully! (Wasn’t that mean?!!!) I’ll be freezing again with you soon enough!

WARMest 🙂 regards,

The Werners

Florida Postcard 03

Florida 03

                                                                                     4 February 2011

Dear friends,

The conference for missionaries down here in Florida has been a blessing in many ways. I can’t wait to share some of what God has done with you soon! Bringing people together who share the passion of having the world know Jesus is a spirit-lifting event! Our God really is on the move all around the world! May we continue to Proclaim Him while time remains to do so!

Going to relax a little!