Shaun’s Top 5 List :: #1

I know, I know…you haven't gotten any sleep all weekend because you were just dying to know what Shaun's #1 favorite thing about working at camp is! (hee-hee!) Plan to sleep tonight! (Drumroll please)

Without further delay, Shaun's #1 reason why working at Whisper Mountain is living the dream:

#1: pay day is big on the last night of campFire On the last night of camp everyone gathers around the campfire one last time. In the light of the flickering flames, hearts are opened in a way that isn't done in everyday life. Teenagers take the time to offer verbal encouragements to one another. They pray for each other. They pray for their youth pastor. Teenagers, and at times their leaders, become raw, spilling from their hearts all God is doing in them, all He is calling them to, all they hope to apply to their walking through life with Him.  Shaun's payday, as he calls it, is knowing that all the energy, lack of sleep, time and heart that is poured out throughout the week is worth it when the evidence of God whispering into lives is seen. This is the heartbeat of camp, the very life of the ministry…God encountering His people so they will know Him, they will know peace, new life, restoration and hope.  Now, that's a beautiful thing!


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Up in Flames

Campfires are a normal part of our days in camp ministry. But a bonfire…now that is something special! (especially for our staff pyros!!) About a month ago, we thought we'd get rid of our huge "burn pile" (all the dead branches and brush from around the camp) while some campers were around for the excitement!StartThe branches and brush had all been stacked up in TeePee style, then lit from the base. It wasn't long before the "teepee" went up in flames! Truly an amazing sight to behold!Fire 1

Fire 3

Fire 5Whether its a typical camp fire or a humungous bonfire, fires tend to completely mesmerize me. As I sit and watch the wood burning up into nothingness, I am always pulled into a contemplative state of mind.  Crazy, I know, but even through the pictures on this screen, the fire has a powerful effect on me. I don't understand why, but it's as if all the failures, disappointments, and struggles of this past week are being pulled out of my heart one by one and placed in the fire with the wood for the flames to consume. to make room for a letting go. to allow for some kind of cleansing.Fire 4

 Fire 6 The warmth, aroma, crackling of this cleansing fire bring such comfort!