Our Ten Year Staff Reunion


Labor Day weekend was quite the weekend as we celebrated ten years of ministry! We were thankful to share the day with a few locals, a few board members and spouses and about half of our over-the-years summer staff! I’m not sure how the others felt, but remembering God’s faithfulness — His big and sometimes quiet work in, around and for us — goes a long ways to encourage our walking right now!


Sharing laughter with our staff over the memories and retelling of favorite camp stories was completely delightful! Hearing Shaun’s well composed “poem” of all the campisms from over the years was perfectly hilarious and memorable! Reconnecting, though it wasn’t enough time, was refreshing as we caught a glimpse of how far God has brought each of us on our journeys, as varied and different as they all are!


I’m amazed how something like summer camp can gather such different people together to walk in the same direction in ways that benefit all of us but glorify God above all! The Whisper Mountain Family is made up of some pretty stellar people, and it just keeps growing as we welcome in special someones of past staff and as we continue to be faithful to Proclaiming Christ through camp ministry in the years to come!


Summer Staff, keep proclaiming Christ where you are! You are beautiful people that have helped make Whisper Mountain effective on any level! We love you and can’t wait for next time!

Thank you to all of you who have been a part of our ministry in some way over this past decade! We have seen God together, haven’t we? May He continue to be real and in our midst, for His glory alone!


Summer 2016 Volunteers

We couldn’t do what we do here at Whisper Mountain Camp without people serving alongside us. We also can’t thank those enough who spent their time, talent, vacations and energy to come serve with us this summer! These quick snapshots don’t do justice to what these people did to help us this summer, but here’s a try at helping you see some of the faces of our volunteers!

Summer 2016 Volunteers at Whisper MOuntain CampServing at Whisper Mountain CampSummer Volunteers at Whisper Mountain CampWhisper Mountain Camp Summer VolunteersKitchen Volunteers at Whisper Mountain Camp.jpgWhisper Mountain Camp Volunteers

Some served all summer, some two weeks, most one week! For the big and small things they did — we trust God to bless them for their hearts in serving Him!

Thank you, Aaron, Jamie, Bay, Bruce, Brooke, Lori, Dave, Foster, Virginia, Gary, Nancy, Dave, Nancy, Kaleigh, Selah, Lexi, Mitchell, Traci, Parker, Susan, Chuck, Tara, Olivia, Emily, Bernie and Tayman. We appreciate all the ways you helped Whisper Mountain proclaim Christ this summer! 

Awesomeness Takes the Stage >> Chaz

Chaz Title Pic

Chaz, the GIT with pizzazz! (It rhymed, folks, just go with it!) His initiative and sincere care are just two things I automatically think of when I think of Chaz! Every time I turn around, it seems I catch him seeing a need and meeting it!

Chaz Balance

Chaz has a good balance of responsibility and fun, which I believe is a great combo for life! Reliable but knows how to laugh, smart but lives in humility. Great combo, I say!

Chaz GIT Gator

As a GIT (Guide In Training), there are jobs that aren’t fun or take him away from all that’s going on, but he always works with such a positive attitude! And we all know attitude is a leaking of the heart — speaking so much about a person!

Chaz paintball

His servant heart, sincere interest in others, and desire to keep growing and being shaped like Christ are what mark Chaz’s place here on our summer team!

Chaz Hello

Thank you for serving with us this summer, Chaz! Your influence on the teens coming through our gates is far reaching as you shine Jesus and exemplify godly manhood to them! We appreciate you!

power in the lines

After days of working endlessly to repair a home structure problem. After piling kids and belongings into the car for a twelve hour drive north. After car problems leave them stranded for hours. After climbing the last of the trip into the mountains of North Carolina, we welcomed Keith and Cheryl and family to Whisper Mountain. Cheryl had been praying for four years to be able to come up to camp! Four years! Keith offered us the skills of an electrician for the building of our Volunteer Cabin.

Electrician Serves at Whisper Mountain Camp

Electrician Serving at Whisper Mountain CampWe enjoyed the company, the help, and the sacrifices they made to spend a week with us. Cheryl spent her first Easter away from her family in order to be here. Her husband missed days of work. Their son is battling muscular dystrophy and being on the hills was difficult for him.

Electrician Serving at Whisper Mountain Camp 1We are always floored by the generosity of people investing their time, talent or resources to further the work being accomplished here at camp. We made new friends and new memories and are completely grateful for all this family offered during their time with us.

Thank you Keith and Cheryl and family for all you sacrificed to be with us and lend a helping hand! We very much appreciate you and look forward to seeing you all again!

more than mushroom hunters

What do you get when you cross Mr. Clean with a raffle ticket? Why, a free getaway to Whisper Mountain of course!

Family Getaway at Whisper Mountain CampWe had such a great time with this family (and a couple of their teen friends) when they came from Indiana to enjoy a weekend away from their norm! A holiday extravaganza shopper down in Florida won a raffle giveaway for a weekend at camp. In her generosity, she gave the weekend to a woman who cleans her house in Indiana. Equally parts crazy and awesome, right?! It wasn't my fascination with their Amish backgrounds or their introducing me to some amazing mushrooms (from our own woods) that made me love this family. It was their open heartedness toward life and others that made them dynamic. Their sincere enjoyment in each other. Their likability born from humility.

I know you've heard me say it here before, but one of my favorite parts of being at Whisper Mountain is seeing such a diverse run of people come through our gates. The world is filled with beautiful people with such different stories, yet each one lined with the same scarlet thread. Heaven really is going to be fabulous! I'm glad I get to taste of it down here!

Go share YOU with the world today! Your story is meant to encourage! Your life is meant to add joy to this often joyless world. Don't hold back!

small numbers, big purpose

Many camps shoot for numbers, big fun, big noise. There is a place for this. There is effect in this. Here at Whisper Mountain, we've been given a different purpose. When numbers are less than hundreds, the faces become names and the names become hearts. We are able to offer a more intimate atmosphere fostering an encounter with Jesus.

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 1Whisper Mountain recently had the privilege of welcoming a small work team all the way from Lagro, Indiana.

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 3

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 4
Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 5

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 8Within this small group of teens, one met Jesus as Savior, two renewed their walks with Christ, and three asked to be invested in throughout the year through our discipleship focus. I'm not sure of your experience with camp, but for us, purposeful adventure and intentional connection is our heartbeat. 

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 6For those supporting our ministry here at Whisper Mountain, know you are making a difference. Your backing of us prayerfully and/or financially is leading others to Jesus. We are a team and we couldn't do this without you! Thank you!

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 7Lagro–we enjoyed having you with us! Thank you for your help around the camp! May you continue to walk with Jesus!

Captured Moment | Kitchen Divas

Whisper Mountain Kitchen DivasWhile the men have been building, these Kitchen Divas have been making delicious food for the teen group we've had with us and all the hungry builders! Together is better, especially when cooking at camp! They have as much fun as they work hard! Much like Marty and his ole pals, Patti loves having her girl pals around too! Uplifts the spirit to have friends around! Thanks Debbie Propp and Traci Lee for all your help and adding laughter to the kitchen!

Go have some fun with someone you haven't spent time with lately! You both will be glad you did!

Thanks for your time reading here! I'm so glad you pop in as often as you do!
Happy Weekending!

Build it and they will come!

Volunteer Cabin Build 1For the past several weeks we've had a little construction work going on at camp! We are most excited about this project because this tiny, little cabin will house volunteers during their time of service with us! Which translates this summer (Lord willing) to a cook! (You should see Ms. Patti happy dancing!)

Volunteer Cabin Build 10While I will be putting together a short video to document the construction in its entirety, today I am here to share with you those with us right now helping to put the walls up!

Volunteer Cabin Build 3

Volunteer Cabin Build 4
Volunteer Cabin Build 7
Volunteer Cabin Build 8
Volunteer Cabin Build 9
Volunteer Cabin Build 11
Volunteer Cabin Build 12A bunch of men from Florida came up for several days. Men who pass around a bottle of motrin before holstering their tool belts. Men whose backs don't bounce up as quickly as they used to. Men whose knees have them limping up ladders, or bending slowly, or moving carefully. What I love about these men is their willingness to laugh about all that and still get out there and lend a hand. The jesting and comradery is not only entertaining but also uplifting, I'm guessing for each of them, but most surely for Marty! He misses these ole pals!
Volunteer Cabin Build 5These men giving up time, energy, and painless sleep are making a difference in the tangible way they know how! And we are ever so grateful to have them joining us! Thank you James Propp, Richard Ellis, Mitchell Lee, Wayne Russell and Mickey Franklin!

Volunteer Cabin Build 6


yardsale of the year + video

Whisper-Mountain-Yard-Sale-headerAbout a week ago Ramsey, Shaun and I had the opportunity to fly to Florida to witness first hand the body of Christ in action!

Whisper Mountain Yard Sale Clouds  Whisper Mountain Yard Sale Flight
An adult Sunday School class put together a large scale yard sale in an effort to raise money for Whisper Mountain! The only word that keeps flashing through my mind is overwhelmed. The amount of items donated, the amount of volunteers giving up their time and energy, the amount of work put into this, the amount of money raised, the enormous amount of encouragement we received from the sacrifice of others–all of it overwhelming!


Whisper-Mountain-Yard-Sale-3Everything under the sun seemed to be at this yard sale! The faces you see above are only a few of the volunteers who worked the event. These people, who have their own busy lives with work and family, put in hours upon hours of their time. Late nights getting ready, early morning setups and sale, loooooong day of selling and organizing and keeping up with the buyers, overnight guarding of the tents, preparing and serving of food for all the volunteers, helping customers load their treasures, clean up at the end…the work seemed endless. But I never heard anyone complain–they were all cheerful and just glad to be a part! Folks, that's humbling!

Whisper-Mountain-Yard-Sale-4Even with a rainy day, this simple group of people sharing a heart for Jesus raised over $15,000 to benefit Whisper Mountain! In case it's not registering–this is a BIG DEAL! An overwhelming gift, both financially and spiritually as they continue to allow us to invest in lives for eternity! 

We've put together a short video capturing a little more of the event for you. 

{if unable to view video, click here}

Thank you to each of you who gave your unwanted items, who worked until you were bone tired, and who came and bought goods or gave a donation. And thanks to all those who stopped by to see us! Each of you is such an encouragement! It was a beautiful thing to witness the body of Christ in action! To God be all the glory!

[A few more photos can be found on our Instagram feed.]

a relevant voice | an interview

Bicflawless-Interview-BarAs teens and adults, we each struggle with insecurity on some level. Those of us who are Christ-followers have likely understood the truth that we are created wonderfully. But how many of us spend time wondering if this is really true. When circumstances, relationships, or every other outside influence seems to be screaming something different, it’s hard to cling to the truth of being of value. The voices we ultimately choose to listen to greatly impact our lives. Being a voice of encouragement and truth becomes vital.

Today I wanted to introduce you to three ladies who have found a relevant, Christ-centered way of being such a voice on the social media realms of Facebook and Instagram. Maybe you can be inspired to find your own way of reaching the world with some loving truth. Maybe you know someone who would benefit from hearing a voice of encouragement like this–hook them up!





#bicflawless | aka: BeYOUtiful in Christ

an interview 
with (the awesome) Kaleigh 


For those who may not be familiar with you, what exactly is #bicflawless?
#bicflawless is a ministry meant to encourage girls to embrace their beauty. It gives them the opportunity to recognize the way they were created: flawless.

Share with us a little peek into the people behind the scenes of #bicflawless.

Charley was the one who suggested we use Instagram and it has been a very good idea! She has been very helpful in keeping up with the Instagram posts. Since I know Charley has struggled with self image before, as she would tell you in her testimony, I thought she would be a very good role model for girls who struggle with this as well!


Chelsea-we all love her-She used to help a ton with Facebook, but I think she has been more involved lately with helping Charley keep up Instagram! I knew I could trust her to help and give wise advice as well. She has such a sweet spirit, I think it’s easy for girls to open up and share their struggles with her.


Where did the inspiration come from to reach girls with the countercultural truth of inner beauty?

As a girl, I understand the desire to feel beautiful. It’s hard when the world and media are constantly shoving lies in our faces about what the perfect body size or the perfect image should look like. When I was younger, I thought part of growing up meant my insecurities would go away, but they didn’t/don’t. While working at camp over the past two summers I got to read several prayers by young girls. I realized that the struggles they were going through stemmed from their insecurities. I wanted these girls to know, more than anything, that they weren’t alone. We all struggle with it, but there’s hope. There’s always hope. I wanted Beyoutiful in Christ to encourage girls to find their true beauty in the One who embraces them for all that they are.


Share some ways you’ve seen people impacted by what you’re doing.


I think because right now it’s just social media, I probably won’t ever see results, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it still. Megan sent us girls a package with t-shirts–that was SUPER
encouraging and I don’t really even know her.

What are some of your goals as you continue to share encouaragement through your social media outlets?
My biggest goal is that it doesn’t just stop at social media. My hope is that girls who view the page will be able to share with their friends how beautifully they were created. 🙂 I also have been given the opportunity to share this ministry with girls in a chaplain position at school. College girls struggle with self-image too 😉

Do you have any tips to offer others who may have a quiet desire to reach out to others in some way?
Do it. Do it. Do it. It’s not just enough to talk about it. Actions really do speak louder than words.

/////// \\\\\\\ ///////

Bicflawless-TrioWhere to find #bicflawless | Instagram | Facebook | Buy a Shirt
(Just a few shirts remain if you are interested in spreading the message of beauty! I’ve heard a rumor they are wanting to offer hoodies next!)

Bicflawless-Be-the-Reason{Note: All images used in today’s post were taken from the #bicflawless fb | ig pages!}