here’s to a guy who’s all in

Heart. Soul. Mind. Body. Fully in, fully given up.

Marty spelunkingI wish you all could see the blood, sweat and tears this man (and his woman) give toward Whisper Mountain and with life in general. He would never allow me to document him, first of all, but there's plenty that stays unmentioned or unnoticed or silently dealt with. But that Audience of One knows it all. Knows every pain, every struggle, every intention, every string of the heart, every dream and every hope. While this may bring discomfort to some, I believe this brings a measure of peace for Marty. To have someone fully understand him, know him and support him better than any of us could. There's peace in this.

Marty grillingI am most encouraged by his faithfulness. His willingness to show up day in and day out, even when he should be having a day off, even when his body is pleading with him to take it easy for once.

Marty faithfulDad's faithfulness is what has allowed him to touch lives over the years. Often people just need someone to show up for them, in the big and small ways. 

Marty laughingToday we celebrate Dad, Marty, Father Martin, Coach, and whatever else you know him as! He turns the big 5-8! If you have the chance, send him birthday wishes, give him a call or text! Let him know how he's touched your life! I know it'll brighten his day!

remembering that first weekend! (pictures added!)

***Update! Found some pics! Random People captured them!***



Archive-MounumentSix years ago this Memorial Day, Whisper Mountain had its first Grand Opening! The weekend was beautiful and packed full of the excitement of finally launching this amazing, long anticipated and prayed for, miracle-start ministry. As with anything new, the optimism and support (and energy!) was flying high! Many, many people came to share in the celebration, many driving from Florida where the base of the support was coming from!

Archive-WernerOur little family of four had been living in Charlotte at the time. I remember carrying our weekend things out of our little house and loading our little car, worrying I was forgetting something. We were heading to Selah's preschool graduation that morning, anticipating the drive into the mountains following. Shaun would meet us there the next day after finishing out his work week!

Archive-MountainsWith starbucks in hand, the happy chatter of two little girls in the back, we headed into a weekend that would soon become our lives. In all my excitement, I forgot the flowers I was to pick up in the city on my way out, which allowed me to rub elbows with the inconveniences of small town living. In all my excitement, I bypassed the exit off the big road and headed into Tennessee instead, discovering the frustration of patchy cell service in the mountains. I didn't know, couldn't know, all the changes, struggles, work and letting go that was in store for us. 

Archive-SelahDadRosy colored lenses can sometimes keep us from seeing the rough of life. But that's not all bad, is it? If we knew all we would be called to endure ahead, we may not be willing to get started at all! In our faithful walking we are able to see the struggles becoming worth it because something greater is attained!


Archive SlideWhisper Mountain Youth Camp started off with such excitement and such a crowd! We had seen God move in a big way. We anticipated such movement in the road ahead.

Archive-SwingSix years later, after the rush of stepping out in faith, after the crowd dispersed, we feel more tired, more strained, more unsure, but we still see God move in big ways and we cling to Him more readily. We anticipate more of Him in the road ahead! Thank you to those who have come alongside us from the start! Thanks for believing in the vision! Your investment in God's work really is amazing! We joyfully carry on!

Did they know they’d end up here?

Happy AnniversaryI wonder if way back then they thought they'd end up on such an adventure as camp ministry. Sometimes it's good to not know! Just keep stepping one foot in front of the other, taking life as it comes. Today marks another year of marriage for Marty and Patti. Inching close to forty years of choosing to remain committed when it doesn't feel good, to love when it's requiring too much, to find the best in each other when it seems non-existent.

Marty & Patti (Mom and Dad), thanks for stepping one foot in front of the other, hand in hand! You set the example with humility and courage! Happy Anniversary!

Any well wishes or old stories to share about this couple?!

Luettich Lodge

Our little family had the fun priviledge of staying with the Luettich Family while in Florida for the missions conference! Set back in the woods, near a quiet river, surrounded by Florida beauty, the Luettich Lodge was a perfect getaway for us! We had to undergo cabin checks daily! Cabin 2 (my and Shaun's room!) ROCKS! I must say we had a favorable judge (smiling up there in the yellow!). The laughter from the kiddos, the connecting with the adults, the times of prayer for each other…man, it felt like camp for the camp people!Luettich-home

Wayne and April are the humblest, most sincere and fun people to be around! And they are on an exciting journey with God right now. We are thrilled for them and blessed to have spent this week at their home!

Thank you Luettich family for loving us! We will be missing you!

{We enjoyed each of those we were able to spend any amount of time with. Our only regret is that we could not see everyone we care about down there!}

We return feeling refreshed and encouraged! More on that to come this week!

(p.s. in case you didn't realize…colored text above are links, some to the Florida Postcards I posted throughout the week!)

Happy Monday, friends!

Florida Postcards 002 and 003


02 February 2012


Last night, each missionary at the conference was given a lively, lights flashing, name announcing, aisle walking introduction to the church family! Encouraging, this walk, as they were supported by the hearts of all those who gathered for worship last night. Yes, we walk carrying the jugs of water because we believe God turns the water to wine! May we get out of our safe harbors and risk it all for Jesus! His power moves when we surrender all!

Well, we are enjoying a little bit of a free day today! Resting and a little playing is on some of the agendas!

The WM Crew



02 February 2012

Also wanted to share this moment with you! Laughter is such good medicine! Our family is enjoying the togetherness in this trip! 

Soaking it in,


Florida Postcard 04

Florida 04                                                                         6 February 2011

Dear friends,

Our family has enjoyed some time together on the beach this week! Having grown up in Florida where the beach was part of life, it now feels a little strange being the “tourist”!  We are eating up all the green and blue zones I’ve talked about! And it’s doing our hearts and bodies good!

If you are currently freezing where you are, know that I send my sympathies as I sit with the sand between my toes, the sun shining warmly on my face, the water rushing on shore ever so peacefully! (Wasn’t that mean?!!!) I’ll be freezing again with you soon enough!

WARMest 🙂 regards,

The Werners

Week in Review

I thought I would just give you a glimpse of some of the faces that filled our week at camp!

Who was here?

  •  2 families (who drove 12 hours from Florida) spent 5 days of their spring break working around the camp (I am always amazed that people give their vacations to come work…How cool is that?!)

They were also here to help with a…

  • Local school field trip: the younger kids beat the older kids at tug-of-war, which earned them the right to popsicles first!!!!

The morning we said goodbye to the families we had a couple hours to clean so we could welcome in…

  • A group from Georgia: they are here to do a little spring break service themselves!

Our week ends tomorrow after clean-up and locals paintball! 

The week has been fast, furious, exciting, exhausting, fruitful and all because of Jesus! 

And it all starts again on Sunday night!


I'm so glad I get to serve at camp (most days…just keepin' it real here folks! Anyone feeling "called" to camp cooking?!!)