week’s end

Whisper-Mountain-Camp-Solo-TimeWhew. What a week! Many unexpected things confronted us this week — some good, some not so good. But here we are at week's end, still breathing and finding reason to praise our God!


Whisper-Mountain-Camp-PaintballOur campers have experienced purposeful adventure in the great outdoors, times of deep encouragement from their peers, our guides, and God's Word, and through learning how to hear God through solo times and worship sessions.

Whisper-Mountain-Camp-StaffOur staff learned a little more about themselves through serving and improvising this week. Their bodies ache for sleep and down time, but their hearts are full from the experience of seeing God work in teens lives! We are thankful for the way they have poured themselves out and were open to being stretched further than was comfortable at times!

Whisper-Mountain-CampersEven in the midst of life struggle, challenging circumstances, and being emptied beyond what we think we can bear, God is personal and good and restoring. May you find His presence to be a reality today!

Happy Weekending, friends!

i know it’s the last day of a camp week when…

Charleys camp fire

// campers are quiet (from sheer exhaustion) // 

// the DVD duplicator hums as memories are stored //

// summer staff shout and wave one more time //

// the office is crowded for the debrief meeting //

// our hearts rejoice in the lives touched this week //

// the exhausted staff find pep for their step (holla for some FREE TIME!) //

// kitchen leftovers head home with us //

// home is a thrilling place to be going //

// all my kids willingly nap //

// the hum of the washing machine lulls us to sleep //

// doing nothing for 12 hours is exhilerating // 

We survived our first month of camp! Unreal that much time has passed already, though our bodies feel the exhaustion of it! I'll be posting some pics from the week on Monday! For now, I'm off to rest a little!

happy weekending, friends!