The Adrian’s Pack Us In!

Pack Shack Enclosure Project at Whisper Mountain CampPack Shack Rennovation at Whisper Mountain Camp Inside View

If you’ve been keeping up with our (sporadic) updates on our Pack Shack Enclosure Project, then you know we are hustling to get this done for summer! Life has set us back way more than we planned, so the hustle is real. (By we, I actually mean Marty!)

Adriannes and Marty

Last week we were super excited to have Adrian and Adrian of European Craftsmen of Southwest Florida come to insulate our building. They brought a new technique to the table (or the walls actually!). Rather than the puffy, itchy insulation that is usually in the walls (and not so fun to install), they sprayed this cool foam insulation that set in 30 seconds and cured in 2 minutes. WHAT?!!!!!

Adrian One (as Tegan called him!) is the same awesome guy who came to tile our bathrooms way back here! We couldn’t be more thankful for his heart to bless Whisper Mountain in such generous and practical ways! Well beyond his giving of time, talent and materials, Adrian carries a heart of generosity with him in all things! Our guys especially enjoyed connecting with him and the other Adrian during their time with us!

We still have much to do to get this ready for summer camp in a few short weeks, but man are we thankful to have this part done in such a top of the line way and in partnership with such great people!

Thank you Adrian’s for coming, serving and giving of yourselves in ways we are still thinking about! May God bless you tenfold!

(If you’re in southwest Florida, these are the guys to renovate your kitchen or bath! Check out some of their work! They are amazing!)

Author and Photos | Cassi

more than floored

New Bathroom Tile ProjectWhen the Europeans come to our hills, we can expect to hear the roar of Harley's, Romanian radio, lots of laughter and the slapping of a little tile!


New Bathroom Tile MothThey enhanced the bathhouse porch with temporary porch seating (see first picture!!), but only long enough to make our bathroom floors beautiful!

New Bathroom Tile

New Bathroom Tile Showers

New Bathroom Tile Boy PottiesI would love to show you a before picture! As Kinsley says, "Ain't nobody got time for dat!". So just imagine chipped paint over cracked floors with long hair stuck in it! I know. Sounds kinda gross. I assure you we worked diligently to keep them clean, but at some point there's just not much we can do! We are thrilled with the gift of these bathrooms! (I see our summer guides rejoicing about now!!)

New Bathroom Tile ReflectionWhat's really awesome is to see this being about way more than just tile floors! Sure God provided for our need, but not before urging someone else's heart, making him willing and able to give of himself, his resources, and his crew! If we stop and think about it, we are meant to be team players. We need each other. Who can use your time, energy or talent today? Don't hold back. Get off the bench! Bless someone today!

Europeans in the Kitchen!

 Our European Craftsmen were up from Florida to install our new floor tile in the kitchen! (They've been along the trail before when they came to paint the cabins!)

Floor They were gone as quickly as they came, working in organized whirlwind fashion (jammin' to their Romanian tunes must have helped tremendously!) Of course there was a little time for playing!  The Craftsmen joined in on our locals paintball game we held at the camp over the weekend!


Paul-w-gun WIth each piece of tile they laid, our Romanian friends invested talent, hard work and generosity!Tile-guys We are completely thankful for them (and those generous donors who gave the tile in the first place!)  Now comes the fun of moving everything back in! (ugh!)