Summer Staff 2017

Well, the last of our staff pulled out yesterday. The eery after-summer quiet has officially settled over Whisper Mountain Camp. We hope you took some time to get to know a little about our staff this year through Awesomeness Takes the Stage!


As in the last eleven years, this year’s staff has been completely different in their strengths and giftedness, marking their own experiences and that of the campers who came through. Although a younger staff this year, we have seen God work in each of their lives, challenging and growing them in ways they may not have expected. We are thankful for the work each one accomplished and trust God to continue to guide and direct them in their days ahead!


Thank you Summer Staff 2017 for being part of Proclaiming Christ this summer at Whisper Mountain Camp! May you continue to live within the paradox of dying to live!

See more glimpses of their summer on our instagram feed with the hashtag #whispermtnstaff17 !


Tegan sleeping{phone pics=poor quality!}

I happened upon this scene last night while doing the usual checking in on each sleeping angel before collapsing into bed. I first let out a chuckle at the cuteness of his sleeping position, then I felt the longing for such a position myself. We are only days away from the chance to rest our bodies. As it is with every summer's end, pure exhaustion blankets us in every way. We each are looking forward to a big exhale. A little folding of hands. A measure of rest.  

Late night editingUntil this exhale comes, I have hours of editing before me, late nights completing work, and early mornings requiring me to peel myself from the bed! But with all this said, I LOVE being in camp ministry! The eternal impact far outweighs any piddly little exhaustion! So, I plug on with joy!

How are you holding up with your part of the world? 

mix of life

Last-week-3Though in many ways we don't want to face the ending of our summer, the reality is we enter our last week of summer camp today.

Last-week-2The window of our staff's service with us is closing. This is my least favorite and most loved time of the year. I am ready to embrace some serious resting! But saying goodbye to these now-family people makes my heart hurt! You've glimpsed their awesomeness so maybe you can glimpse the aching!


Last-week-5The summer is marked by fun and silliness and bonding and growing…

Last-week-1…but certainly memories of unwanted things are slithered in as well. But isn't that life? Both the good and the bad, the joy and the sorrow, the struggle and the victory all lumped together into one big heap. The richness of life is found as we grow through it all!

Whether on the brink of change or struggling through monotony may you find strands of good lacing your mix of life!

Blessings to you!