[video encouragement] Trail Mix // Episode 16

Phew! We made it! With a little perseverance and heaps of grace we pushed through! (If you've no idea what I'm talking about, read the backstory to this video!)

Have you been overwhelmed by the darkness of our world or filled with fear about something else? I'd encourage you to listen to Marty today! Less than two minutes could change perspective and offer hope!


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Walk in His truth and hope today! Blessings, friends!

A Teen’s Point of View

Teens-Point-of-View[teen Kinsley (yep, she’s my girl!) shares with us today!]

Going from summer to waking up at six o’clock every morning to go somewhere I’d rather never go again is a hard transition. I mean, when I hear my alarm blaring in the morning, interrupting the best part of my dream, I’m not the happiest person on earth. Then getting home and spending around three and a half hours doing Algebra II homework and praying for the rapture to happen–this is not my ideal day!

Stacks-of-booksBut when all I think about is how tired I am, how much homework I have, how boring this teacher is, how I wish it was still summer life feels very overwhelming. Even though it’s really hard sometimes, I try to make my main focus on God. Some ways I try to do this is spending time in my Bible and talking with God every morning. This helps me try to live out the Bible. When I get to school I feel more ready to show God’s love to someone different every day, whether it’s encouraging them or just talking to them.

Smile-SpoonToday I want to encourage you to try to put your main focus on God because, let me tell you, it helps a lot!

Fall In Line

Fall In LineSeptember. The month of my birth, my daughter's birth, RP's birth (a lot of birthing going on, whew!), but also the month of realigning our lives, restructuring our schedules, and refocusing our directions. As we seek to have everything fall back in line again, we as Whisper Mountain staff have been getting inspired to connect with and encourage our friends and fans (that's you!) a little more intentionally! I do work with some pret-ty amazing people, so I'm looking forward to the encouragement myself through our social media realms! Plans are in the works for others to jump in and share from their corners of the world as well. I'm excited. Are you? I hope you'll feel free to interact with us or at the very least be encouraged! Being in this life gig together makes it a whole lot easier, wouldn't you agree?

Happy September, friends! Cheers to Falling in Line! 

{Here's where I give full credit for the title "Fall in Line"–I came across this title in a monthly devotional mailed to us by David Jeremiah. (I'm sure he personally mails them to us…you know, we're tight!) Was the perfect fit for our goals this month!}

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Kyle

We are wrapping up the 2013 Awesome Stage with Kyle!

Whisper mountain staff kyle 1Kyle, the camper who found Jesus at a week of camp with us a few years back and has returned as staff since, left us a week before summer camp was over to start boot camp with the US Army. As much as we hated to say goodbye we are thrilled for him as he begins this next chapter of his life!

Whisper mountain staff kyle 2I can see how his years of growing as a leader and his strong love for the Lord will serve him well in this new world he's entering. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 3I really appreciate Kyle's work ethic. He is a guy who's willing to give it all until the job is done. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 4His gifts and talents were a blessing as he helped lead campers in worship throughout the summer. Watching Kyle give his life to be a blessing and encouragement to those around him helped to make our team a stronger unit and has uplifted me in many ways! I am blessed to call Kyle friend. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 5Before he left to go to boot camp, Kyle was kind enough to shoot a trail mix, encouraging us and sharing his heart for joining the Army. Check it out!


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He's probably not able to keep up with it much now, but to see snippets of Kyle's life, check him out on instagram @iam2nd.

Blessings on your day!

a few faces stirring my heart right now

Whisper-Mountain-VolunteersToday I'm making famous (in this small online space) a few of the faces who have been shining around Whisper Mountain very recently. A few may be familiar from a video or other spotlight moments, but what I want to share today is something that stirs my heart regularly.

God has led me and my family to share in the founding and running of this camp ministry. So it's expected we would pour ourselves out regularly for it. I am continually blown away and challenged by the people who have a few extra days, are passing through to somewhere else, or have chosen to spend a week or more with us just so they can serve. As if the serving in general isn't awesome enough, of all the places they could choose to serve, they choose Whisper Mountain! As a whole staff, we are encouraged by these people, blessed by their sharing in the effort, and grateful for their willingness to leave their mark here.

Thank you to each of you who have given of yourselves in some way to the work done at Whisper Mountain! You are a blessing!

May Day or mayday?

May Day FlowersDo you guys know about May Day? I've always wanted to start the tradition with my kids of leaving baskets of flowers on the doorsteps of those we wanted to share a little love with. Adding some happy to the unexpecting! Sounds fun to me! I just learned May Day was a (pagan) celebration of spring and as Christianity began to spread throughout Europe, the holiday began to change or be done away with. But the whole flower thing seems pretty awesome.

MayDay TunnelDo you guys know about Mayday? (no I'm not repeating myself here!) We have a tradition at Whisper Mountain that looks something like this: Mayday, mayday…coming in hard and fast. We can't slow down. We're gonna crash!  Mayday, Mayday. Doesn't sound as fun and awesome as the flower thing, but it's a tradition nonetheless (love that word!) The panic and pulling together of a million details the month before summer camp sometimes steals our happy. Details do that, don't they? They put on their scary eyes, hounding us until we cross them off our list and send them floating into completion. Meanwhile, our energy runs low, our mind feels fried, our heart feels numb. Is there any way around this mayday? I've found a few ways aside from the pretty big one of prayer: breathe in and out, take one thing at a time, laugh about something every day. 

I don't know which May Day you're facing, but I hope you are able to find happy and beauty quite unexpectedly on the doorstep of today. Happy May!

Trail Mix // Episode 13

Bjwedd{photo by Lauren Cardwell Photography}
Whether serving as Whisper Mountain summer staff or adventuring into marital bliss, Brian and Jaclyn have left their imprints of generosity, love, passion, fun and creativity on Whisper Mountain! (Nevermind their general awesomeness!) We get to peek into their newlyweddedness (it's a word today!) as they link up to their walks with Christ in our trail mix episode! Check it out!


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Let's put on our love lenses and stand on the side of good!

Trail Mix // Episode 12

Shine-your-lightI asked Chelsea to share a little encouragement with us, but I had no idea her encouragement would reinforce something God has been reminding me of! I was encouraged by her words, but one can't help but be encouraged by Chelsea! She just drips with Jesus! Allow her to encourage you today!


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Steady that wandering and feeble heart of yours (and mine!). The Faithful One is near!

Shine Jesus today!

Trail Mix // Episode 11

Reverend-renaldoReverend Renaldo, a name Ramsey earned in a camp skit a few years ago, brings to those who walk with God a short and sweet and spiritually uplifting reminder! Look out…he's got his chainsaw! 


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May we stay practiced in the basics so we are prepared in the game!

Blessings, friends! 

***In case you are new here: Ramsey is our camp Facilities Manager

Trail Mix // Episode 09

After six months of running from the video camera, Dennis got brave! While serving with us this summer, he pushed through a few minutes of awkward and uncomfortable as he sat in front of his computer to share encouragement with us! I'm thankful for his timely message. I pray the experience he shares (in true Dennis fashion!) blesses you where you are right now!


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Don't you love how even a bird with attitude can point us to our loving Daddy in Heaven?

May you find His personal touch evidenced today! Blessings to you friends!