There’s this guy…

T lookConundrums are riddles solved by asking yes or no questions until you’ve come to the answer.  Not only are they more easily solved in a group, as different thinkers ask different kinds of questions, they usually involve a dead guy (not sure why)!

At camp, we use conundrums as a way to distract weary hikers on the trail, to connect with groups that are slightly shy at the start, or just for some good fun throughout the week!

The first time campers hear the words, “so there’s this guy”, they are eager to be smart and figure the riddle out, ready to set their brains in motions, enticed by the challenge. By the end of camp, there’s an overall groan in response to the statement because they have since learned just how frustrating it can be to ask all sorts of questions and yet be unable to solve the riddle. As if the very words, “so there’s this guy” rattle their brains into remembrance of the surge of pain that will ensue if they dare try to solve another puzzle! Serious frustration takes place, folks! I’m not gonna lie! 

Wanna have a go? (Of course you are on the Internet…you could just Google the answer, but then where’s the fun in that?)

Conundrum for your day…There’s this guy, dead in a phone booth, with a rock next to him. How did he die? 

PS: smoke coming out the ears is not normal!