we practiced what we preach!

Slumbering-woodOur full-time staff just came off a first-ever staff retreat! We are pretty good about preaching it…get away into the quiet to find rest and refreshment and to hear God's whisper. We have it down, in word. We struggle as a unit to practice it! But we got away! We planned, we prayed, we played! Fabulous! Just hanging out and cracking up was a refreshing change from the on mission, get some work done atmostphere we are used to!




Staff-retreat-04And we got to spend a little time with these goofballs summer staffers who lived in the area!Staff-retreat-goof-duo

Staff-retreat-goof-kt(yes, I just posted this picture of you KM!!)

Staff-retreat-goof-chrisI'm already thinking ahead to the next one…this time all play and no work!

Staff-retreat-whole-groupHmn. Just what should we do?! (any interested sponsors?!)

***thank you to the generous folks allowing us to stay in their mountian home for the weekend! You are awesome, we are blessed! May God heap goodness down on you for loving us!***

Awesomeness Takes the Stage // Chris

Chris-3// is an approachable and likeable guy //

Chris-2// displays great leadership and connects well with the campers //

Chris-1// helps to lead campers in worship each week //

Chris-4// is a beast in the outdoor adventure department //

Chris-6// tends to be a goofball //

Chris-7// is soaring to new heights in his walk with Christ //

Chris-8// is a founder of the bros on ice band //

Chris-9// smiles in the rain //

A-peek-insideCassi: What's your favorite verse?

Chris: I gotta look it up. (two weeks later…)

Cassi: Why did you want to be a Guide this summer?

Chris: I really want to pour into younger people. I don't know. For me, investing in people and building relationships is really a big deal.

Cassi: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Chris: (With a grin, yet in all seriousness) not homeless

Cassi: Do you have anything you want WM friends to pray for?

Chris: I had a rough last semester so as I go back to school I hope to have a better year. And that I'll be able to build relationships at App (Appalachian State University in Boone, NC) and stuff like that.


Chris is a fairly new believer, but is growing stronger in His walk and helping others to do the same! He definitely wears "good guy" comfortably. Though he can be quiet, he is pretty open to getting to know anyone who'll take the time for it and is willing to put forth such an effort regularly! He brings great humor to the mix of things and is willing to do what needs doing! I have enjoyed his fun, easy going personality this summer! He definitely adds strength to the team!

Let's bring our best to this day, shall we? People could use it! And we'll be cheerier for it!

idk (i don’t know)

Idk1// idk why Aaron popped out from the armpit with a thumbs up //

Idk2// idk why Kyle looks creepy upside down //

Idk3// idk why Charley enjoys catching gnats in the woods //

Idk4// idk why they pose like this //

Idk6// idk why they are throwing my daughter in the pond //

Idk7// idk what's going on here //

Idk5// idk how many pictures Kaleigh has photo-bombed //

What I do know is our staff is meshing super well, laughter surrounds us quite a lot, and each person here is ama-ZING! I will start making introductions here on the blog next week! I'm excited to share them with you because I do believe you will find yourself encouraged by their hearts for God and just general awesomeness!

Enjoy today. Laugh a little more. Now is what we've got.

Week in Review // Breakaway Outreach

Breakaway 1

Breakaway 2

Breakaway 3

Breakaway 4

Breakaway 5{above pics kindly taken by Kinsley!}

Our first week of camp was clearly covered in prayer, the gust of wind straigthening our backs and pushing us forward. (Or maybe it was just me feeling that! Lord knows I needed it this week!) Two kids from Breakaway began their journey with Jesus and several more are choosing to know Him more personally! Each child was lavished with the love of our staff and the volunteers they brought with them. 

Of course they did their share to love on us!

Breakaway 6(Tegan and his boys!)

Breakaway 10

Breakaway 11

Breakaway 7Because love is what we all need, isn't it?

Breakaway 9The words I read from one of our staff gives a glimpse into the effects of serving in camp ministry: "First week of camp was amazing, already seeing God challenge and change me in so many ways! its never an easy thing to say goodbye to kids who need Gods love :/ "

We take a quick break then get ready to greet a little more of our staff today! Thankful for you and the prayers you offer up on our behalf! May you blessed in this day!