a motor // a pro // a miracle

Gifts04I remembered I said I would share those large ticket gifts from the generous folks at the GIC conference in Florida. (see the groceries above? We were given such wonderful groceries! ahhh. it's the little things too!)

// Gift 01 //

Gifts01I wouldn't really have a clue, but I guess the old chain saws the guys use around the property (to cut down the dead hemlocks, fallen trees, and whatever other excuse they come up with to start their motors!) can't really handle the work load. Enter Large Ticket Item One. A top of the line Stihl chain saw. I've no numbers or motor sizes to throw out–again, clueless! According to Ramsey, when using this chainsaw it's like slicing butter. Now that I can relate to…amazing, easy and smooth!

// Gift 02 //

Gifts02(mm. he's handsome!) Generally a non-profit ministry is given what other people no longer need or can use. Which is awesome! We have been grateful to have many needs met this way. But when it comes to electronics, those older hand me downs don't always meet the demands of our practical work. Enter Large Ticket Item Two–the MacBook Pro! Having been a user of one of these brilliant, shiny pieces of loveliness for quite some time now, I can relate to Shaun's enthusiasm to be on the receiving end of this gift! He just shines whilst typing away: shooting those emails, writing those devos, and prepping for the programming in general! Doesn't take a genius to figure out he feels pretty cool! (He should…he's married to me!! Only kidding!)

// Gift 03 //

Gifts03There's been a lot of whining on the blog about my camera being broken or in the shop. (Sorry for that. How shameful of me.) While pouting about having to use my insufficient camera phone, I would dream. Dream of working with such magic as–enter Large Ticket Item Three–the Canon 5D Mark iii. There are many cameras out there waiting to steal your heart, but this was the one for me. Fast action, low light, video powerhouse! I never believed it would actually come true, this dream! My own little miracle! (I mean, I could almost begin to weep…it's just so…I can't even…ahem, okay, pulling it together now!) It's true, I'm often missing with a smile on my face and my eye peeping through a hole (in the most appropriate of ways, of course!)

Both individually and as a ministry, we are blown away by the bigness of God's blessing and provision! And grateful for those He commissioned to hand them to us!

Keep believing for your miracles! God's personally involved in your life! Waiting for Him is completely worth it! Is He calling you to deliver a miracle? What are you waiting for?

a little action outside the office

The sun was calling me out, I had some "wait for the uploading" time to burn, and there was a little action outside the office. So I grabbed my camera and went skipping out the door. Yes. skipping. and smiling. and carrying a camera. totally talented!

Whispermountain-men1I caught my man being manly with a chainsaw and some sticks! (look at those muscles. no, don't. nevermind.)

Whispermountain-men2(And then he saw the camera and pulled out the typical Shaun pose. oiy.) He's cleaning up some dead stuff along the road that makes things look really…dead. Something I never realized before coming to Whisper Mountain is that a forest takes a lot of work to keep up! There are always fallen trees and branches and such. Full time work to keep this property looking smashing! Which brings me to Maintenance Chief!

Whisper-mountain-men3Chief Ramsinator was driving his rig around…donuts in the dirt…I think that's all he was doing! No. Just kidding. He was doing something with engines and stuff that goes in the gas for winter or something. (clearly I'm not with the maintenance department!) This guy has much to keep up with! I just leave it to him!

Whispermountain-men4(When he sees the camera come out it's either duck lips or coolness poise! I picked the cool pose! He'd kill me otherwise. jk.lol.hi –hop in. That's what he'd say if you could be here. in the moment. anyways…) I'm glad he's smart enough to know that working at Whisper Mountain is where it's at! Smart little lad is he! Or maybe Whisper Mountain is smart for keeping him around! hmn. You decide!

Whispermountain-fridge-epidemicBoss Man wasn't around. Something about a board meeting to prep for or the fridge epidemic that's hit camp…no really. Our big freezer and our little fridge in the office went down. What? Hope it's not contagious. We can't stand to lose the pop machine too! (yes. I say pop. lay off!)

I'm super glad you popped in today! It gives me the chance to offer well wishes that all in your life stacks up real nice for you today! Seriously though, life can be tough so hang in there. Light is always around the bend of the shadow!

May His light shine upon you!

Trail Mix // Episode 11

Reverend-renaldoReverend Renaldo, a name Ramsey earned in a camp skit a few years ago, brings to those who walk with God a short and sweet and spiritually uplifting reminder! Look out…he's got his chainsaw! 


{if you are unable to view the above video, click here}

May we stay practiced in the basics so we are prepared in the game!

Blessings, friends! 

***In case you are new here: Ramsey is our camp Facilities Manager

and they all came tumbling down

Fall is bustling at camp. Between retreats, prep for retreats, building the tent platform, and doing necessary work around the property to ready it for winter, we each have our days full! But is there anything like a good ole tree drop? We have been dropping dead hemlocks like there's no tomorrow! This guy (the professional we call friend!) has been lending his skills and we couldn't be more grateful!

He's such an efficient worker that the guys helping to haul out what he was chopping down were hoping he'd decide to be done a lot sooner than he was! Things are safer and looking so much nicer with all the trees down. One tree that was sort of dreaded, but very necessary to come down is one that stood tall by cabins 1 and 2. With the winds we get throughout winter, there was fear of it coming down on one of these buildings. With Frank and his chainsaw (and his know-how!), they decided it was a good time to bring her down!

To ensure it fell the right way, the guys had a bright idea to help pull it with a rope! I wish I could have captured them running as the tree came down. Pulled muscles and escalated heart rates reminded them they made it out alive! (these are no spring chicks!) 


Though it's quite a bit of work after the drop, there's nothing quite like watching a tree fall, hearing the cracks, feeling the thump as years of growth tips over and shakes the earth. Quite an experience! There's plenty more where this came from! You want to experience it? We welcome any lumberjack wanna-bes! Come help us out sometime soon! (The food's good!)