The Power of Camp :: Take It Outside

POC outsideDid you read that poster above? Four minutes a day outside? That's it?! Whether coming to our camp or to one of the many others throughout the country, if you know some teens who have the chance to go to camp but can't afford it, help them go! Getting teens immersed in God's creation is just one reason to help them go! (my teen is heading to her first non-Whisper Mountain camp week today! Exciting!)

{If you want to help a teen come to Whisper Mountain, visit our give page and designate "camper scholarships" in the dropdown menu!}

Butterfly on handWhile we're on the subject, go enjoy a little outside time yourself today! We were meant for engaging in the out of doors!

the three percent & the power of camp

Three clay potsThe guys came home from their regional camp conference last week with a startling stat:

Three percent — read 3% — of teens in America today believe in Christian tenants.

Do you feel the shock I felt when I heard this? Alarming when we as Christians realize how we've failed to share the light within our families, workplaces and communities. While it's true that "the times" must get worse before our wait for Jesus is over, it's equally true that we have many to be reaching in the wait. Our "Africa" is outside our front doors

Camp ministry has the awesome opportunity to use the elements of adventure and undistracted quiet for teens to discover the hope of Jesus. A short video was put together by 3CA on the power of camp! Check it out:


[if unable to view the above video, click here]

I share this to awaken us, but also to say thank you to many of you for seeing the value of the ministry we do. We value your support and shared passion to see teens find Jesus! 

I also share this to encourage us to be brave enough to make a difference in the world around us. Our time and efforts investing in others with God's truth are not only vital but a worthy spending of the time we've been given.

I had to

I know I said yesterday that I may not share in this space because we are at the 3CA conference, but I had to!SnowyThe day has been quite blustery, but where the day lacked in warmth, the speakers and people gathered here made up for it!  After I slid into my first morning class, breathless and late, then got over the "Oh, stink, Tegan's clothes are here with us, not there with him" bit I was able to fully embrace all that God is doing through the teaching and worship and connection. The thing about a conference like this is that there is so much deep, good, intriguing information being poured out, it takes some settling in our brains before we can really get what we heard!  After some settling takes place, know that there will be some sharing in this place because I don't want to hoard the blessings all to myself!

Then there was the opening session last night:Stage

Lights  My heart engaged in the worship in ways it has been craving and I didn't even realize! The band led us in sincere and engaging worship that was refreshing and powerful, God's church joining together in song!

Then, our speaker was introduced!  None other than Jeff Foxworthy!Jeff 1

Jeff 2After giving us the gift of laughter (and we were rollin'!), he got serious for a few minutes and shared what God was doing in and around him.Jeff 3    I couldn't help but be impressed by his humility and down-to-earthness! His willingness to use his platform to bring God glory is refreshing, as his tenderness toward God! We also enjoyed hearing from his wife Gregg who shared her experience of finding God as a teenager at a camp.GreggWhat's beautiful about this whole gig is that God's purposes are accomplished through such a vast assortment of people, in such a vast assortment of places but with a single unity of faith in Him! It blows my mind! But delights my heart!  Yeah…we are having a kickin' time at conference!  Group

This Week

Nest We are stepping out of the nest for a few days to find refreshment, encouragement, inspiration, training, and who knows what else!  We'll be joining hundreds at Ridge Crest for the annual 3CA conference (it's a camp thing!). I may be quiet in this space while there, but then again, I just might not be able to keep the inspiration to myself and will squeeze in time to bring you along the virtual road!  We'll see how it goes.  For now, may your nest be warm and your day bright!