Summer 2022 | Drawing Back the Curtain

The first week of camp is a moment for reflection, at least in my opinion. We welcomed groups Berry’s Grove and New City’s Middle Schoolers on Monday, which is the day that is always interesting. You have these huge groups of kids come in that usually do not know the other group, they hardly know where they are, and they for sure don’t know who they are. So, as they settle in and familiarize with one another, they become more comfortable and vulnerable.  They begin to trust one another in a short time while also begin to draw back the curtains of their lives, pain, and wounds. Yet their joy and passion shine through too. 

What brought this to my attention was paintball.  Of all things to inspire it had to be a game of war and battle. I watched kids duck and run for cover while they fired back at the opposing force. One by one they came out covered in dirt, sweat, and obviously paint.  Some of the kids more roughed up than others, but each one was going through the struggle. It’s scary how much this relates to life. We go through life constantly running and jumping and trying not to get hit in the process from every angle. It’s not always possible to dodge the incoming heartache and we collect up wounds as we go. However, the worst part is when we then hide the damage behind walls we so carefully create. 

Yet some wounds or scars (depending on how long ago the pain was) are just too big to hide. People can see or even feel them. They try to help but they only pick at self-healed edges, and it rips open all over again. The key term there is “self-healed” and they never fully close until you allow one individual to fully stitch you up. Jesus. You must let His love and His forgiveness flow through you freely. Trust him to erase the pain and be there for you if it ever comes back. From personal experience, you will heal if you take these actions. It is going to hurt and take time, but you will come out the other side a stronger, better person who can help others on their path to restoration.  You can be the already vulnerable kid at the beginning of the week that helps your whole cabin get to the place you are…

Thanks for a great first week, Campers!

Author | Koda Moody
Photography | Koda Moody and Cassi
Groups | New City Middle School & Berry’s Grove Youth

Crossover Outreach

Crossover Outreach Group

What a week with this all guys group! For many, coming to Whisper Mountain Camp was the first time leaving their city! Imagine only knowing a Florida landscape and coming up to these North Carolina mountains! What’s a hammock? I have to walk all they way up what mountain? To where? Again?


But the challenges they willingly faced, the group building they experienced, the rivalry they laughed through, the practiced quiet they discovered…the whole week was new and tough and an opportunity for growth.


Not all of them knew Jesus, but they have been given the chance to hear of His love and to experience His love through the amazing commitment of their leaders, who in many ways have proven to be father figures for many of these guys!


We were entertained by the fun personalities, encouraged to see God working in their hearts and through their leaders and challenged to connect and Proclaim Christ to any and all groups God sends our way!

WM VOlunteers

And we are so grateful for the crowd of volunteers we found ourselves sharing the work load with! WE HAVE THE BEST VOLUNTEERS! They are our superheroes! Thanks guys for loving and serving with us this week!

And thank you Crossover Outreach for coming to Whisper Mountain! We pray God continues to show Himself to each of you and infuses you leaders with His love and strength as you continue to serve these teens!


See more of their time with us on our Instagram or Instagram Highlights!



Author | Cassi

Summer 2017 | Hank’s Chapel

We were just remembering what a great week we had with our final group of Summer 2017: Hank’s Chapel! We just never got around to posting them! (sorry guys!)

Hanks Chapel Group

What a delight they were for our staff to get to know and spend time with! We are excited to continue to see how God continues His work in their lives back home! You can check out their week’s video by clicking the image below (or click here!).

Hanks Chapel Vid Still

As always, see their pictures on our instagram feed with the hashtag #hankschapelatwm

Thanks for coming to spend a week with us this summer, Hank’s Chapel Crowd! Continue to follow hard after Jesus no matter what life is throwing your way!


[Author: Cassi | Photo Creds: Cassi | Video Content: Casey, Chloe, Emilie | Video Production: Christian Miller

Mt. Tirzah, Robbinsville Locals, Community Baptist | Summer 2016

The Whole Group Shot

For our last week of our tenth summer, we enjoyed welcoming three smaller groups together into one big happy family!  Mt. Tirzah, Community Baptist and some local Robbinsville teens meshed together so well, we had a hard time knowing who was with what group!

3in1 at Whisper Mountain CampCommunity Baptist CollageHigh Ropes at Whisper Mountain Camp

The week meant different things to different people, but in the end (we pray) it meant an encounter with God and His love. Whether they enjoyed getting away from their home lives, hanging with people they enjoy or experiencing fun and adventure, these teens were given a week of intentional connection from their leaders and our staff, the truth from God’s Word and a place to pause and hear some quiet.

Mt Tirzah. Community. Locals

We loved spending this historical week in Whisper Mountain’s history with you everybody! Thank you for coming to spend your camp week with us! You are a great crowd of people!

Keep God’s vantage point in mind in all you pursue! Whisper Mountain loves you!

Church at Charlotte In Tents | Summer 2016

Early this summer we welcomed the Church at Charlotte middle schoolers, but this past extended weekend we welcomed the Church at Charlotte high schoolers for a different sort of stay!

Church at Charlotte In Tents at Whisper Mountain Camp.jpg

On a week long camping trip, we were just one of a few stops they were making. They began with us and will end at Niagra Falls! Awesome right?! We saw first time camping people adjusting (some better than others) and seasoned ones soaking it up! Part of the goal while at Whisper Mountain was for them to experience walking like Jesus walked. They stayed on the opposite side of the “normal” camp. If you’ve never walked our roads, you can’t quite appreciate the reality of walking from one side of our property to the other (where the bathhouse is!).

Church at Charlotte In Tents

Aside from the walking, a good dose of heat, and a rain situation, they seemed to enjoy the time they had on the high and low ropes courses.

Church at Charlotte High Ropes GroupChurch at Charlotte at Whisper Mountain Camp eno life

I (Cassi) admire the leaders for taking these teens outside their normal comfort. We too easily get stuck inside the posh life we experience (if you are reading this on a computer or handheld device, that’s you!!). Sometimes getting outside of that, experiencing a little inconvenience and less than ideal can make us grow in such unexpected ways. Hearing the conversations and observing them even briefly made me take a look at what I’ve been taking for granted, made me slow down and find the bare boned simplicity within today. As a result, I find myself thanking God more!

Church at Charlotte Walkers In Tents.jpg

Thank you, Seth and Nikki and CAC teens, for stopping in at Whisper Mountain, for all you’re doing to lead these teens, and for the beautiful reminder to me to simply walk with God! May He bless you as you follow Him!

5 Stones Middle School | Summer 2016

5 Stones Middle School at WhisperMtn Camp groupWe simply didn’t get enough of Five Stones Church last week with the high schoolers so they went ahead and sent over their middle schoolers this week!

5 Stones Middle School Boys at Whisper Mountain Camp groupThe first half of the week was the girls! The second half of the week was the boys! What?! Wild and crazy, and we hope and pray, Christ filled!

5 Stones Middle School Boys at High Ropes5 Stones Middle School Girls at Whisper Mountain Camp5 Stones Middle School Boys at Whisper Mountain Camp5 Stones Middle School Girls at the Lake5 Stones Middle School Boys at Lake5 Stones Middle School Girls

While the activities remained mostly the same for both halves of the week (yes, two weeks of camp smooshed into one!), their content was able to be specially catered for the beauties and the warriors and how to become that with Jesus at the center!

5 Stones Middle School Girls Praying5 Stones Middle School Girls bicflawless

We were thrilled that half of the BeYOUtiful in Christ ministry was able to join us for the girls portion of the week! (You should check them out if you’re interested in custom events for girls!)

5 Stones Middle School Daryl Sutherland

After more than twenty years in youth ministry, their youth pastor, Daryl Sutherland, is moving into the outreach position within their church (something that he’s been actively doing even as a youth pastor!) We are thankful his last youth camp was with us and we pray God’s blessing as he transitions into this new role of ministry!

Thank you 5 Stones Middle Schoolers for coming to camp at Whisper Mountain! We’ve enjoyed you this week!

(see their instagram file of pictures here!)

Five Stones Church — High School | Summer 2016

Five Stones High School at WM Group.jpg

Last week we enjoyed Five Stone Church’s High School crowd at Whisper Mountain! These Charlotte teens brought excitement and friendship along with them!

Five Stones at Whisper Mountain Camp

They run their week a little different than the other groups through the summer, so although their schedule feels a little more fast and furious, they enjoyed the best of camp before week’s end!

Five Stones at Whisper Mountain Camp High RopesFive Stones at Whisper Mountain Camp PaintballFive Stones Church at Whisper Mountain Camp

We saw a couple teens give their lives to Jesus (you’re hottin’ and hollerin’ right?!!!) and many more find breakthrough in places they felt captive! Jesus makes us new, He frees us and changes everything for the better! These High Schoolers experienced Him in some personal ways this week!

Five Stones Leaders at Whisper Mountain Camp

Their leaders love them well, make all things fun and help lead the way to deeper walks with Him!

Five Stones Color War at Whisper Mountain Camp

Five Stones High Schoolers, thank you for coming and spending a week with us! May you continue to chase after all things Jesus!

(Find the instagram file for #summitatwm2016 here! High school and middle school weeks are both included!)

Relevance Community at Camp Summer 2016

Relevance at Whisper Mountain Camp 2

Last week we enjoyed the company of Relevance Community — a mission work team from Florida! They have come for the past few years to make a difference serving in our Robbinsville community! The nursing home loves them as they sing and talk with the residents; the elderly in need of yard work help or minor outdoor house improvements can’t thank them enough; those unable to climb stairs any longer appreciate the ramps that have been built for them; those at our local thrift store appreciate the added hands making their work lighter; those all around town appreciate the bright light that comes to town when Relevance shows up!

Relevance Workers 1Relevance Workers 2

We also got to celebrate the lives of 5 fantastic people throughout the week! We are used to 1 or 2 parties in a camp week — but 5?!!! That was fun!

Relevance Birthday Celebrations

This year we added in a small sliver of the camp life at the end of their work week! They enjoyed tubing at Deep Creek and team building on the low ropes course!

Relevance at Whisper Mountain Camp 1

Their attitudes are some of the best I’ve seen in the teen world. Something about serving others develops such a joy and contentment in life! Inspiring for all of us watching!

Relevance at Whisper Mountain Camp 3

Relevance, thank you for spending a week with us this summer! Keep serving Jesus and loving each other well! 

See more of their pictures from the week in their WM hashtag folder on Instagram!

Church at Charlotte Middle School Summer 2016

Welcome CAC to Whisper Mountain Camp

Last week was our first time welcoming the Church at Charlotte Middle Schoolers! What a great group of people!

Church at Charlotte Solo Time

When people pull out of the noise of their everyday lives and get alone in the quiet of nature, they give themselves the opportunity to hear the whisper of God. When that whisper is heard, when God personally connects with those seeking Him, well, that life is beautifully changed!

Church at Charlotte Archery

Church at Charlotte at WM

Two lives were eternally changed this week as they gave their heart to Jesus and many others bolstered their intentions to follow God more intentionally and personally! Being surrounded by people who display the love of Christ, who are intentional to connect and encourage makes a huge difference in the camp experience!

CAC Group 2016

We completely enjoyed our time with you, CAC! We hope to welcome you again! Until then,  go be alien ambassadors!! (Dakota, Maple misses you!)

Summer 2015 >> Hilton Head

We said farewell to Hilton Head a couple weeks ago, but neglected to share them with you here on the blog! So meet the (mostly girl) crowd of the Hilton Head teens:Hilton-Head-Came-to-Whisper-Mountain-Camp

Hilton-Head-Teens-at-Whisper-Mountain-CampThey were crazy and fun and completely enjoyable to be with! But really it was pretty awesome to end our summer with people as sincere and in pursuit of Jesus as they are! Teens came to know the Lord for the first time, grew in their current walk with the Him and found encouragement for the next step in their journey whether it is college, high school or whatever!





Hilton Head, we are thankful for how God worked out your coming to us this summer and we are excited for the things He is doing in and through you! Keep letting Him color your world with His presence! Whisper Mountain loves you!

More pictures from their week can be found on our Facebook page or using their hashtag on instagram!

Author >> Cassi || Photo Creds: Tom, Kinsley, Cassi