nobody should have to miss out!

Color War at Whisper Mountain Camp

We’ve talked before about the power of camp! Getting away from the everyday noise that tends to stick us in some unhealthy routines and stress, practicing some quiet, getting outside and adventurous in an environment that is loving and intentional, being challenged and finding healing from God’s Word — all this and more is a part of the camp experience. Whisper Mountain gets the chance to witness life change all year long, but especially in summer during our week long camp months.

Mercy Tree at Whisper Mountain Camp

Although camp can be completely life-changing, families have a lot of struggles these days! Probably always have, but now too! With all the places money is trying to stretch to within a family budget, camp is often not even a consideration or possibility.

Teen Boys at Whisper Mountain Camp

Maybe you can relate — being a parent that wasn’t able to send your kid or being a teen and not being able to go — missing out can be super hard. But why do people have to miss out? Can’t we pull together as the body of Christ and help people have the camp experience?

Kayak with Whisper Mountain Camp

I say, yes — yes we can! If you have a little extra money to add to our scholarship “corners of the field” program, it just takes a second to go here and give! Your money might be tight too, so don’t sweat it if you aren’t able! But if you can, we would greatly appreciate getting to expose more teens to the power of camp!