Spraying the Mountain Green

We are continuing to catch you up on the progress of our land for the new camper lodge build this spring. (Did you see this post?) Well, one of them…but that is a story for another post! Today we are showing you how we painted the mountain green!

Before the spraying came the hard, grunt work of cleaning up the sides of the mountains. Raking the rocks out, clearing out the roots, setting the pipe to help steer the drainage down the right parts of the mountain. This kind of work never has anyone excited, but it’s the necessary work everyone gets on board with together. Many hands make light work, or something like that. Dave and Nancy Houchin have been such willing help — we couldn’t be more thankful for them!

Once the ground was prepped, we made the call to our hydroseed guy (Hey, Josh Stephens!), and he began the magical work of spraying our mountain green!

Of course rain on the green is the ideal situation. And of course, we had a bit of a drought following the spray, so we had a few people pass through last spring who hand watered our baby seeds. Isn’t that just true service? I mean really! The small things really are the big things! Not only did they help save the precious investment of hydroseed, they also helped our mountain have lush, green grass all summer long!

Stay tuned for more progress posts to come! Oh, and have we got a curve ball story for you!

Author & Photography | Cassi