Whisper Mountain + Moving Mountains

Whisper Mountain Ice BranchWinter is the time for planning and preparing at Whisper Mountain.

Whisper Mountain Building Project

Whisper Mountain Choas CoordinatorThe guys do their thing outside when the weather isn't too miserable–the building, maintenance and improvement of the property, buildings and equipment. The girls do their thing inside–the million little details necessary to effectively run the ministry.

Whisper Mountain Staff MeetingBut we all come together to pray, brainstorm, throw out ideas, pray, reject/receive ideas, pray until we feel sure of God's direction for the upcoming summer. The process at times feels grueling, frustrating, and uncertain, but in the end becomes exciting, inspiring and energizing. Once the direction is established we move forward to fill in the details of how to pull off the message effectively with the campers. 

As we finalize our Summer 2014 theme, would you be willing to pray for God's clear leading among our team and the divine inspiration on how to effectively reach the campers coming to us this summer? Your prayers go a long way to ensure eternal success for the work we do!


While I'm on the subject of prayer, as a staff we pray daily for the needs people send our way. We have opened a direct line for sending prayer requests to us. If you would like a team of people praying for you, send your requests (and praises) to pray@whispermountain.org. We would feel privileged to bend our knees on your behalf! Thanks in advance for your prayers for us!

Have an awesome day!

we are flipping out!

Flips 1
Flips 2
Flips 3We've pressed on through the exhaustion, the fun, the struggles, the God-workings and we've crossed the finish line! Celebrate with us as Summer 2013 has been completed! I look forward to sharing more about the summer and a couple more staff in the days ahead. For today, we hug the last of our staff goodbye and begin to exhale.

Flying highWe thank our Daddy for caring us through and allowing the adventure in the first place!

Have a great Monday!

May Day or mayday?

May Day FlowersDo you guys know about May Day? I've always wanted to start the tradition with my kids of leaving baskets of flowers on the doorsteps of those we wanted to share a little love with. Adding some happy to the unexpecting! Sounds fun to me! I just learned May Day was a (pagan) celebration of spring and as Christianity began to spread throughout Europe, the holiday began to change or be done away with. But the whole flower thing seems pretty awesome.

MayDay TunnelDo you guys know about Mayday? (no I'm not repeating myself here!) We have a tradition at Whisper Mountain that looks something like this: Mayday, mayday…coming in hard and fast. We can't slow down. We're gonna crash!  Mayday, Mayday. Doesn't sound as fun and awesome as the flower thing, but it's a tradition nonetheless (love that word!) The panic and pulling together of a million details the month before summer camp sometimes steals our happy. Details do that, don't they? They put on their scary eyes, hounding us until we cross them off our list and send them floating into completion. Meanwhile, our energy runs low, our mind feels fried, our heart feels numb. Is there any way around this mayday? I've found a few ways aside from the pretty big one of prayer: breathe in and out, take one thing at a time, laugh about something every day. 

I don't know which May Day you're facing, but I hope you are able to find happy and beauty quite unexpectedly on the doorstep of today. Happy May!

we practiced what we preach!

Slumbering-woodOur full-time staff just came off a first-ever staff retreat! We are pretty good about preaching it…get away into the quiet to find rest and refreshment and to hear God's whisper. We have it down, in word. We struggle as a unit to practice it! But we got away! We planned, we prayed, we played! Fabulous! Just hanging out and cracking up was a refreshing change from the on mission, get some work done atmostphere we are used to!




Staff-retreat-04And we got to spend a little time with these goofballs summer staffers who lived in the area!Staff-retreat-goof-duo

Staff-retreat-goof-kt(yes, I just posted this picture of you KM!!)

Staff-retreat-goof-chrisI'm already thinking ahead to the next one…this time all play and no work!

Staff-retreat-whole-groupHmn. Just what should we do?! (any interested sponsors?!)

***thank you to the generous folks allowing us to stay in their mountian home for the weekend! You are awesome, we are blessed! May God heap goodness down on you for loving us!***

week in review // locals & cornerstone

Our Robbinsville teens joined with the group coming in from Georgia for camp last week! All had a great time, but more importantly, life change took place! Here's a glimpse from their time with us (Check out our group page for convo and a few more pics!) :

Corner-locals-1{photo by Charley // meet her here tomorrow!}

Corner-locals-2{photo by Charley}

Corner-locals-3{photo by Charley}

Corner-locals-4{photo by Hope}

Corner-locals-7{photo by Kaleigh}


Corner-locals-8In whatever we're into today, may we be intentional to connect with others and shine the light of Jesus! There's a lasting impact waiting to be made!

Blessings on your Monday!

Awesomeness Takes the Stage // Kyle

Throwing a little more awesomeness your way again this week! I'm trying to make sure to cover everyone! The summer is just ticking by so fast!

Kyle first came as a camper and returned this summer for his second year as a GIT with us!

Kyle-2// welcomed with big hugs as all returning staff are //

Kyle-4// personal friend of Sasquatch //

Kyle-6// member of (the fun and silly) Bros on Ice Band //

Kyle-1// works hard to earn the respect of superiors (namely Tegan!) //

Kyle-5// willingly slides into action whenever called upon //

Kyle-7// general goofball //

Peek inside
Cassi: Why did you want to be a GIT (GuideInTraining)?

Kyle: last year was great, my relationship with the camp is good, and I felt like God brought me back. (you are going to choose only the best pictures right?)

Cassi: What's your favorite verse?

Kyle: Well it'd probably have to be Romans 8:28-30 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified."

Cassi: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kyle: I really want to work with underprivileged youth in an inner city environment. Maybe be a head chef in my own restaurant to help fund that. No don't really put that part. And you know photography…Or I might be a gypsy. (only stellar pictures of me, right?!)

Cassi: Of course Kyle (with fingers crossed behind my back!), only the best pictures of you! So what do you want friends of WM to pray for you about this summer?

Kyle: that I would find God's place for me. I'll be graduating in January and I just want to know what He wants me to do next. (make sure to mention "Kyle is awesome, which in the Greek translates dangerously amazing.")

The effects of strong mentors in Kyle's life have proven to shape him into the hardworking, creative, service oriented man he is today! We are blessed by each of those aspects every day at camp! Through struggle, Kyle keeps on keeping on and I admire him for it! Do pray for him, friends!

Glimpsing awesomeness can be inspiring, don't you think? 

Whisper Mountain Dork Ball














Because there's a dork in all of us, that's why! We had a great time dancing the night away as a staff last night! My feet are hurting still this morning, but being a dork was completely worth it! These people, I just love them! The laughing, the comradery, the spiritual strength…this summer is ama-zing!

Embrace your inner dork today! You'll have more fun!

(find a few more pics on our WM Group Page!)

looking gor-geous

Wm planting3
Wm planting6
Fertilizing, fixing up, digging out, and transplanting the camp property has been some of our work these past warm days! There's no twisting my arm to get me to ignore the mounds of office work for a little bit of dirt work! God certainly has the place looking gor-geous, but how fun to add in our own splash of preference here or there!Wm planting1

:: hedge of forsythia's

Wm planting2

:: Janet Magnolia and poplars

:: burning bush hedge

:: blue spruce

:: maplesWm planting4

Wm planting5
Most of these transplants we've made started out as free little *sticks* from the Arbor Day Foundation. They don't look like anything more than sticks when they arrive in the mail, but once planted it's only a matter of time before the *tree* in them comes out! 

I wonder if you are waiting for the *tree* to come out in something in your life. If so, don't give up on the waiting. Life will bloom there. The quiet beauty will astound.

Great Lengths!

When you believe in something enough, you'll go to great lengths to see it through! Marty has gone to great lengths: in the face of ridicule, inconvenience, annoyance, and did I mention ridicule?!

Way back here I first introduced the challenge, both to himself and anyone who wanted to join up with WM in some way! No scissors would touch his lovely locks until the day the tent platforms (there's two!) were built!

See the progression of going to great lengths!Marty1
Marty4 While some of you men may crave the ability to grow this much hair in your more mature stages of life, this is getting a little out of control! But there's good news! We have 100% of the money to build the first platform! Woo-hoo! (Thank you to any of you readers who may have given!) I heard Marty say yesterday that as soon as the building is done he's cutting his hair. Friends, there are two platforms. Don't let him give up! There's a little money (3%) in the pot for the building of the second platform into much needed storage. Good news again…with the clearing out and building starting next week on the first one, this gives us a little time to get the money in for the second one! Something to think about being a part of!!

Great lengths…they are sooo worth going to for something carrying eternal investment (even when your entire staff enjoys all-in-fun jabbing!) Are you going to any great lengths in your part of the world?