Summer Camp 2019 | Southbrook 1

When the groups coming to us are too large, often they will divide their group into two separate weeks of camp. Definitely not ideal, but we are completely thankful youth pastors value our ministry here at Whisper Mountain enough to come two separate times during the summer! SO last week was Southbrook Week 1!

Southbrook Church at Whisper Mountain Camp

They came on a big bus from Charlotte and because of our current property layout, there’s not a great turn around place for big ole buses. The teens get dropped at our gate and get to walk the trail to their cabins. If you’ve ever been here, you know how big of a walk that is! Talk about instant immersion😂!

Southbrook Arrival walk.adrienneSouthbrook Arrival Walk.cassi

Nobody seems mad about it though! They are just happy to finally be at camp!

Southbrook fun at Whisper Mountain CampSouthbrook at the Lake.cassi

While we were all about having fun with Southbrook;

Southbrook High Ropes BattleSouthbrook High Ropes Dangling Duo

and we worked hard to make the adventure purposeful and life lessons tangible;

Southbrook Solo TimeSouthbrook Solo Time 4Southbrook Solo Time3

it was actually the time spent alone being quiet in God’s Word that we heard the most feedback from! Because it doesn’t matter what we plan or how well we execute a plan, God’s Spirit moving in personal and powerful ways in teen’s lives is where it’s at! And Southbrook Part 1 experienced God this week!

Southbrook Boyz.Cassi

Thanks for coming and spending a week with us! Keep pursuing Jesus! Be Holy because He is Holy!

Find pictures from their week using #southbrookatwm on Instagram or on our Facebook page!

Author | Cassi      Photography | Adrienne + Cassi

Nothing Short of Inspiring

Seniors-work-team-1A caravan of experienced and willing hearts teamed up to bring Whisper Mountain a week of service!


The men spent the week investing in several little and a couple bigger jobs around camp. A Laundry Room makeover was completed (on the inside!).



Construction of two bench/picnic tables was completed!

Seniors-work-team-7Starts out as a bench, folds down to be a table! Yeah, pretty awesome!

The ladies spent their week on the details we don't have time for but are ever so necessary! One of these details was preparing sweet sacks for a holiday extravaganza WM participates in via volunteers down in FL! 

Seniors-work-team-8Another big deal was prepping dinner for our whole staff each night! ummmmm….completely awesome!

Seniors-work-team-10I scream for (homemade) icecream!!!!

They even were able to help serve a group we had in over the weekend!


For Tegan, it was a whole new set of grandparents to love on him! He even called her Grandma!

Our entire staff felt completely blessed by these beautiful people! Though they never felt they did enough, for us, the encouragement of people wanting to come along side and support our efforts did more for us than we could ever ask! People giving of their time to serve God in whatever way they can…nothing short of inspiring.

Seniors-work-team-13Camp always brings out the crazies in our *campers*! ("COL-ON!!")

Thank you for coming to spend the week with us, for your thoughtfulness, your generosity, your fellowship! May God richly bless you and continue to use you to bring Him glory!

How have you been inspired lately?

the work of encountering

Stream in spring Summer 2011 marks Whisper Mountain's fifth summer of camp and first summer with every week FULL!!! (Full meaning every week is scheduled and contracted with a group, and almost all of them new groups at that!) I hope you are woot-wooting in front of your screen right now! Most of you reading this blog are friends of this ministry in some way, so I know that you can feel our excitement with us! And give God some holy hollers for answering the prayer to fill the weeks!

Whether full or not, the months of spring become slightly intense as we plan and fine tune the camp theme/program, hire our summer staff (of which we are really pumped about…solid people coming our way!) and prepare for their coming, and a thousand other details that go into making Whisper Mountain run! I happened to get a snapshot of our office after an all day staff meeting…Office tornado 1    I had to laugh at this scene (of which I didn't capture even half of!) The physical mess (mostly from a toddler being occupied during the meeting!) represents well the mental mess of lists and deadlines, ideas and brainstorms cluttering our minds! But all the cluttering, we pray, is Divine Creative Genius that God might use to encounter hearts this summer! That's the end goal, wouldn't you agree?!Office tornado 2And so we stream along, bending and flowing as we go about our business of camp ministry…as we continue the work that needs doing daily, plan for the work that is just around the corner, and pray for the work God surely wants to do in the hearts of the campers!

Whatever your work in life is, may it be the work of encountering God and helping others to do the same!