Seeing God in the Midst of Need

In preparation for the camper lodge to be built by CWE in a couple weeks, Marty has had the monumental task of getting the foundation completed before their arrival. Sounds easy enough. But it’s winter here in Robbinsville, in the midst of “Covid” times (which seems to make all the difference), and operating on the policies of local small town businesses (which means their time schedules allow for more flexibility). Needless to say, Marty hasn’t been sleeping much under the weight of this.

Do you ever struggle with the balance of trusting God to accomplish on your behalf and “being concerned” [read: stressing, worrying, etc] over accomplishing your part of the job? When we feel the pressure, the crunch, the squeeze, we tend to default into “I’ll Control This” Mode. We feel everything depends on us in order to succeed. True, Marty is responsible to do the work it requires to line up the workers, order the supplies ahead of them and follow a certain time table. Also true, Marty’s work fully depends on other people showing up and doing the work. Depending on others, even God, can sometimes cause us to feel stress because they are our of our control. Marty, in the midst of his “concern,” has been in a constant state of conversation with God, calling out to Him to provide and make things happen. Maybe that’s the secret: maintaining a posture of reliance on God’s orchestration and goodness, while releasing control and remaining faithful to our part of the job. In light of all this, we wanted to share this story of God’s goodness with you.

One day recently, Marty was feeling stressed about finding a plumber after the scheduled one had just backed out (due to health reasons). The dominoes, as it were, were already set up so this would affect everything else. Along with this, he was trying to hunt down supplies for the slab prep. Heading into town on an errand, his mind was consumed with these worries and more. Autopilot is an amazing (and slightly scary) thing when we drive, isn’t it? Before he realized it, “the truck” had headed through town and was going home! He finally “came to” and was about to turn back into town when he decided maybe he’d just drop in on some guys he knows working a job site not far from there.

While there, Marty ended up sharing his struggles. He mentioned having exhausted his list of plumbers and asked if they knew of any that could show up in a couple days. One of the guys that happened to be there that day casually said, “I’m a plumber. I can do it for you.” What? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Okay, how about this: where could he get supplies for the slab prep? Another guy said, “You can get it a welding supply house about thirty minutes out!” Seriously? The place we get CO2 for paintball? Oh, how God of Him. Flabbergasted is an understatement. Marty showed up to a job site he didn’t mean to drive to and had both of that day’s insurmountable problems solved.

The Fab Five who were God’s Provision!

Yes, we are to remain faithful to our part of the work God gives us to do, but even more so we are to fully depend on our good and very personal God to meet all of our needs within the work. Friend, we have seen many miracles and provisions and personal moments like these throughout our years in camp ministry at Whisper Mountain, yet we still become so shocked when He does it again. Maybe it’s because we know ourselves and how our faith can waver and how we struggle with switching the internal setting to “He is God” Mode.

Whatever insurmountable problem facing you today, remain faithful and fully trust your God to accomplish the work for you. For His Glory Alone!

We look forward to showing you the foundation progress soon! Until then, celebrate His goodness with us today.

Author & Photographer | Cassi

Reflections from the Pond


When we aren’t planning for summer, seeing to the endless details of a non-profit, hosting retreats or carrying out the plans of summer then there are projects going on around the property! Some of you were at camp this summer when this was going on:Pond-Reno-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp

Remember when the tractor got stuck and then rescued?! Yeah, if you were a camper that week you got a front row seat to a great show!  Since there was already a mess, it felt timely to allow a service group to reno the fire pit area as well!


Now nobody will fall back into the pond while eating s’mores! All in all a good thing! The cluster of people from Gateway Grace‘s service team did an amazing job (read worked their tails off ) on the retaining wall! What made the job sweeter was all their work was done with smiles on! I mean, pretty stellar, right?


The guys worked out the piping this fall and the pond has now  filled up to full now! Isn’t it beautiful? Great plans for solo time benches and quiet spots all along the (two) ponds (one not pictured here!) and creek are in the works! There’s nothing quite like resting in the glory of Creator God and hearing His whisper!

Sunny Tractor at Whisper Mountain Camp.jpg

We hope you’ll get the pleasure of such an experience at Whisper Mountain in 2016, but make time to sit with Him today, wherever you are!

The Nosh

Ramsey Propp is a Dork![the above picture is irrelevant!]

You may not remember we ever asked for your help, it was so very long ago! BUT, we did ask way back in April. Our concessions building. Remember? We had a contest to name the building! While great suggestions were given, our staff did not agree on any names offered. Even after all our random visitors and all the summer staff came through, we still did not find a name we all liked.

The NoshThen, just a couple weeks ago, someone quietly threw up a few options. Someone known as our Chaos Coordinator and Paper Shuffler! She'd done a little homework and found a Yiddish word meaning "to nibble." The word was "Nosh". The Nosh. That was it–we all loved it! So, our not-so-new-now concessions building is from this moment forward to be referred to as The Nosh. Makes one feel rather cool. Give it a try. Out loud. Right now! See?! It's great! We like it! We knew you would too! Just had to tie that loose end up–or as Marty says, "button it up!" Now, to decide if she still gets a free shirt. That's pretty much our wardrobe as it is! Seems she needs something else awesome…any ideas?

Enjoy all your nibbles of goodness today, and say a prayer for Whisper Mountain while you're at it!