the skinny on togetherness!

Shaun GIC LogoWhen people pull together for a common purpose amazing things happen. I'm sure you can think of examples of this in your life. As those in ministry, we are often given realities of this through the many who choose to get involved at WM. Most recently, Whisper Mountain has experienced this through the generous hearts of those who hosted us at the GIC Conference down in Florida. 

Rp booth shot<photo by RP>

GIC connecting<photo by Shaun>

The connections with people always tend to refresh and encourage us as staff. The platform to share the WM story brings the vision to life for the listener but again in our hearts. Seeing hearts stirred by God's presence with us through the work HE does at WM stirs our excitement to keep walking forward in our service! 

Hope instafire{photo by hope}

The excitement and vision meets the road when these same people want to do all they can (together) to help meet the practical needs of the ministry or decide to come leave their footprints on the soil of the mountain in the days ahead. 

Sfca mintowin{photo by Shaun}

A Christian school raised thousands of dollars in one week to benefit Whisper Mountain. A community of 30 adults was able to pool funds to purchase "big tag" items to better equip us in our work, also thousands of dollars! (More on these after they've arrived in Robbinsville!)

Only through the coming together of many were we able to receive blessing upon blessing upon blessing. God's economy always pulls us together. We feel humbled. We feel blessed. We feel encouraged. And that's an understatement.

Christmas in May

After being at the GIC Conference in February, one special group of people had a heart to help WM in whatever way they could. With the list of our household and pantry needs in hand, this group of people filled a car full (and then some) of practical needs (like TP!) and sent Driver Bob to bless us. Feels like Christmas in May!Christmas in may

Christmas in may 2Being missionary staff means we don't always know how we will be provided for, though we are confident God does provide! We've seen Him, on countless occasions, give toward our needs often using complete strangers. From tennis shoes and flip flops (in just the right sizes!) to Wendy's or Ingles gift cards to the bigger things like vehicles, we get taken care of…in His timeline! He does it through both the oblivious and the intentional people alike.

 If you are awaiting God's provision, don't lose heart. He sees your need and is in process! If you are stressing about a need, stop twirling in anxious circles, lay your burden down in the hands of a trustworthy God, and rest! He's going to rock your socks off!

“Ohhh Mannn!”

Many people don't get the sacrifices made to begin and run a camp ministry. And that's okay. We don't need everybody to get it. When people do get it, they tend to find creative ways to keep us recharged and encouraged! (and for this we are grateful!)Vroom vroom1Each year for the past few years, a certain group of Romanian bikers travels our way. Usually they stay with us then drive the area for a few days then head back home. Each year for the past few years this certain group of bikers tends to get the big guy a bike rental and *forces* him to hit the road with them for a day!

Vroom vroom3He always feel there's too much to do to leave for a little joy riding, but after it's all said and done, he comes back refreshed and glad he went!

Vroom vroom 2Of course whenever there's a vroom-vroom around, little man is in on the action. In fact, his new line seems to be "Are you ready for this action?"

Vroom vroom4Finding the right words to try to get you to understand how blessed we feel by people who remember us and share with out-of-this-world generosity is a task I have yet to be able to undertake. God's timing, vessels, and means always catch us off guard. And always speak of His love for us! (Thank you to those of you reading this who are among the blessers!) As Tegan would say, "Ohhhhh, mannn!" You are awesome!

Vroom vroom5

unexpected and unpredictable

Clear blue Yesterday I said there was more to come today!  Oh yes. And this blessing is one that came out of the clear blue. Like one of those that-was-completely-God types! And is more of a personal blessing rather than the whole WM Team blessing!

Here's where the story starts (I tried to condense!):

Apple computer My personal computer is an Apple and my work computer is not! There are times I need to be able to do work for camp at home in order to balance all I do effectively, but I can't because my Apple does not have the Photoshop program my office computer has. Photoshop, being pretty pricey, hasn't been an option for me. But it's something I've really been wanting/needing. 

There's a company called Tech Soup that allows non-profits (like Whisper Mountain) to get programs of all kinds at way-reduced prices. It's been great for us in the past, but we can only apply for programs every two years. Well, we have arrived at that time again, and they have the whole CS5 package (the big enchilada design program that Photoshop is included in!) for pennies comparatively! SO of course we applied! Just before we left for our missions conference, we received word from Tech Soup that we would not be approved to receive the CS5 package. Adobe will not allow the discount if it is a Christian organization…sound like prejudice? oh, yeah. it is! After being angry (and disheartened), I decided there wasn't much I could do and moved on, planning to "make do" as I had been.

BoothWhile standing at the WM Booth at the mission's conference, I engaged in conversation with a lady I only barely knew and who was holding a camera. (I often engage in shop talk with other photographers…fun and I learn a lot!) We discussed her lense and computer programs and then we said farewell.

Computer programs The following day I received a phone call from Patti that she was handed two computer programs that were to be given to me. My friendly photographer had given Photoshop and Lightroom! Oh my goodness. I could hardly believe my ears! I was so.excited! I hadn't even mentioned my desire or need or even the kind of computer I used during the conversation with her! Not only was I getting the program I wanted/needed in Mac version, I was given another program I never had the guts to hope for but is very useful for photographers/in the making. Oh, my goodness! Isn't that just like God? He gives, but bigger than we expect! When I had given up believing this tiny little detail of a computer program was even possible, he threw it my way. And with a cherry on top! Thank you KF for your generous giving! God used you to bless me in big ways!

Cw pic    I will never get over His extravagant, unexpected, unpredictable love. And I will never get over how quickly and frequently I give up on Him.

Blessings of the Brown Boxes!

I mentioned that we were given blessings while at the mission conference in Florida! Well, today I bring to you the Blessings of the Brown Boxes!Brown-boxes Each year, the church holding this conference invites missionaries around the globe to come and be a part, and those who accept (there were 29 this time) are asked for a list of some of their practical needs. The church body then receives the needs lists all compiled and they are given the opportunity to help stock the Blessing Mart…the "store" the missionaries walk through to select what they want boxed up and sent home with them. A great idea, both for the giver and the receiver! Being the receivers yesterday, we felt like it was Christmas all over again!Goods
Goods 2

Goods3 Each staff family/member filled a box or two to take home and the camp kept some items for camper needs that arise! As we use the goods we will be reminded that God provides for our practical needs in many ways; we will feel loved by those generous givers; we will be encouraged to keep walking this road of camp ministry!  Who knew Brown Boxes could do so much?!! Blessed indeed!

the blessings don't stop there! more tomorrow!

Hillbilly Load!

Marty was down in Florida recently to catch up with some peeps, meet with the WM Board, and pack up a load of blessings!  He's famous (at least in his family) for packing up trailers Beverly Hillbilly style!  He didn't let us down this time either!HB1Among the blessings are new (to us) pieces of equipment given for our food service department and a double decker cart is added to the fleet! We are excited and encouraged by these blessings and friendly deals!HB2  Of course, a little play time is always needed to see how things work (wink, wink!). When I'm up top on this cart, I can't stop smiling!  It's just so fun bouncing along with such a bird's eye view! (a little cold too!) 


Bald Balding is a part of life, just ask…well, I won't mention any names!  Though it may hurt the pride, a balding head doesn't really damage too much! However, balding tires become a hazard that shouldn't be ignored!  You know it's bad when you leave a trail of rubber behind as you are driving! When the funds seem short and winter is quickly approaching, you just gotta talk to the best God ever, who will then help you in asking for help, so that others can be part of your blessing as well!  That's just what happened here at camp!Stacked One amazing guy called up another amazing guy who then called up other amazing guys for a quick, impromptu Sponsor a Tire Program!  Eight tires later we are tearin' up some road with this amazing thing called tread!

TogetherThank you for REtiring us here at camp!  Our tires are squealin' in gratitude!

Blessed Indeed!

Alex alex
His smile is with us again this week, along with his help, encouraging attitude, and patience with the sorrowful state of our equipment (he brings our carts, mowers, etc. to life again every time he comes!). Alex Alex (as he is fondly called around these parts) is serving us in such small-big ways (meaning may seem unimportant but it's actually HUGE!)!

What an encouragement people like him are to Whisper Mountain. They are the building blocks to God's work that is accomplished at/through/within this ministry. Team effort round these parts! We are glad Alex Alex is on our team!

Shiny Blessings

Thanks to all who stopped by the blog yesterday!  The numbers never cease to amaze me! (though the guessers are few!!)

We're feelin' grateful at Whisper Mountain!  One of our biggest needs before summer camps begin was delivered to the camp last week…all 450 pounds of it!  Bundled-frg

Movers-2  Last summer our refrigerator died…big bummer seein' how feedin' people is a small part of what we do at camp!  When the truck came bringing on it's back a shiny, new (and completely gifted) stainless steel refrigerator those of us who work in the kitchen became a little ecstatic! Woot-Woot!!

The picture on the blog game yesterday was this:May-fridge

I think the spring greens in the reflection of the fridge was a little tricky:) That wasn't on purpose, I promise!!! Thank you to all who played!

Our winner is: Selah…though she's been disqualified for being family and camp kid! (I really should put a rule out there…they just love to guess too!)

Ahhh, maybe I'll let her pick something out in the camp store…speaking of which…did you see the quick little mention at the bottom of this post that announced Good Stuf Online Store is now open?

And I want to give a shout out to Mr. Generosity: Thank you for your heart to help Whisper Mountain through this gift!  You are helping to move this ministry forward and ultimately making Jesus famous!

Glad Tidings to you all today!